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Military Chaplain Investigated for FB Post Denigrating Trans Service Members

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Ellie Jean

...I think that's where me and a lot of other atheists tend to differ: I can actually volunteer the fact that I might be wrong, and God really does exist. But even if he does, I STILL wouldn't bend the knee; I'd rather go to Hell and burn for all eternity than worship, what I believe, to be a childish dictator who's become displeased with his toys. Hell, the Great Flood supposedly happened merely because God regretted having made us lol. Didn't take him very long either: Genesis 6:7 "And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them." 

The reason women aren't mentioned in that verse is because God has middle-eastern values, and middle-eastern people tend to despise women, seeing them more like property as opposed to people; another reason me and God would have issues if it turns out I'm wrong about him being a fictional boogeyman to keep children in line lol. 

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Ellie Jean

Seriously, if he's waiting for me on the other side, we're totally getting into a fist fight. ...Yes, I know I would probably lose lol. ...I dunno though; I have training in like, 8 martial arts...and all we know about God is what humans have said about him in a thousands-year-old book, and humans tend to exaggerate...God could literally be a wimpy little kid in person...in which case I'd opt to try talking to him instead of whooping his ass lol. (But then I'd tell on him to his parents so that they could whoop his ass, because clearly, they haven't been disciplining the child adequately enough lmao.)

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7 hours ago, Ellie Jean said:

I STILL wouldn't bend the knee;

I would hope you would not feel compelled to by threat, but would rather be inspired to kneel.  I think God is less concerned with formal observances than the condition of the heart.  Any wise and generally benevolent human being would rather have genuine recognition than forced superficial compliance.  I think God would rather you express yourself honestly than fake some sort of respect/appreciation/compliance.  You are correct in assuming some people have weaponized religion, and have used it to make themselves into some sort of mini-gods.


I think you are over simplifying the dilemma of whether God made man in His image or man made God in their image.  I think to an extent both are true and it is not a simple binary issue.  We have certain universal traits and expectations, there are certain factors raised by the nature of the Universe itself which are best explained by God.  There are however many attributions of human characteristics to God.  There are tons of possible reasons when you think it through.


There is certainly no prohibition for individuals to occupy space in religious institutions and communities wherein they may be self-gods, but appear otherwise.  I think many people erroneously think they can get fire insurance simply by doing and saying certain things.  It is the sort of mentality wherein individuals are thinking something along the lines of, "If I do all these things, He's obligated to let me in heaven."  The failing is in the intention, which is dishonest manipulations without a inward change of heart.  The general mentality of such folks is follow the rules, but take advantage of loopholes when ever and where ever possible.  Such individuals have cause to erode the image of God through the attributions of human failings to Him.  They cannot bring themselves up to His level, so they  drag perceptions of Him down to their level.  That does not mean that God actually has such human short comings.  There are additional reasons God might be seen as having human failures which relate both to personal and spiritual maturity, plus intellectual capacity.  Somewhere in this later set of causes is probably why our Chaplain made statements such as he made.


As to the cultural context of scripture, it is not reasonable to think the Bible is a book separated from the culture in which it is written, but that does not automatically mean its value is only for said culture.  The discipline of Biblical Hermaneutics says the meaning of scripture is tied to the meaning it had to the time and the culture to which it belonged.  This particular rule is used to aid in interpretation where meaning is not readily apparent.  The general rule of Biblical Hermaneutics is that  which makes sense taken literally should be taken as literal.  Most responsible Biblical teachers will tell you the main things are the plain things and the plain things are the main things.  Biblical Hermaneutics says to take scripture in the context of its original culture, but also that of  scripture itself.  This is where most fail in regard to Biblical interpretation.


Hell as a fiery place of continual punishment is one such failure, I believe in interpretation, because the Bible speaks of hell in actual three different senses.  The first is that of a garbage heap.  The second is that of a fiery place of torment.  The third is found in the way Jesus referred to hell, which is "the outer darkness,"  a "place of weeping and gnashing of teeth," and a "waterless place."  Only the third description seems to be one which can be interpreted in a literal way, which does not invalidate the others if they makes sense figuratively, and the literal interpretation of Jesus' description supports figurative translation of the others.  I believe hell is a void, wherein God honors the choice of others to be their own god.  It is a place where they may attempt to do so.  The fact, however, that being a god means being transcendent to one's creation, these self-gods are not going to be robbed of that aspect of being gods by being provided any form of creation with which to use as a starting point.  In this place, there will only be self-centeredness, a longing for material comforts, regret and anger.  Those who encounter each other will lash out (gnashing of teeth).  Such self-imposed suffering will be a figurative fiery torture for those their, and the picture of the trash heap is one of being discarded.


Keep in mind here that heaven would be no better for the self-god who would like to dictate, control, and be the center of attention.  God will be more than any celebrity.  By practical necessity, preclusion of the self-god from heaven is reasonable.


It is human failing which attributes to God the sadistic quality of somehow torturing people for eternity by continually burning them.  Not at all.  Finding this out requires a more thorough investigation of the scripture, however, and whether it be laziness, maliciousness, or just being incapable, we have adopted this notion of hell as being some fiery place with red guys running around; barbed tails, horns, and pitchforks.


I find most agnostics and atheists (btw, what you described yourself as is probably agnostic) who criticize the faith are just as guilty of perpetuating these misunderstandings as any religious person is.  I would venture to say most critics of Christianity are poorly informed, and are very much as dogmatic as any Christian.  For agnostics and atheists their information comes from the university lectern rather than the pulpit, or from popular culture and myth, rather than personal and responsible investigation.  Few investigate convenient notions such as the Bible has been inaccurately transmitted over the centuries of its existence, because such notions seem plausible, and fit their confirmation biases.


Keep in mind.  I don't judge or look down upon anyone with or without faith.  I am an equal opportunity offender when it comes to people of faith and people who claim no faith.  I piss everyone off. LOL.  I certainly don't think I am smarter than everyone else, but I am always digging a little deeper and trying to learn a little more, and I like to stir the pot to make others less comfortable in their intellectual complacency and to see what I can learn.  My perspective is I've never had a sane thought in my life and there but for the grace of God, which I don't particularly claim to fully understand, go I.  I don't see people as being better or worse than each other, just different in being broken equals.  So, please, don't take anything I say as a condemnation or an insult.

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    • Heather Nicole
      Awww!!! This is so raw and tender! ❤️   I'm sorry for the difficulties involved, but I'm glad that it sounds to be an overall positive outcome. Coming out can be a wild ride, no matter what the nature of the relationship. And the closer, the wilder!
    • Heather Nicole
      Huge congrats on taking this step, Holly!!! 🎉🎉🎉   I'll admit I have very little experience with this particular process (yet!), although I have looked into it for gender-unrelated reasons. FWIW, My impression is that name changes tend to be so routine (ex: marriage, dissociating from a bad father, forcing a preferred nickname like "Bob" instead of "Robert", etc...) that the whole judge thing is usually more of a formality. My (novice?) understanding is they mainly just want to prevent anyone from trying to make cheap, obvious attempts at dodging debts or warrants. If you're even bothering to apply to change your name from a masculine one to a feminine one, well, chances are you're a legit transgender person, because, well, how often do cis people try to put in an application like that?   And if you're still concerned, then consider this...   A certain cisgendered man, named Vincent Furnier, legally changed his first name to "Alice" all the way back in the 1970's (Just think how LGBT+ was perceived way back then). His new last name? "Cooper". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Cooper   I absolutely understand your worry and apprehension. But girl, for what it's worth, I don't think you have need to worry. FWIW, I personally think a "no" is highly unlikely, and on the super-off-chance it were to occur, I have a hard time imagining that an appeal wouldn't overturn it.   Girl, You've got this! 💖     I love this story! 😄
    • KymmieL
      Warm weather, getting out the bike and just riding. working on the car or truck or something outside. Spring fashions, shorts, skirts, and dresses. actually being able to exercise is one thing too.   Kymmie
    • MisterJax
      Thank you! Try to stay warm  
    • Jandi
      Well, It does initiate some permanent changes.  So… For me it was an "are you really serious about this?" moment.
    • JMG
    • Linda Marie
      Well all my new to meet friends, I felt like starting something crazy so here goes... I'm a pessimist, I have always looked at the worst case scenario in any situation. How many times did being a pessimist work out or not work out for you?  Now not to be biased all passivists are more than welcomed to post your  side and your views, hmmmm   who will be first?                 
    • Betty K
      Hi Linda Marie, nice to meet you, and thank you for your inspiring story.     I just don't understand this at all. What is there to hate? The so-called deception? Or is it just straight-up transphobia? You don't need to answer these questions if they're too personal btw, I just feel the need to say them.   You are a brave woman. Thanks so much for sharing.
    • Betty K
      Great production on some of Drake's stuff, but I prefer Kendrick. This one never gets old.      
    • Betty K
      I think this will probably happen with us too. I can't imagine she'll disown me for it! And maybe it'll actually make it easier for us to be friends in a way. I hope so.
    • Linda Marie
      I'm dressed as I feel, smile on my face, 
    • Linda Marie
    • MelanieTamara
      Thank you so much for sharing that. "Accept the outcome".  That is incredibly wise. Oh, and welcome from a newbie as well.
    • Linda Marie
      Hi, and that is not a rude question, actually a very good and validated question. I will be brief  and to the point. I have 2 children, Both were in early to mid teens, my wife and I married 24 years at the time I came out. It went bad!! Not well, screaming, crying, saying I lied to them all this time. What saved our relationship was really just me. Everything I had done for them those first 24 years. It was not easy and didn't happen over night. Wife had to go to counseling to learn about my gender dysphoria. That helped tremendously.   My son never took it well. Still hates me to this day. Daughter is just fine with it. Wife still loves me. She even buys me Linda Stuff.  I have no advice to those just coming out except to accept the out come.  I expected the worse and was prepared for it, that also helped a lot.          
    • Willow
      Personally I like the starfish.  I hate jellyfish season.  Baby sea turtle hatchlings are really cute.   Hugs!
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