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Sorry I have not done intro yet

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I am sorry. I will introduce my self later. My son has been doing this.  He says that is the only way that he knows how to cry. He is doing good now but he spent a week in EPC. This is something that I do not understand.  

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OK, your son is the person doing some form of self harm if I understand you correctly.  I have a daughter that did this so I have some idea about it.  The crying and cutting (??) are both ways of relieving stress for some individuals.  There are many possible reasons why your child cannot let tears of either hurt or rage out. You don't say here if your son is Trans Masculine or not, but it really does not matter,  Counseling is definitely needed since in many cases the more normally thought of outlets have been blocked by the person or their environment.  For AMAB children it may be the "boys don't cry" trope that is frankly a pile of poopoo.  AFAB children, it can also come from incidents such as molestarion (not saying  AMAB children are immune to molestation), or in either gender when they have not been listened to or accepted for having feelings. 

Twenty years ago when my daughter (age 19 at the time) began cutting it, it was considered to be a suicide attempt and was treated like that in many areas.  Nebraska, whose flag you are flying may still consider it to be suicidal actions and treat that protocol.  In other areas such as mine, it is becoming understood better the way your child is describing.  It is a sign of depression that is out of the normal control of the child, (did I mention counseling?) that needs first aid care and some parental attention that is mostly listening.  Needless to say, both my daughter and I got and needed counseling (needed and got?) since I had to learn a few parenting skills I had not gotten right even as old as she was then, but it has helped immensely.  Good luck.

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He is in counseling. I know exactly where this came from.  I hope that he told his counselor. When he was really young he was spying on his mother who was cheating on me. He followed their sexual communications for two years before he confronted her and said that if she didn’t tell me he would kill him self. She told me. 

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His mother didn’t tell him or me everything. She was brutally raped and impregnated. The way that she hid it from me was being a total _____ and pushing me away. My youngest son is not mine and no one will ever tell him but he will know. He is just as smart as his mother and I am.  He is starting to study genetics in middle school school now.  The eye color instantly rules me out.  

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Carolyn Marie

Hello, Octavia.  I am sorry to hear about your son, and he does seem very troubled.  I;m glad he's in counseling and I hope he will see it through, with your support.  That is a very complex and difficult situation.  VickySGV provided some good advice from her own experience.  Trauma is difficult for adults to get through, and much more so for children.  I wish you and your son all the best and hope that you can post that intro for yourself.  We have many resources here for cross dressers and welcome your questions and comments.




Carolyn Marie

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Hi, I have had two major bouts of self injury in my life, once as a teenager and again last summer. People do this for lots of different reasons. For people that don't self harm, it is very hard to understand. I would caution against trying to unravel it or understand it, or to even think that you know the reason. It is not always related to suicide but in my case it was - so it is important to be realistic and watch for that. Try to be supportive and ask how you can help. It's good he is in counseling. 

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      Incremental change slow but steady change
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      Satisfaction outways money - don't get me wrong money is good but satisfaction is more than all the money in the world can buy. Hugs.
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      This is especially one I think @Teri Anne will like with the emotional guitar playing.   Mike Harrison was the lead singer with Spooky Tooth and I always loved his voice - this is from his first solo album.    
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      I am keeping my eye out for them!!  
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      I'm interested to know the next 6 too.
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      I don't get many since I am not very active on social media, but the ones I do get I just block, they are a waste of time. Before COVID I went on a date with a guy, it wasn't a very good date and I think he was just interested in me being trans, so I told him I wasn't interested when he tried to follow up.
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      I probably have gone overboard with my support for her, but I want her to be truly a beautiful young lady and I think that is important.  If she looks like a girl and does things that girls do, more will take her seriously as a girl.   
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      I really like that. I need to find something similar, but that's more me. Maybe something with a praying mantis theme.   Hugs!
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      I'm worried about this aspect, but I think my partner and I will be fine.  There will be some ugly moments though!  Neither of us are bothered too much by those ugly moments, so that's a plus.  :)  We recover so fast from those bad moments, due to communication.  The uglyness is too easy, the honesty is hard.   --Grace--  
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      I personally just don't like the way it works on me. I mean bald women can be gorgeous (remember Alien Nation? Heck, remember Zahn from Farscape?), but I don't think it works for me.     See? Not a great look for me. My head is just... wrong.   Hugs!
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      There could be SO many reasons that your son doesn't visit. How does he feel about you visiting him? I mean I practically lived with my grandparents (seriously, I was there more often than I was home), but that had more to do with my parents being up their own backsides than anything else. Your son could just not want to visit, but his wife is pressuring him to make sure that the grandkids see her parents. Without pressure to see the two of you he won't do the same. He could be staying away until you and your wife get your personal issues settled. He might just not want to bring his kids around your middle son. My suggestion would be to ask him. He's a guy, so he might not have even considered it.   It's his loss, but it would be a shame if it became your grandkid's loss too. Either way, it's out of your hands.   Well, that was darker than I thought it would be. Sorry about that. Puppies! Kittens! Unicorns! Rainbows! And most importantly...   Hugs!
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      Cool, When can I move in? JK.   Had some water works yesterday afternoon. we were discussing well the wife was talking I was just Uh, Huh. most of the time. then she hit on a point that started it. My oldest has barely brought his family to our house. My grandson has been here maybe 3 times. while my granddaughter has never been to our house.   My wife reminded me that our oldest son doesn't like our home. the way it is kept maybe I don't know. Maybe because it is in a low income apts. Oh, He has gone to his in laws who live about 100 miles away. Stayed a week or so. never here. Heck, I think he wouldn't visit if we lived next door to his in laws.   My oldest is so much like my father. When we lived back in MI. he visited our home. maybe 5 times.   While our middle son has been here with his family plenty. Which I am so grateful.   Have a good day all, I will try.   Kymmie
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      Bald can be beautiful, if you embrace like you have. You look great, girl!
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      I got one of those little bods in the top left corner. I to hang things from him. Small world huh?🙂
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