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Transpulse pages slow to load


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I seem to run into timeout issues when I am on my phone browser, not usually too many issues when I'm on an actual computer.

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Teri Anne

I have tried to log in all day but finally got in at 8:30 pm.

Still taking a min or so to open a thread to read new posts.

Works OK as far as time it takes for a post to show up if you make one.

I hope you can get this sorted out I would hate to just give up on this site because its a great site.


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  • Root Admin

It's been extremely slow today. Hopefully it will be remedied soon. 

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Carolyn Marie

Yes, in the last 1-2 hours the time to load a page has been upwards of three minutes.  Extremely frustrating.


Carolyn Marie

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Petra Jane

All I can do is repeat what has been said already.


We are awaiting an upgrade to our server, hopefully by the end of February.

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The site seems a lot faster today. It is for me anyway

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Remember dial-up? 40-50 kbps?

You could click on a page, go take a shower, make a cup of coffee, sit back down and the page is only half-way loaded.


We're spoiled 🙃  Thank you @Petra Jane for keeping everything running and keeping us connected ❤️


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Jackie C.
1 hour ago, KayC said:

Remember dial-up? 40-50 kbps?


Oh not even. I remember when my 14.4 kbps modem was a Big Deal. It always seemed to disconnect when your download was at about 98% complete.

I also remember, "We can't order pizza NOW, I'm playing EverQuest!"


Or Legends of Future Past. Anybody else remember that one?



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It's very slow this am, around 11:30 PST. This thread loaded faster than the "female voice" thread in Transitioning > MtF subject heading. I waited there for at least 45 sec, then gave up and came here.

~~Shrugs and Hugs to all, from Lee~~

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