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What's your go to clothing for the office?


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F1156376-7922-4AAC-A42C-AF673BFBD8C0.thumb.jpeg.ead004976fd2a79a1f2c98a81073837d.jpegwhen I’m in the office, my go to choice of clothing is black leggings, heeled ankle boots, cami vest top and tailored coat to match my boots ❤️ Makes me feel glam and feminine .....what’s your go to favourite outfit girls? X 

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Hi Diane, I just love the coral color on the jacket and the boots! ❤️

During the winter, I love my sweater dresses. I'm mot currently out at work or going to my office due to working from home still during the pandemic. But that's happening soon! I did recently buy a skirt suit that I'd hoped to wear to the office when we do go back, but had to return because the fit was off on the jacket.




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My office is actually a farm so jeans are normal.  Once a week I get to go to the market so I try to dress decently then.






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Jackie C.

Yeah, my go-to depends on what I'm doing that day. If I'm going out or I want to feel pretty it's different than if I plan on bumming around the house all day or moving stuff. Usually I'm aiming for "comfortable" and it's jeans, a t-shirt and either my singular hoodie or an oversized flannel shirt over that. If the flannel isn't cutting it, there will be a sweatshirt or a sweater. Hopefully my fox sweater, it's easily my favorite but it's complicated to wash so I don't wear it as much as I otherwise might.



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Carolyn Marie

When I was working I usually wore a pantsuit if I had meetings scheduled, or slacks and a blouse with or without a blazer.  I rarely wore skirts or dresses, but did a few times.  One reason was that I couldn't walk well in heels due to a foot condition.  Wearing flats looked nicer with pants.


Carolyn Marie

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Sally Stone

Well, I don't actually present as a woman when I'm at the office, but I have always worn feminine office attire as my go to outfit when I am presenting as a woman.  Being a girly-girl, I have always loved skirts or dresses and high-heels.  You might think those wardrobe articles aren't compatible with blending in, but I have learned that feminine office attire can be just the ticket for satisfying my inner woman and blending in.  It is never unusual to see women shopping or eating out while wearing office attire.  Perhaps, they are on their lunch break, or they are meeting friends for dinner after work, or they are on their way home from work.  In any case, wearing office attire while out and about is a logical and common occurrence for many women.  So, I wear office attire a lot, because it gives me the perfect alibi for wearing a dress or skirt and high-heels.  Another benefit for wearing feminine office attire is that it can often be quite sexy without being inappropriate.  What's not to love?    

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Before coming out, my wardrobe was limited to what I wore to the club I go to. Most of those clothes were sexy or unusual, including Lolita outfits, short skirts, and flashy dresses. Now that I dress every day for work I have had to completely rebuild my wardrobe, so this is still a work in progress. Mostly, I go for a skirt and blouse. Sometimes, just slacks and a nice sweater.




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Jackie C.
6 hours ago, Kasumi63 said:

so this is still a work in progress.


I think it's always a work in progress. Even when you have enough clothes to get you through a couple of weeks, you still buy bits and pieces here and there when you find something cute in your size.


You're off to a good start though! You look great!



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Linda Marie

Well I work at home now, but I do like this look...310569485_Muchmore.thumb.jpg.5e4f41adccb60fc624145bf7a9437995.jpg

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All great looks ladies!  I basically work as a receptionist at my massage clinic so it's not an "office" setting. I have a lot of freedom because of the culture of the place and the fact that I make the rules ;)


Mostly I wear slacks and a nice casual top but branch out to dresses and skirts every once in a while.  Most of my looks are on the "what are you wearing today" thread.


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    • Bri2020
      Looking great Liz! The high neckline works for you and it's always great to see you smile in your pics  
    • Shay
      @AmberM I agree that I do go through cycles but with HRT and my GI therapist - the cycles aren't as extreme nor last as long and I am thankful for that AND because I am getting at the root cause of my depression and anxiety, those pains are less severe.   Getting the right therapist is a godsend.
    • Jandi
      Today, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum signed House Bill 1503 into law — legislation that allows student groups at colleges, universities, and high schools to discriminate against LGBTQ students.   https://www.hrc.org/press-releases/north-dakota-gov-doug-burgum-signs-anti-lgbtq-house-bill-1503-into-laww
    • AmberM
      I have found therapy to be useful over the years, however, there was always this one thing that kept coming back that I didn't know how to deal with. After finally getting after my gender identity, I have noticed a lift in my mood, and improvement in several symptoms. What is hard though, is this time of year, normally my mood naturally increases. So we have to wait until October time frame to see if it dips down super low again. It isn't that I don't get dips week to week, because I still get some dips, just they haven't been as low as they were in the past. I think therapy has been pivotal to my success and will remain to be key to my continued success.
    • Elizabeth Star
      Nothing special today.  Black high-neck tank and jeans. The neckline is more conservative then I usually wear but I really like the look and feel.    Also added finishing powder to my makeup routine. Not that I need it for work but practice makes perfect.     
    • Taylor_The_Tranny
      Ok, thanks so much I'll be sure to check it out!
    • Mmindy
      Jandi, This is my life in a nut shell. I'm several years behind you, but this is exactly how I have come to see myself. @Jani is correct in pointing out that most of us are not girls, but women, and in my case an older woman. My Suzie is still coming around slowly to the fact that I'm transgender and we can openly talk about how this affects our relationship, and our different feelings. This June 26th, we will be married for 45 years, now she understands that my many girl friends, were just that GIRL friends. Nothing More. I'm not looking to be with anyone but my Suzie, and have to always remind her of that. It's human nature to want to be desired, in my opinion. Relationships die or fail when the people in them stop pursuing each other. It's the hunt, not the kill. It's about the fishing not just the landing of a trophy mount. My joy in gardening is the gardening, not just the harvest or cut flowers.   Good morning everyone, the coffee was HOT, black, strong, and never bitter.   Hugs,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Taylor_The_Tranny
      Help is appreciated. :)
    • Shay
      Retirement opened the door for me. I'd told myself I needed to free myself but the fear of more abandonment and rejection and as has been said in the most recent postings - I looked to please and comfort others and deny myself. It's getting easier but the road to recovery is long and grueling.
    • Shay
      I've seen probably 5 therapist over the years and they treated me for depression and anxiety, anorexia and panic attacks but my symptoms always came back. My current Therapist was the first Gender Identity Specialist I've seen and the effects have been so refreshing and helpful. I notice the waiting lists for GI specialists and the lack of coverage and lack of available therapists, specially when you get out of major cities. Zoom helps but in person meeting so much more beneficial.   How about you? Have you found a therapist that has helped you become YOU?
    • Jandi
      I had always been a diplomat, trying to get the people around me to get along - damage control.  And I was willing to compromise myself to preserve the peace.  I think I had gotten to a place where I was no longer living, but only reacting. I wonder if I would have ever felt free to look at my own issues if I had stayed in that relationship.  It was only when it collapsed that I felt free to explore my own neglected identity.  I had been living for other people for years.   This said, I do think we have to consider those around us.  But we can't let them, or our fear of offending them control us.
    • Shay
      Love the harmonies .....        
    • VickySGV
      YOU would have to decide that during sessions with your Gender Therapist.  For some individual, it could be, for another Enby person it may just be a normal feeling of growing up that comes on and disappears as a feeling in a few months or less.  ALL teenagers Cis/Trans/Enby go through periods where their bodies do not look right and give them some form of distress, but if it is actual GD is up to each one and their therapy team to explore, and as I said it is an individual realization.  Also it will not be a single body part likely to do it.  I am in my 70's and my two Cis teenagers are "deathly stressed" about whether their bodies look right, along with their AMAB sister and her stress is not related to her gender.
    • Shay
    • Shay
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