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Im a trans girl pre transition looking for some indoor clothing shopping ideas.


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Hi im a trans girl and im planning on doing most of my Social transition in the year before my first appointment. I want to start collecting my wardrobe and i want to first start getting used to wearing female clothes indoor. Im looking for shopping tips, cause i have no idea what to get exept bras and underwear. Please keep in mind that im more of a jeans kind of girl. Im looking for things that are not that expensive and are comfy. And maybe are able to make my booty pop out. I would love to be able to show at least a bit of a female figure. Im looking for ideas on top wear and bottom-wear. For bras i think i will start with a croptop type bra and for underwear i dont really know, i dont feel comfortable with tucking right now. I hope you girls have some ideas and tips.

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Women's clothing that isn't expensive? Do they have that in the Netherlands? Over here women's clothing costs at least twice what men's clothing does.


I'd advise browsing around in resale shops and whatever the Netherlands equivalent of Goodwill is. (Um, Goodwill is a charity organization that sells deeply discounted used goods to people in need.) See what you think is pretty and then go home and try it on. Your style will develop on its own as you get a better feel for what looks good on you. Take a supportive partner (romantic partner, good friend, family member) with you if you can. A second pair of eyes is always welcome and makes the experience more fun.


Happy hunting!



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If you don't like tucking, look into a "Gaff" to wear with anything that is "tighter". You can get underwear that has some padding for the hips and cheeks that can give you a bit if shape.  Try not to "hyper-feminize", most women you see every day are wearing basic comfortable clothes that are just cut different for women.  Basic women's tops can be bought online. Skinny jeans work if you are a thinner build.  The larger waist sizes tend not to fit "our curves-or lack of"   If ordering online- USE THE SIZE GUIDE" sizes can vary in a big way but if the guide has measurements then you will be more likely to get something close to fitting. Make sure you can return online orders.  Buy a basic knee length skirt to learn how to sit and move in a dress/skirt and not expose yourself ;)

Don't get "lacey" underwear ot thongs.  They don't feal good on male anatomy.  There are some very feminine 'french cut' or high waisted panties that still hold things realtively well.

And, as I always seem to say- Jackie's right   Second hand/thrift stores offer a cheap way to find your style. And shopping with a girl friend is lots of fun.

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You really need to go to the women's department and try out what you like. I initially took my daughter to the girls department when she was still living as a boy. They were very helpful and the outfits fit her. I initially got her 3 outfits that day. She did wear then around the house for a  few month before she fully transitioned. It always helps do do your hair if you can, that is what I did with her so she can fully make sure this is what she  wants adn give her a full feel for living a a girl before she did it in public. 

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Hi, in Europe I've used websites like Venca or Zalando. They have clothes in all price ranges, including big sales quite often. I've purchased 4 or 5 items for less than 30 euro. I avoid clothes sites that ship from China or outside the EU, due to long waiting times and the extra cost of import taxes.


Like you, I'm finding my style. I'm thin, so skinny jeans work well. I also like long shirts and blouses - they're comfortable, easy to combine with other clothes and cover the zipper area. Long cardigans are also nice. I'm not into tucking either so I use "compression underwear": it's women underwear that holds tight and (some of them) slightly push up your butt. I don't know if "compression underwear" is the right name in English (or Dutch!)


For shoes, I go for sandals or sneakers - and I'm a fool for high heels too!

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19 hours ago, Beatriz said:

I don't know if "compression underwear" is the right name in English (or Dutch!)


Here in the states it's "Shapewear"

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Depends. ?


Shapewear is it's own thing. Most of the underwear I own has extra elastic to keep my tummy out of sight. I'd like to get that corrected surgically, but one disaster at a time, right?



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      I finally found my new truck. The Ford Maverick Hybrid. I haven't been able to locate one for months but was able to snag this before someone else did. I've been wishing someone would come out with a hybrid suburban style truck for years. Not a monstrosity like the F150 lightning.  Ford did, but then with computer chip shortages you couldn't get find one.  You had to have pre-ordered them. Well, someone bought this, put 1000 miles on it and sold it back to the dealership for a profit. The original MSRP which dealers had to honor when they took the preorder was only $26k for a base model. This was more like a $31k model.  Now you can't get them for under $40k.  Still, a new hybrid truck with most of the bells and whistles for $40k is a deal in my book.  It gets an average of 42mpg and they didn't lie about that. I reset the thing and on my 95% highway trip home I got 41mpg. I reset it again and drove across town and back tonight which is non stop lights at every intersection and I got 47 mpg.  They have tiny four and half foot beds but they are real beds with tie down rails and anchor points. Perfect for me who just needs to throw signs in the back or the occasional home depot trip. Gone are my days of needing payloads and towing capacity. Funny thing is i owned the original Maverick- a 1972 4 door sedan similar to the one below.  It was a pile of junk and probably my worst car ever.  
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      Explosions everywhere, flaming sparks shooting close.
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      Stars and stripes and everything nice 🇺🇸 😊
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      (Disclaimer: I am a foreigner!)   I enjoy the freedom to be myself.  I present as a woman and am accepted as such.  Lots of people have never known me as anyone but Kathy.   I no longer have to pretend to be a man.  I did that for six decades, and the freedom from that is delicious.  I savour it every day.   Still, as you all know only too well, that freedom is precarious.  Our country follows trends in yours a few years later.  If your country descends into fascism, ours will follow.    I served my country for eight years, and I would be willing to do so again if that is what it took to defend our freedom.  But I am too old for that now.  So I will fight that descent in any way I can, and hope that the younger generations can keep this country sane.
    • Emma De
      This thread has made me think, question, wonder and return multiple times. My story is long and not for here, but I will try and add to the posts read so far.    I knew I was different from a very young age, I was curious and never had barriers to things. I danced ballet from a very young age and was the only non-girl for almost every class, until they split the sexes at 12. I lost a lot of interest when forced into separate lessons. I know I wore clothes, up until senior school, that came from the 'other side' of the shop. I really enjoyed that and wore those clothes out before I grew out of them. My mum said it was because I liked them and finding my size was tough as I was so small then. Coats was a key item as the only colours I liked always came from the 'better side'. As I got older and social pressures and bullies, or fear of them impacted I became more hidden and subtle. Being in a single sex school really impacted me and still does to this day. It was a brutal place in tough times when teachers could doing anything and did. I was lucky as there always seemed to be a bag of second hand clothes in the house that I could look through. Strange really as I had a brother, so why girls clothes would be there I don't know, I have wondered. I learnt how to memorise the order and folding so I could wear and return without anyone knowing. So I kept dressing and I had the house to myself a lot more than was probably good for me, not that I saw it that way. So many stories and memories.   Why mention these early experiences? Well I have always known I was different. Then I understood that what I liked was probably 'bad' or 'dangerous' and certainly different. I kept it hidden as was the way in those days and had no name for it. I have always known and lived with 'it'. Taking joy in fashion, art and any opportunity to be me. In recent years I have read, learnt and understood more. I have a name for it now and see so many amazingly brave and proud people who are able to do what I can't, yet. So although I have known, and lived my life in transition, I have never started in the sense of modern understanding of transition, but live each day in my mind transitioning my thoughts, ideas and beliefs from the social norm to my norm. As I reach an age where I am getting more outspoken and honest I feel the pressure kettle will explode and I will transform to the butterfly I have always longed to be.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      True.  2020 really made me aware of it with all the unrest.    The one freedom I wish I had was the ability to be legally married.  I'm not my husband's only partner, and his female partners are also my partners.  We're recognized by God and community, but without the automatic protections of the law regarding insurance, inheritance, healthcare, etc...  I get that it might be complex to pass legislation (especially since we're a tiny minority), but it would be nice.  As society expands its understanding of partnership and family, maybe we'll get there someday.   
    • Emma De
      So diet, clothes, mindset, attitude and openness are my focus currently.   Openness is the hardest for me. I am becoming more determined than ever. I am happiest when I am my true self. Just life has been tough recently and surviving has been the main aim. Living as myself is a mater of small steps and minor gains. When I walk through the shops I love everything feminine and would love to be locked in the shop overnight to try things on, that must be a thing that others have felt?  I have made the excuse that until I have shoes I can't go out dressed, but won't buy or order shoes. Partly my size 10 feet make this a challenge, but I have looked at several sites that cover my size. My depression and circumstances have limited opportunities recently and I really feel it when I haven't had a chance to be me. Summer and fashions dazzle me and I dream of a summer dress with sandles. I have grown my hair, mentioned elsewhere but with no style applied. Oh I have so far to go, but each tiny step and effort makes me smile, which is a miracle at this stage.
    • Red_Lauren.
      Depends on where you live, seuxal choices, and whats in your pants. I live in a small red town, I'm bi sexual, and still have my oem parts. So not a lot of choices for me.    What lesbians i meet. Want me to have a vagina. The bi woman are typically married, and the guys are a waste of time, or interested woman are hours away.    Honestly dating today sucks. Its full of scammers, and politics play a big part also. I'm talking to a woman who's a few hours away. I can't tell if she's a scam yet, but she's a lesbian. She wishes I had a vagina, but she understands i might have one down the road. 
    • WillowA113
      Oh! Someone else from AZ! Unfortunately I can’t visit those universities. My parents wouldn’t let me. Once I get my drivers license I can, but I just got my permit a few weeks ago so thats still a while away.  I’m not too worried about a name change right now. I have my priorities in other places.  Thank you!
    • WillowA113
      Thanks for the ideas 
    • Jaycie
      The way things are heading for the LGBTQ+ community in general and trans people in specifically, the freedom to exist without the fear of being forced to de-transition because of the hateful viewpoints of others!!! 
    • Marcie Jensen
      Here in AZ it's a specialty field, too. Or so my PCP has told me. Fortunately, @WillowA113you're in the Phoenix metro area That means there are a number of universities here that are affiliated with entities such as the Banner Health Care system, which does have gender therapy. As does the Mayo clinic. The state even accepts a number of telemedicine gender care specialist clinics, and obtaining things like a name change and gender change on your DL are pretty straightforward. But on the expensive side. For example, a name change in Maricopa County costs around $320 and you don't have to physically appear in court. The same holds true for a gender change, but you DO have to appear in court for that one.   Best wishes on your journey.
    • Marcie Jensen
      I think you're speaking for all of us, Heather.
    • DeeDee
      There are always lots of little things you can do. In the UK the NHS system is free but involves long waiting lists. As Jackie & others have said, work on the things that you can, voice, hair removal/skin care routine, if you can find somewhere to practice going out as yourself to build confidence even better. My first couple of trips outside the house, I had a "go bag" I changed into, and it was just to walk in a secluded spot for 30mins or so where I could see how I felt being outside. Waiting is a huge part of transitioning, but the time will soon pass.
    • Heather Shay
      I'm going to say I wish I had the freedom to be totally me and accepted as totally me.
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