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Religion and different beliefs


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So first off, I normally do not like to talk about religion as everyone has their own beliefs and thoughts and usually religious talks tends to not go so well.


But one thing I have noticed that since coming out on how I have also been questioning some of my beliefs and thoughts.  With doing some research, I have been seeing that I fall under a different belief.  Now for myself, I was raised Lutheran and went to a Lutheran church, but I feel that is not really my thoughts and beliefs.  I still believe in haven and hell and god and the devil, but alot of my beliefs fall under more of a female version and that GOD is female and Mary Magedline is Jesus wife and not a propostite that the bible makes her out to be.  I believe in the whole female part of the female bible.  When doing research, the only thing that I can come close to is being caught in the middle between the old world Pegam and Modern Pagam.  I am still trying to research on my beliefs of everything female and it's the females that have setup the males but the females work in the shadows.


Hope this is alright to post

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I do believe the early Christian church was mainly organized and cared for by women then men started closing ranks. I was personally raised Catholic and over the years seen many things about the church I disagree with. I've come to the conclusion that each of us walks their own journey and with it comes differing views on what's right for you. I have a problem with any organized religion that "TELLS" you what to believe and if you don't then you are wrong. I then to read the things in the Bible that the Christ said and try to live by his example and not like the modern day Pharasies. I believe each of us must find what works for them be it Jewish or Moslem or Christian or Buddhist or Mao or whatever. I find most of the great religious leaders over time have many things in common and their lives exemplify how we should live and love eath other - my examples are - PLANT GOOD SEEDS, GIVE AND DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN, DON'T FORCE YOUR VIEWS ON OTHERS BUT EXAMPLE YOUR VIEWS AND WHY YOU HAVE THEM AND LET THEM DECIDE IF IT IS SOMETHING THEY CAN AGREE WITH, most of all - Give Love and support and help and aid and comfort whenever you can.

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Jackie C.

Of course it's alright, but it should be in the spirituality section so I moved it there.


Now then, personally I was raised incredibly lax Lutheran. I only saw the inside of a church when I happened to be staying with my maternal (Lutheran) or paternal (Baptist) grandparents. I've been to Sunday school. The conditioning didn't really take. There's bits of it floating around in my psyche that come out in casual language use, but I don't consider myself a believer.


On an interesting note, the Gospel of Mary is a thing. Some scholars believe that it's talking about Mary Magdelene and there's some confusion of whether she was Jesus' wife or chief disciple (or both). Considering that priests were all female in the early days of Christianity until the religion got co-opted by the patriarchy...

Add in all the texts that the early patriarchal church either heavily edited or discarded entirely and you have a religion that's a hot mess and heavily slanted towards keeping women oppressed. The patriarchy has a lot to answer for.


So for me, while I don't consider myself especially spiritual, I know that if I'm very still and quiet, I feel connected to, well, everything. The energy I'm feeling isn't male. Call it a goddess or just call it the universe. I don't get the feeling it cares for us individually. We're just part of it. All of us. Together.

She doesn't feel like the kind of thing I can ask favors of, but she can lend us her strength for a little while. I don't really see where that sets me in any formal religion, but I also don't feel like the goddess is the kind of thing that wants us to waste time worshipping her when we could just be striving to live our best lives and taking care of each other. I can't imagine she thrives on that kind of ceremony. I'd be wary of a god that demanded worship and doled out punishment. What kind of parent is that?



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3 hours ago, Aurora said:

I have noticed that since coming out on how I have also been questioning some of my beliefs and thoughts. 

These have been related for me also.  I was also raised Lutheran for what that's worth.  I have spent most of my life in various christian denominations - mostly conservative.   

I tried to force my perceptions of the world into a "Biblical" framework, which involved some mental gymnastics.  Any thoughts of "transgender" were out of the question.  I migrated to a more "Messiah/Jewish" position, since I think early christianity was a jewish sect.  So I started studying Torah a bit.  It seemed to be the same old same old.

Next I started to look into the origins of the new testament, and some of the books not included, and at who made these choices.  Anyway, I came to the conclusion that perhaps I was looking at things backwards.  Maybe I should look at how the Bible fit into perceived reality, rather than the other way around.  Maybe our own experience should take precedence over what we've been told to believe.

Well, that was long and somewhat confusing.

Anyway, this gave me the freedom to take a look into my own feelings and experience without having to filter them through the biblical filter.  And it was then that I had the freedom to crack that closet door and take a peek inside.


1 hour ago, Jackie C. said:

I was raised incredibly lax Lutheran.

Seems to be a bunch of us LOL


1 hour ago, Jackie C. said:

the Gospel of Mary is a thing

Yeah, this was one of those books.   And I also think patriarchy had a lot to do with excluding this.

1 hour ago, Jackie C. said:

The patriarchy has a lot to answer for.

Definitely.   These days I find myself in line with one of my more feminist daughters.


I no longer think of "god" as a father etc.  More as a Mother that is the source of all things.   Having said that, I also have a more pantheistic view of life, the universe, and everything.

Heaven and hell?  Seems far fetched, but who can say?

While I think "life" continues beyond death of the body, whether conscious or not is unknown. (at least to me)   Seems like the only ones who know aren't in a position to tell us much.

I do believe that we can get a word, or a leaning from Mother Goddess, or perhaps it is our collective conscious.  IDK.


Anyway, that's how I see this stuff at this time of my life.  I think we are always growing in our perceptions and this is natural.  The only things that don't change are dead.


Guess I'll break off now…

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Guess I should add-

I don't have any problems with christians.   (although the Dominionist movement bothers me).  Or really anybody else as long as they're not out to harm anyone.

These days I would consider myself a witch if pressed, although that's not what people think.

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I was raised as a nominal Christian.  There was no separation of church and state, so Christianity was taught in the schools.  And I knew from an early age (grade 2, as near as I can figure) that I didn't believe everything they were telling me.


I know that God's pronouns are said to be He/Him, but I never accepted that God was male.  I never could understand why some denominations would not allow female priests.  As I got older, I stopped pretending to be Christian just because it was expected.  (I wish I had had the courage to take that attitude into other areas of my life at the same time!)


One thing I like about Buddhism is that women have been accepted since the time of the founder.  It is said that the Buddha had to have his arm twisted to allow women into the monastic order, and the rules for nuns are more stringent than for monks, but those are believed by many to be patriarchal amendments to the scriptures.  No one, not even the patriarchs, doubts that it was the Buddha himself who authorized women to be members.

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While I am still part of the Episcopal Church, I am in its twig (not yet a full branch) that is for gender neutral language in regard to deity names and titles.  The prime deity declared simply the name/title "I Am" which in the old Hebrew is the embodiment of Creation itself, namely everything.  My daily practices are a Celtic Christianity view of the spiritual side of the beliefs of relation to Creation.  The Celtic practice I look at does not recognize the "original sin" dogma that is prevalent, but rather postulates that we have an "original song" born into us, but the world around us dins out that song, and it is when we re-connect to it, that we see our personal Divine Image implanted at birth.  There is room for some Buddhist thought in there too.  Trans people are known to be some of the most spiritual individuals,

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I was raised as an Episcopalian.  About the time I reach the age of majority I connected with the Pagan community and have been for about 50 years.  I;m not sure I believe in any deities but I appreciate the Pagan outlook on life.  The godess is of course she/her.

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I remember and still often see gender being assigned to the Higher Power.  If it is indeed omniscient, all inclusive and omnipresent, as i believe, i certainly cannot assign that presence any gender.

I feel that if the word God is considered male it is more a creation of a male dominated society than any reality.

I fear i left Christianity behind with the shorts i had to wear to church 68 or 69 years ago.





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