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Tantus One the Go Packer


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I just got the On the Go packer. It is a 3” soft silicone packer (not stp) from Tantus. It sells for around $35 without shipping from FtMEssentials (but look for coupon codes from YouTube). 

Pictured next to the classic Mr. Limpy (left), you can get an idea of size and dimensions. It is almost the same size as the Mr. Limpy extra small (a tiny bit smaller), which makes it a great size for just about anybody, I think. It is pretty squishy for 100% silicone, and it has a fairly realistic feel. The texture of the packer is made to simulate skin. It is not nearly as sticky as other packers (see the Archer) except for the flat back of it, which is pretty sticky in order to help

it stay in place if you wear it against your skin. It comes in three different flesh tones as well as blue (cocoa pictured here). 

My initial impression is that it has a good size and decent weight. It is heavier than a non-silicone packer, but fairly light for a silicone one. It is very detailed and lifelike. It makes a fairly small bulge for someone of average build and 5’7” height, which I prefer. I personally don’t want to “advertise” too much when packing. I just like to know that it’s there. 

Overall, it seems to be a solid choice for a small to medium bulge with the benefits of being 100% silicone. 

I will probably alternate between the On the Go and my old Archer, which is bigger and heavier for when the mood strikes me.


Would recommend.




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Sorry, I meant to say that the Mr. Limpy is on the right hand side of the pictures. Autism brain strikes again!

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Also note that the actual length of this prosthetic is a bit over 4 1/2”, not 3” as stated on the website.

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  • Forum Moderator
Jackie C.

Why does the packaging make it look like a snack food? I mean seriously, I could see something that looks JUST LIKE THAT being marketed as a Gummi candy. This will haunt my nightmares.


Not 100% sure that the pictures are cool with our PG rating. I'm OK with it, but I'm going to ask the other mods, K?



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The packaging was a bit odd, yes.


if the pictures are too much, please remove them. I do not mean to offend.

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I could rewrite the review without pictures if need be. I don’t mind.

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  • Admin
Carolyn Marie

No worries, Trilly.  The photos are acceptable.


Carolyn Marie

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Thank you @TrIIIy

I'm with you about smaller packers. Haven't tried a silicone one yet and this looks good.

I have a "I love/I can't" relationship with packing. I'm permanently clocked when I go out so wearing it feels even worse. And at home I have my kids most of the days, my eldest studying from home, and it feels weird.

Good to know about options anyway.


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@Gabriel you might try foam form packers if you haven’t already. They’re just hollow pieces of foam that sit where a packer would and simulate a bulge.

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Mr Limpy works really well for me for now, but it's good to know about silicone options for when I may want to use it more often :) 

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Mr. Limpy is a great option. I actually got one after I bought a silicone packer just because the reviews were so good. I love it.

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    • Heather Nicole
      Huge congrats on taking this step, Holly!!! 🎉🎉🎉   I'll admit I have very little experience with this particular process (yet!), although I have looked into it for gender-unrelated reasons. FWIW, My impression is that name changes tend to be so routine (ex: marriage, dissociating from a bad father, forcing a preferred nickname like "Bob" instead of "Robert", etc...) that the whole judge thing is usually more of a formality. My (novice?) understanding is they mainly just want to prevent anyone from trying to make cheap, obvious attempts at dodging debts or warrants. If you're even bothering to apply to change your name from a masculine one to a feminine one, well, chances are you're a legit transgender person, because, well, how often do cis people try to put in an application like that?   And if you're still concerned, then consider this...   A certain cisgendered man, named Vincent Furnier, legally changed his first name to "Alice" all the way back in the 1970's (Just think how LGBT+ was perceived way back then). His new last name? "Cooper". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Cooper   I absolutely understand your worry and apprehension. But girl, for what it's worth, I don't think you have need to worry. FWIW, I personally think a "no" is highly unlikely, and on the super-off-chance it were to occur, I have a hard time imagining that an appeal wouldn't overturn it.   Girl, You've got this! 💖     I love this story! 😄
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      Warm weather, getting out the bike and just riding. working on the car or truck or something outside. Spring fashions, shorts, skirts, and dresses. actually being able to exercise is one thing too.   Kymmie
    • MisterJax
      Thank you! Try to stay warm  
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      Well, It does initiate some permanent changes.  So… For me it was an "are you really serious about this?" moment.
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    • Linda Marie
      Well all my new to meet friends, I felt like starting something crazy so here goes... I'm a pessimist, I have always looked at the worst case scenario in any situation. How many times did being a pessimist work out or not work out for you?  Now not to be biased all passivists are more than welcomed to post your  side and your views, hmmmm   who will be first?                 
    • Betty K
      Hi Linda Marie, nice to meet you, and thank you for your inspiring story.     I just don't understand this at all. What is there to hate? The so-called deception? Or is it just straight-up transphobia? You don't need to answer these questions if they're too personal btw, I just feel the need to say them.   You are a brave woman. Thanks so much for sharing.
    • Betty K
      Great production on some of Drake's stuff, but I prefer Kendrick. This one never gets old.      
    • Betty K
      I think this will probably happen with us too. I can't imagine she'll disown me for it! And maybe it'll actually make it easier for us to be friends in a way. I hope so.
    • Linda Marie
      I'm dressed as I feel, smile on my face, 
    • Linda Marie
    • MelanieTamara
      Thank you so much for sharing that. "Accept the outcome".  That is incredibly wise. Oh, and welcome from a newbie as well.
    • Linda Marie
      Hi, and that is not a rude question, actually a very good and validated question. I will be brief  and to the point. I have 2 children, Both were in early to mid teens, my wife and I married 24 years at the time I came out. It went bad!! Not well, screaming, crying, saying I lied to them all this time. What saved our relationship was really just me. Everything I had done for them those first 24 years. It was not easy and didn't happen over night. Wife had to go to counseling to learn about my gender dysphoria. That helped tremendously.   My son never took it well. Still hates me to this day. Daughter is just fine with it. Wife still loves me. She even buys me Linda Stuff.  I have no advice to those just coming out except to accept the out come.  I expected the worse and was prepared for it, that also helped a lot.          
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      Personally I like the starfish.  I hate jellyfish season.  Baby sea turtle hatchlings are really cute.   Hugs!
    • Shawnster
      I'm on the threshold of HRT... and I'm having some doubts..... is this normal????
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