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Tantus One the Go Packer


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I just got the On the Go packer. It is a 3” soft silicone packer (not stp) from Tantus. It sells for around $35 without shipping from FtMEssentials (but look for coupon codes from YouTube). 

Pictured next to the classic Mr. Limpy (left), you can get an idea of size and dimensions. It is almost the same size as the Mr. Limpy extra small (a tiny bit smaller), which makes it a great size for just about anybody, I think. It is pretty squishy for 100% silicone, and it has a fairly realistic feel. The texture of the packer is made to simulate skin. It is not nearly as sticky as other packers (see the Archer) except for the flat back of it, which is pretty sticky in order to help

it stay in place if you wear it against your skin. It comes in three different flesh tones as well as blue (cocoa pictured here). 

My initial impression is that it has a good size and decent weight. It is heavier than a non-silicone packer, but fairly light for a silicone one. It is very detailed and lifelike. It makes a fairly small bulge for someone of average build and 5’7” height, which I prefer. I personally don’t want to “advertise” too much when packing. I just like to know that it’s there. 

Overall, it seems to be a solid choice for a small to medium bulge with the benefits of being 100% silicone. 

I will probably alternate between the On the Go and my old Archer, which is bigger and heavier for when the mood strikes me.


Would recommend.




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Sorry, I meant to say that the Mr. Limpy is on the right hand side of the pictures. Autism brain strikes again!

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Also note that the actual length of this prosthetic is a bit over 4 1/2”, not 3” as stated on the website.

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  • Forum Moderator
Jackie C.

Why does the packaging make it look like a snack food? I mean seriously, I could see something that looks JUST LIKE THAT being marketed as a Gummi candy. This will haunt my nightmares.


Not 100% sure that the pictures are cool with our PG rating. I'm OK with it, but I'm going to ask the other mods, K?



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The packaging was a bit odd, yes.


if the pictures are too much, please remove them. I do not mean to offend.

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I could rewrite the review without pictures if need be. I don’t mind.

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  • Admin
Carolyn Marie

No worries, Trilly.  The photos are acceptable.


Carolyn Marie

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Thank you @TrIIIy

I'm with you about smaller packers. Haven't tried a silicone one yet and this looks good.

I have a "I love/I can't" relationship with packing. I'm permanently clocked when I go out so wearing it feels even worse. And at home I have my kids most of the days, my eldest studying from home, and it feels weird.

Good to know about options anyway.


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@Gabriel you might try foam form packers if you haven’t already. They’re just hollow pieces of foam that sit where a packer would and simulate a bulge.

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Mr Limpy works really well for me for now, but it's good to know about silicone options for when I may want to use it more often :) 

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Mr. Limpy is a great option. I actually got one after I bought a silicone packer just because the reviews were so good. I love it.

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    • Drayse
      It sounds like the estrogen is going to town making changes already. I had to wait until I was in my fourth week before my nipples started the ouchies.
    • Drayse
      Having some green tea instead is coffee this morning. I still wanted caffeine but I didn't want to drink coffee too often, so this seemed a reasonable compromise. 😆   I realized the other day at work that I was subconsciously slumping forward at the shoulders. When I pulled my clavicles in and and straighted out my developing breasts were noticeable, if not glaringly so, through my three layers of shirts. Last night I was trying on the bras I had bought prior to medically transitioning and I'm mostly filling one B cup bra and comfortably filling the other (why can't manufacturers be consistent across brands?). So I'll be running over to the local Walmart and getting some bra strap extensions, and maybe checking out the A and B cup sports bras as well.
    • Jamie68
      Good morning everyone. On third day of HRT. Nipples are tender today, don't notice anything else different. Hydrating, and peeing is no different than normal.   I went to Cannon beach, Oregon once and saw hundreds of star fish and a couple crabs. I agree, they're cute.   Kymmie, I'm so sorry to hear you're hurting. I hope you're doing better. There is no greater pain than the ones we love hurting us. Hang in there, it'll get better.   Jamie
    • KayC
      I'll help you out here @Carolyn Marie ... He's a jackass! 😊
    • DeeDee
      Hi @LaurenA, not conflicting - time is a major factor in the permanence so a month or 2 won't make much difference but stopping after 6 years would. Fat distribution and body hair growth will revert somewhat but the other changes may never go back fully, so you could find yourself infertile with pronounced moobs if you stop after your body has redistributed things. Always research the effects and possible side effects before agreeing to take any medication and know why you want to go on it. Perhaps watch detransition videos to make sure you understand that transitioning does not solve other underlying mental health issues and watch transition/hrt timelines while understanding makeup and filters can do a lot of magic.   Personally I have already had a vasectomy and children so fertility is not a big deal, I have had zero sex life for the better part of 15 yrs and so the package shrinkage is not a big deal for me personally - it is only by realising how protective cis men are of theirs (discussing GRS with a friend that asked how it was done) that I realised how little I cared about mine lol, and given how I have mistreated my body with food due to not caring about it my moobs are already more pronounced.   I am trading slightly decreased prostate cancer risks for slightly increased breast cancer risks but the benefits are that I hate my body hair, I already feel like I am emotionally stunted and want to be more connected and expressive with myself which is one of the big unquantifiable things I have read about and hope to experience, the "rightness" of finally having the correct hormones. My dad gut will become a mum tum. I am also at a stage where HRT is not central to my need or intention to transition but will absolutely help me fit in better and improve my quality of life with how I intend to live anyway. Not everyone who transitions can go on HRT or wants or needs the surgery due to other conditions or personal reasons. So know why you do for either. Hope this helps, it was a bit longer than I intended  
    • KayC
      Happy to hear everything went well, Kasumi san!  sorry to hear its such a difficult time without visitors, but you'll be better and up and about soon, I'm sure.  Sending positive prayers your way❤️
    • LaurenA
      These appear to be opposite opinions.  Which is more true?  I assume both are true to an extent.  Elsewhere I've read that the changes are permanent.
    • gina-nicole-t
      @LusciousTheLock while I never have been into the BDSM or kinky as you describe it (possibly due to the abuse suffered growing up), I did enjoy the story as you told it. As I kept reading I thought to myself that you having to restrain your wife so you could tell her that you were trans for your safety and her safety was interesting. I can only picture her as someone that is fairly strong as a woman, and that is not someone that I have seen in a very long time. My adopted mom was very strong, not that she looked it. I am glad that you are still married after three years of your transition, but to me if your wife has issues to the point of not even wanting to get undressed in front of you; how supportive is she really? Not trying to start anything, just asking your opinion on that because you posted it.  Respectfully,  Gina
    • gina-nicole-t
      @SheenaT my ex-fiance did the same thing to me that your wife is doing to you now. This is why she is blocked from calling me now. I tried explaining everything to her over and over again. I even told her I would put off GCS for her, then she decided at the 11th hour she didn't want me to transition at all. I told her that was not her choice since we are not together, and now are not going to be together since you can't be any kind of supportive. Obviously you are a grown person that has her own mind, and can make her own choices, however if your wife can't support you maybe it's time to move on. You can try to educate her, but if she continues to make derogatory comments about transgender people there comes a time to make a choice to stay in a toxic relationship, or move on for your safety and mental wellbeing.  Respectfully,  Gina 
    • Jackie C.
      I'm a pessimist of sorts. What that prompts me to do though is to have a contingency plan so if things go sideways I can go to the backup plan. Hope for the best. Plan for the worst.   Diving into transition was different. Basically it was, "Any result would be better than now."   Same with my GCS honestly: "No matter what the result, my dysphoria monster will shut up."   Fallback plans just come up in everyday life. "Well, I can't do X, but there's still Y. If Y falls through, there's always Z." I find it better than my female birth-parent's strategy of, "If I can't do X, then give up and go home." She was a "joy" to deal with.   Hugs!
    • gina-nicole-t
    • Jackie C.
      I am (sarcastically) shocked... shocked I tell you... that someone would misquote the Bible to further a hateful agenda. 🙄   Jesus was all about love and acceptance. No hate. Love thy neighbor, all that stuff. It's like they never read their own book.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Yes.   However, as my endo kept saying, the changes are completely reversible. You can afford to dip your toe in for a bit before you commit.   Hugs!
    • Ann W
      That's really cool @Bri2020.  You seem to have really put yourself out there, and get rewarded for doing so.  Have fun with the other football girls!
    • Ann W
      That's a great story.  Cheers Robin! ❤
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