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Effects of HRT on genitals


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Hello. My name is Amelia, I'm 17 years old and right now I'm on my way to find a therapist and start HRT. I have researched lots of information, but there's still one. It's a bit embarrassing for me. I'm about "that thing" between, well, legs. Somehow I'm very worried about what will be with it. The only information I found is that it could not erect and will stop produce a "male genetical liquid" when you started HRT. But what about minutiaes like for example size, sensitivity, structure, behavior, and so on? I would like to know it in advance, so I will know what to expect and won't panic.

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Hey Amelia! The bad news is that we're all different. I can tell you that personally, I experienced a lack of spontaneous erections (thank the Goddess). I could still get aroused if I wanted and bring myself to orgasm when the mood stuck. It struck less often. More like once or twice a week instead of the "Right now would be good" that I'd been dealing with since puberty. While I didn't measure output, it looked about the same as it did pre-HRT. I'd been on HRT for about a year and a half when I fully transitioned and had my vaginoplasty. I did not lose sexual function at any point during that time.


I can't speak for "male fluid viability" if you were looking to freeze a sample though. I had a vasectomy WAY back in 1994. I'm told that viability suffers as the testes shrink. I didn't suffer from much of that either. I guess they got a little smaller, but not enough that you'd notice unless you were really familiar with them.


Size didn't change, but I understand that it can if you don't have erections frequently enough. Part of the reason that I had GCS as quickly as I could manage was that I wanted the doctor to have as much tissue to work with as possible. There are girls here who were on HRT longer than I was before GCS who I'm sure would tell different stories.



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After three years on estrogen I still get erections but they are less frequent and my sex drive has gone down. I still had ejaculate for a few months after starting estrogen but it was clear instead of white. Now I have almost no ejaculate.

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What eventually kick started my transition was being my Testosterone had all gone! I was told I had less than a newborn baby girl. I was put on Testosterone injections and was told I would feel like a new man. I left the doctors and went and sat in my car. I cried for the first time in years. I didn't want to be a man! I never had the jabs, and so I've become quite androgynous. I've grown breasts and my muscle turned to flab. I want Estrogen, but some other health issues keep sending me to the back of the queue. 


Anyway, I do have shrinkage and haven't had an erection in twelve months. Or even felt the need to get one, however, May 7th 2019 (yes, I keep a diary), I had a terrible pain inside my groin. I had severe horniness- I wanted something in me. hard to explain and due to the lack of erection, felt like I could do nothing about it. My testicles had pins and needles. it was painful. But after some *cough. Self care, I shot a load. It felt like a build up, and it hasn't happened since. It was confusing and awkward.


Not sure if its the lack of hormones, or my Diabetes, but I've lost 4cm in height and my feet shrank a full size in the past four years. Sadly, my doctor refuses to talk about such things so I've never found out what and why? Currently saving to speak with a specialist.

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I'm about 2.5 in to hormones. I can still manage to get a erection, and when I want to for now. Insted of it doing its own thing. I'm still doing the business some times once a day, or every two to three days. It depends on my mood. Compared to a male sex drive. My current sex drive is more mood based. If I'm happy sure why not. If I'm not super happy. Its a no go. Unlike my male one. I swear as a man. I probably could have gotten off after being fired from a job, given divorce papers, and my dad dying all in one day.

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      Yeah, I can see how that would have been a positive! My siblings are all much older than me (I’m closer in age to some of my niblings  than to my siblings!), and my sister is super feminine and very opinionated. When I was a teenager, she was more likely to be pushing me to do things she ‘knew’ would be good for me (by making me fit in more, by making me more sociable, etc) than backing me up in my own brand of weirdness.    As a side note, I always find it interesting how many people praise ‘individuality’ as a concept, yet try to dissuade individuals they know from being different in any way. The body hair discussion from this thread is a perfect example. It literally causes no harm to anyone or anything if someone who is AFAB walks around in public with unshaven legs, and it’s completely illogical that ‘male’ hairy legs are seen as acceptable and ‘female’ hairy legs as unacceptable. Yet there’s an enormous weight of social pressure/expectation out there which lands on anyone who doesn’t conform.    At least now - as an adult, accepting myself as a trans guy - I can see things more clearly than my confused younger self, who vacillated between desperately wanting to wake up in a male body one day, and wondering why I was such a failure at being a teenage girl when it seemed to come so naturally to the girls around me.    Anyway, I seem to be rambling again (sorry about that - so many thoughts tumbling through my head, and this forum is the only place I feel comfortable airing them right now). It’s awesome to hear about people who had support to be themselves when they were growing up, and I hope that becomes more and more common as people become more aware of gender identities beyond the binary.     Sam
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