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Inside jokes

Dana Michelle

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So I watched a YouTube video on a science channel about useless body parts and one thing they mentioned was male nipples. I wrote a comment saying that male nipples are useful for transgender women so we can grow breasts with nipples on them (which was meant as a joke even though it is true). A couple hours later I couldn't find the comment even when I sorted comments from newest to oldest so I think they might have deleted it. Could they have thought I was a cisgender person making fun of transgender women? Or would there be something offensive about the joke even though it came from a transgender woman? I think it is considered acceptable for marginalized people to make inside jokes related to how they are marginalized.

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I thought it was funny! Oth if they’re that sensitive they should never have done a show about useless body parts . Come on now! Am I right!!

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Wait, don't you use male nipples to jump-start cars or something? I can't remember which one is positive and which one is negative though. I'd probably blow up the battery.


My guess would either be "We deleted the post because it references breasts" because for some reason female nipples will destroy Western society or "We deleted the post because it mentions transgenders" and transgenders will also cause the fall of Western society (somehow). It could even be, "It mentions transgenders" and transgenders are icky. You never can tell with people.


To be fair, I thought it was funny too. My breasts would look silly without nipples. ?



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1 hour ago, Jackie C. said:

I'd probably blow up the battery.

Don't do that.  The results aren't good.  (don't ask how I know)


It was an amusing comment but as Jackie notes some people have issues with this type of speech.  Oh well!  

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It was funny. Period. Some people just have small minds and/or are far too worried about not offending anyone that they have lost their sense of humor. Personally, I'm not sure I have a sense of humor; but I do have something I use in place of one, and that let me laugh, Dana. And dang it, without nipples "the girls" would look silly.

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I can imagine they deleted it because they were transphobic and were projecting. "You can't talk about anything I wouldn't talk about, and I couldn't imagine growing my nips." Maybe Youtube's filter caught it but I doubt this. Sometimes this kind of thing happens, especially where people have little to no trans friends! I really don't like to see it, though.

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