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Misgendered because of voice


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I was at the store today, and one of the staff asked "Have you found everything you were looking for today ma'am?" Happy with this pronoun use, I said "Yes." To which she replies "I'm so sorry! I just saw the long hair, I used the wrong pronoun." I just replied "I'm a ma'am" and moved on.

At another store, someone was being trained at checkout. The trainer first referred to me as "her", but after I spoke, I am pretty sure he referred to me as "he" after that.


I've had voice training for a couple months, not sure that it is changing much other than making me slightly androgynous, but either way most people are thinking male when they hear my voice.


I didn't let it get to me to much, I think I have decided that this misgendering thing will just be a fact of life and I have my own validation that I am a woman and don't need it from others, despite how much the misgendering may sting at times.

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Emily michelle

I have the same thing too. My voice just screams male and it really bothers me to the point I’m afraid to speak in public. I haven’t tried to get any help yet I’d like to see a speech therapist but the only ones that will help trans people are down in the city, which I would have to take off of work to see one and also my insurance doesn’t cover trans care.

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Erica Gabriel

I tried so hard over the years to make my voice more masculine and now I’m having to unlearn those habits now that I’ve accepted who I am.

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My new voice therapist is about an hour away and they do telemed appts. It's not ideal but better than nothing. Sorry your insurance won't help with it. Have you found anything useful on YouTube? I tried that first and it was too confusing and not very comprehensive, just a mash up of random tricks to try and that isn't very helpful for me.


That's really interesting, I too always thought my voice wasn't masculine enough when I was trying to be that way. I know a lot of it has to do with the words I use and how I say things. 


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The main issue is with the "baseline" of the voice that helps with the gendering. As you probably learned already, just going into the higher pitch will not change the perception (or first impression) of where your voice started. It would appear that a lot of us had to learn to use deeper voice in the attempt to fit in better, but ultimately it was still overlaying on the same base.

And so the main point of re-learning  now is how to modify the baseline. I am about to start on the whole voice training, but from all the videos one thing becomes clear - you need a human feedback (or be EXTREMELY critical to your own recordings and understand what to change) to tailor the exercises to improve.

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Yeah there is no way I could do it on my own, it's really hard to change.


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Emily michelle

I just called a speech therapist and they want a referral from my doctor so I’m hoping my endocrinologist will send them a referral.

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They should! I don't see why not, it is pretty common. 

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Jackie C.
21 hours ago, AwesomeClaire said:

I've had voice training for a couple months


Don't worry about it. Voice training takes time. I wasn't really "solid" until I'd been at it, oh, somewhere in the 6 to 9 month range with constant (attempted) use and an hour a day of targeted practice. There's a lot to learn and building up the right muscles isn't going to happen overnight. My voice is lovely now, but it sure didn't start that way.


I did it with minimal feedback from my spouse (I think she was afraid to say anything), a couple of apps on my tablet and an online voice coach. She sent me lessons, I could send her voice clips back and she'd give me pointers.


This is such a big deal to people, I was thinking about a Discord session where we could just talk about it and work on our voices. Right this second I'm up to my chesticles in RBT training, but a once-a-month thing on Saturdays with people who have their female voice down and people trying to learn seems like it would be a good thing. (Plans are nebulous, but I'm willing to put in the effort if there's interest.)



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Ok. The new voice place is a bit slow in getting back to me. I might be able to do a group thing but Sundays would be better for me, I might be able to do an hour Saturday afternoon. I'd recommend zoom instead, even with the 40 minute time limit for groups on free version, it is far superior to discord.

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I've got to look into this now. I never really thought about it, but had to call a broken windscreen through to the repairers the other day on behalf of another driver. I was asked for my name, I replied Tamsyn. The lovely lady said. No. I need your name. Tamsyn. No not the driver she replied, yours. Sadly I caved in and said James. Then hung up headbutting my desk. I can do a female voice and have practised. Just cant seem to take myself seriously enough to pull it off on a permanent basis.

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3 hours ago, LusciousTheLock said:

Just cant seem to take myself seriously enough to pull it off on a permanent basis.


It's just practice. It's hard to change your voice permanently, but you can absolutely do it if you want it. You'll get there. After keeping my voice where it's at currently for... oh, two and a half years... it's harder to talk in a male voice. I can do it, but I have to make an effort. There's the occasional misstep, but I know how to cover and correct, so it's no big deal. Again, you'll get there. Practice and patience lead to perfection.



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Yeah, even tho I am not very advanced in the voice training, I finally got back into lessons the past few weeks. I do have to make a serious effort to drop back into my default male range.

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    • Confused1
      Yes it is. We are obviously a danger to society and didn't even realize it.   Hugs, Mike
    • Teri Anne
      I had a 77 359 Pete with a big cam 400 Cummins, A76 GMC Astro cab over with a 600 horse Detroit Diesel / silver 92 TT/A. It was built to haul oil pipe to Alaska so it was heavy duty and perfect for hauling coal in Ky.
    • Susan R
      I saw a heartwarming/heart wrenching love story called Soldier’s Girl (2003) about six months ago and it was worth the cry. I was not disappointed. IMDB gives it 7.9 and it was well deserved.   Susan R🌷
    • Red_Lauren.
      I had a cowl neck like that many years ago, but pink. I had a love hate relationship with it. It gave me the illusion I had breast, but was less revealing. What I didn't like, and why I avoided any thing with low necks. Was because I didn't have any breast. Even though I was fluffy, a push up bra didn't do munch. Now that I have proper breast tissue, and my muscles have changed to fat. A push up bra is my friend.    Also a friend got back to me, and said it looked cute, and agrees with you guys. I can pull it off for daytime.  She just is worried about the fit. I told her I would snap a picture of me wearing it later, and send her the picture. 
    • Jandi
      I'll never have that hourglass figure.  But it doesn't really seem to be a big issue for women in my (older) age range.  Perhaps age has its perks after all.
    • Jandi
      I like Carol a lot.
    • AwesomeClaire
      I'm under 50 but still wanted to comment if that is ok. You said you can't bring yourself to talk to your wife about it, what about your daughter? Can you confide in her, and even check in with her to see how the wife would take it? Sometimes getting confirmation from another person that it may work out OK could give you that boost of confidence to approach her about it.
    • AwesomeClaire
      I don't have cleavage, but I have worn shirts for work that showed off quite a bit of chest, no one has said anything so far. As for age appropriate, I'm 37 and pretty much dress like a teenager (I get free clothes from a coworker's daughter when she gets tired of them). I have worn very small tops that show off a lot of chest and tummy, and things like fishnet stockings (not at work but out and about). I really don't think that top you showed is alarming in any way.
    • Jandi
      Sounds interesting.
    • Beatriz
      I liked very much a Chilean film called "Una mujer fantástica" (A fantastic woman, 2017). It's worth watching. Perhaps you can get it dubbed or subtitled in English.   Many Almodóvar movies portray an LGBTQ story or have it as a background. They range from the kitsch / camp to the profound, and they also vary in quality or inspiration, so people may love some and dislike others. If forced to recommend only one, I'd go for "La ley del deseo" (Law of desire, 1987).   Also, I recently watched a documentary called "Bambi" (2013) about Marie-Pierre Pruvot, nicknamed Bambi: a French trans woman born in Argelia who performed as a showgirl in the 50s and 60s and then became a teacher. She tells her story and I liked it very much.
    • ValerieRun
      Even before I began my journey, I was always fascinated by hourglass figure. I was, of course, making up some silly reasons why I would need a waist-trainer ("it helps with weight loss") or corset. With the beginning of transition, it only made sense and became just a natural hope to achieve it. Currently, I can get a fairly good resemblance with steel-boned corset laced up all the way. And I absolutely love the feeling. One additional benefit, it helps with the posture so it is another reason to use it at least around house if you spend plenty of time sitting.   Cannot comment much on the padding, as I was starting with very non-masculine figure waist-down, and new fat redistribution only enhanced those areas to a point where shaping clothes are new reality in my future 🙂
    • Jodie
      Only one i have seen is The Crying Game
    • Willow Farmer
      Facial Team uses a private contractor, a trans woman, who is quite skilled at photo shop.   She tries to only show you what is realistically possible.   They are only interested in removing male puberty damage as much as possible and some aging in my case.  I hope it is OK to mention FT here, they are a wonderful organization.      ---WILLOW---    
    • Shay
      Some films I especially liked The Dress You Have On (YouTube omelleto channel) Normal (2003 with Tom Wilkerson and Jessica lange) The Crying Game Transamerica Zerophilia The Danish girl Call me by your name Hedwig and the angry inch The normal heart My life in pink   Any others you recommend?
    • Jandi
      Harassment seems to be the order of the day.   https://apple.news/AeKPcysdyQeS6bhc95V73lA  
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