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Overweight starting T soon


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Hi! I'm William and have recently come out as ftm, as I said in the title I am overweight and am just worried they can stop me from receiving hrt strictly because of my weight. I know I will have to lose some for my top surgery but I need T to be able to be more comfortable in a gym. Thank you for any suggestions or experiences any of you have had with this!

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Jackie C.

How overweight? I know that past a certain BMI they get a little anxious. On the plus side, once you've got T in you, you'll be able to lose weight faster. Which is completely unfair, but what can you do?


If you need to lose weight, well, that starts in the kitchen. Start tracking your calories and what you eat. Be honest. Record everything. You're probably going to want to cut out simple sugars and that's going to mean reading package labels. You'd be surprised how much sugar is added to processed foods.

I've found making any kind of progress on this front to be a great motivator, but if you need additional help make sure your motivators aren't edible. Something like, "I can only do... I have no idea what you're into... but a thing you like... if you've hit your calorie goal for the day."


Unfortunately, weight loss is frustrating (and more frustrating on E) and a slow process. It's important not to get discouraged.


As an alternative, when I was starting my weight loss journey, I did a round of laser liposuction to start things off. It's a non-invasive procedure and let me see some early results so I didn't give up on myself. Getting my HRT was a terrific motivator, but I know my brain and I didn't want it telling me, "You fail at everything, just give up." Stupid brain. I'm down about a hundred pounds and looking pretty good these days. I've got some more to lose, but I'm in striking distance of my goal. Good luck!



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I'm about 275 and about 5'8 but my doctor said because my legs are muscular and it isn't loose fat she doesn't consider me like morbidly obese. I plan on working out a lot more when I've started T but I was just anxious that they wouldn't even let me do hrt if I'm too heavy. Thanks for the motivation!

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Jackie C.

It's going to come down to your blood work. If your liver and kidneys are healthy, you won't have any problem. They just want your to be as healthy as possible before they put additional strain on your body.


You're young enough that you shouldn't have any issues, but being as healthy as possible is a good stance to take while undergoing transition. It puts a lot of stress on the body and it's on you to make sure your body is conditioned to handle it.


Of course you're on T so you'll be lifting more than my little girl arms can handle (I dead-lifted 270 today, it's more than my workout partner can lift for once and I'm excited) before you know it. 😉



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Oh that's great to hear because they did 2 rounds of blood tests for me and both times they mentioned my kidneys and liver were perfect! Thank you so much!

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Hi William, and welcome!


Aside from diet, the other ingredient is exercise. If you can exercise doing something that motivates you - either because you like it or because you share it with someone who motivates and pushes you, and be constant, you will not only lose weight but will generate endorphins that will help your general mood and improve your experience with transition.


Wishing you a great journey, and see you around!

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    • Teri Anne
      Love the smile Liz.  
    • Transgirlkatie
      A virtual session is way different. You have video lag times, you have to stare at a computer screen for an hour straight which isn't good for your eyes. My night vision has gotten worse because I've had too spend more time inside on the computer. And it doesnt feel natural. I've tried it over the phone and it didn't work because I was too tempted to get distracted. And video calls just don't work for me
    • Willow
      Nice day everyone. Looks like we hit a couple of hot button.   I am 72 years old.  I’ve been married to the same woman for 49 years this month.  Apparently I am a woman.  I have been all my life, in spite of fighting it and feeling it was wrong.  After all, I’m a man.  Right? Wrong! When I was young, I wished I as a girl.  That was a true statement yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Like almost all girls I have grown into a woman.  But I still wish I had been a girl.  To experience all those things I wish I could have experienced growing into the woman I have become.   @KymmieL your oldest may want to talk to you, but with all of his words of not understanding and not wanting you around as Kymmie, it’s going to be a whole lot harder for him to initiate such a call.  Maybe it would be better if you stopped waiting and initiate a call to him.  A friendly every day type of call and see where it goes.  It may take more than one.  But it has to start somewhere and as the parent, I’m thinking you just got elected.   Everyone enjoy your day.   Willow
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      Congrats @KathyLauren and @Bri2020!
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    • Beatriz
      Great outfits and pics! And yes, Liz, you look wonderful in that picture! Great smile!
    • Stefi
      My regular therapist has been great for me as I wait well looking for a LBGTQ therapist. Problem is She just went on maternity leave and I miss her already. I see a LBGTQ "doctor" tomorrow and am very anxious.____     Hugs Stefi
    • Carolyn Marie
      I believe this is the offending portion of the legislation:   An institution may not discriminate against a student organization with respect toa benefit available to any other student organization based on a requirement of the organization that leaders or voting members of the organization:(1)Adhere to the organization's viewpoints or sincerely held beliefs; or(2) Be committed to furthering the organization's beliefs or religious missions.   Off to the Courts we go...   Carolyn Marie
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      Just ask and it shall be done. (PS. It is) 😉
    • MaryEllen
      What would you like it changed to?
    • Bri2020
      Happy Coming out anniversary!!!!!. Today is my 9 months!
    • Taylor_The_Human
      Hi, I know this is sorta random and I'm not sure If I've acquainted myself here but, I'm Taylor and I'm a teen who's looking for other teens to hang out with. I don't really have any supporting friends or friends who also identify under the Transgender umbrella. And with this topic I was hoping to succeed in finding some people who may be interested in becoming friends. Y'know someone I could just message regularly and talk to about anything. 😄 If anyone's shy that's fine because I am too, I'm also a bit awkward so if someone's not SUPER awkward like I am I'd like to get to hang out 🙂 just message me and we'll see how it goes from there. Thanks! 
    • Bri2020
      Looking great Liz! The high neckline works for you and it's always great to see you smile in your pics  
    • Shay
      @AmberM I agree that I do go through cycles but with HRT and my GI therapist - the cycles aren't as extreme nor last as long and I am thankful for that AND because I am getting at the root cause of my depression and anxiety, those pains are less severe.   Getting the right therapist is a godsend.
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      Today, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum signed House Bill 1503 into law — legislation that allows student groups at colleges, universities, and high schools to discriminate against LGBTQ students.   https://www.hrc.org/press-releases/north-dakota-gov-doug-burgum-signs-anti-lgbtq-house-bill-1503-into-laww
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