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Full coming out?


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Well it’s been a while I didn’t write anything here XD

So I’m feeling awesome towards my gender xD if I could say it like that because to be honest I was really dysphoric for a long time a bit unhealthily but now I’m more than fine and I am thinking of a full coming out! I talked about this a year ago but I didn’t do it because I was too worried, and thankfully I didn’t do it. I was not ready! xD

My situation is, I came out to my parents, my boyfriend and some friends at school and all of them were extremely supportive. Well my parents less xD My dad excepts it and it will take a while for him to use the right name and pronouns and I respect that and mom she thinks it’s my hormones messing with my brain because of puberty but she is still supportive xD I don’t really understand but it’s still good!

The thing is it has now been months that I KNOW that I am FtM no more, "I’m just a girl", "I’m a man but not trans", "I’m just nothing", I am a man and trans and proud of it! And that is why I am really thinking of a full coming out. What made me think that was the fact that 5 people found out by accident and first it made me scared but the more people asked me what pronouns were out of nowhere I started to feel good and I am now really thinking of coming out to school and all.


I need now to talk about it to my parents tell them that I now really know that I am trans (my first coming out to them was accidental and I didn’t finish thinking about all of this so they told me to wait to be extremely sure, which I am thankful for XD) so now I am going to tell them how I know I am a man (more of a boy lulz I’m just 17) and all there is to know and more importantly that at school I am going to be Liam!


I’m gonna shiz my pants cus finding them both together is stressing XD but I know I can do it! And one day I’ll be Liam da potato in the school and not that shizzy [birthname]! I can’t wait! I really am ready! I know I am not rushing it’s been month that I’m sure and a year I found out what was trans! The thing is I was already questioning myself before so I did think about it for several years o-o

I’m ready! >w<


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Jackie C.

Congratulations and welcome to the world @Liam da potato! I now pronounce you Man-Boy! Use your powers for good.


Seriously though, proud of you. Hold your head high. This is a big step.



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  • Forum Moderator
Jackie C.

I've seen boys with potatoes before, that is NOT using your powers for good. 😱



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  • Forum Moderator
Jackie C.

Feeling awesome is good. You may continue with my blessing. 😉



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Yay Liam! That's awesome. I can feel your energy from here (Girona is not that far from France, but still ;) ). 

You go rock the world 💪

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Welp as mom was making a reference about me "maybe wanting to be a boy" (which is not the case anymore as I am a boy) I said that the three of us will have to talk about this subject o-o I can't go back now I HAVE to tell them I'm thinking of full coming out and that I know o-o

I'm worried she seems to really not like talking about this I mean I get it, I don't want to hurt them

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Jackie C.
1 hour ago, Liam da potato said:

I don't want to hurt them


Noble. However, they're your parents. Their goal should be to not hurt you. Their rule should be, "Love and support your child, no matter what." There are not exceptions for, "Unless your child is gay," or, "Unless your child is trans." Their whole job as a parent is to support you, nurture you and help you grow into the very best potato you can be.


Potatoes are hardy, but they still require care. Your parents signed on to deliver that care when they decided to conceive. Time for tough love. You are a boy. You need to be able to express yourself as a boy. Your parents need to let you. That is the whole of the discussion. If you would prefer a Star Wars quote, "This is the way."



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this is the way niiiiice!

but yea thanks i needed that I actually felt like giving up xD but I mean yea that's what they told me when I came out to them (by accident lulz). But I still can hurt them but I mean I think we'll get through it ^^ my parents are the best after all =w=

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    • Jodie
      Only one i have seen is The Crying Game
    • Willow Farmer
      Facial Team uses a private contractor, a trans woman, who is quite skilled at photo shop.   She tries to only show you what is realistically possible.   They are only interested in removing male puberty damage as much as possible and some aging in my case.  I hope it is OK to mention FT here, they are a wonderful organization.      ---WILLOW---    
    • Shay
      Some films I especially liked The Dress You Have On (YouTube omelleto channel) Normal (2003 with Tom Wilkerson and Jessica lange) The Crying Game Transamerica Zerophilia The Danish girl Call me by your name Hedwig and the angry inch The normal heart My life in pink   Any others you recommend?
    • Jandi
      Harassment seems to be the order of the day.   https://apple.news/AeKPcysdyQeS6bhc95V73lA  
    • Charlize
      Holly that top certainly does push the PG label.  A bit close to X.     I once dressed a bit over the top.  After all i had somehow noticed the women with short skirts  and low tops more than the "plain" ones.  It was also fun at first to excite that glance from men.  Time has lengthened my skirts and yet somehow i feel just as feminine even in dirty jeans and top working the farm.    We all have our styles which makes the world go round.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • MiraM
      Sounds like it may be loosely based around DBT but maybe not as in  depth.
    • Kiera
      😉 lol I am very well liked at work but, problem is, son works there as well and doesn't like talking 'bout "my issue".   Big rigs? Used to drive a '78 "extended hood" KW aerodyne  with a "3408" when cabovers were the standard (55/60' length laws)
    • ValerieRun
      I have a similar style top, also sleeveless but a bit wider should straps, and while it’s on a hanger it does look a bit “adventurous”.  But when I wear it it flows perfectly over the contours of the bra (bra cups needs to be separate enough though). Of course, when you bend over it will hang down and show the bra but it’s inevitable. And you will be tempted to adjust it to a perfect position all the time 🙂 But it is absolutely lovely once you get used to it.
    • KymmieL
      Had an unusual comment from my youngest son. We had gone out for our Friday night dinner out. Our son met us at the restaurant. While we were eating. He comments nice color finger nails. It wasn't a sarcastic comment either.   Kymmie
    • Petra Jane
      I used Faceapp for a bit of fun and this was the result.   But honestly, I think I prefer my profile picture which is all me, with just a little photomagic makeup.  
    • Red_Lauren.
      Yea, all my friends now do have big hearts, and I know they care about me. Just like I care about them. Its just hard to look at these woman some days. Knowing ill never be as good looking as them. They do say I look good, and am beautiful, but I wonder if they really mean it or are saying it because they are my friends. I'm hoping its because I really am beautiful. Its not like we are in competition with eachother over men, and they know im not in to men. 
    • Maid In Bedlam
      Wow Lus You are going back a bit. I would love a picture of that I havent seen one of those in ages. Many years ago I had an Avenger with GT badges stuck on it. It wasnt a GT in any sense of the word. Drop me a picture when you have time. I was actually always brought up with Fords. My old dad had numourous Mk1 Cortinas. My only real dip in the ford ocean was a Mk1 facelift Capri. The first ever car that I brought with my own money. Im so showing my age now lol. Im glad i dont look it   Anyway. Back on topic.   Simply Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  If you use the above as a guide. I think Citreons are an abormination to my eyes. But others love them.  You cant please all of the people all of the time. But why would you want to? Its an old rule of thumb. But I always go for how big a persons heart is. Looks are just skin deep.
    • Red_Lauren.
      For me I was sick of living everyone else's life that they had planned for me, and me being miserable among many things.    Covid happening was my start of my transition, and I didn't know it at the time, but I got to spend more time as my self. I was still working, but now I wasn't seeing my soon to be ex any more. Once the locks downs were lifted. I was going out, and enjoying my life for the first time, and made friends. With people that supported me.    As for losing things. I had nothing to lose. No kids, no wife, a dead end job. Yes I know i have had easy, but im a lot happier now. 
    • Red_Lauren.
      ,  I did think about wearing a tank or cami under it. I will show my boss a picture of it first, and see what she says.    I think I'm scared to wear it for a few reasons. One as munch as I love my chest, and show a bit of cleavage once and a while. I'm not sure im comfortable  showing that munch yet. Two people thinking it's not age appropriate. While I think its age appropriate for me at 35. Younger or older woman might not. Three being called slurs I can't say here. 
    • VickySGV
      Wear it but have a camisole in your purse or lunch bag to put under it if needed.  Then ask your boss what they think.  For ladies retail though I would think it was appropriate.  
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