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Such a lonely life

Mia Marie

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Mia Marie

 I have been feeling more alone lately. I feel even more alone each time my dad says bad things about someone who is not straight. Makes it harder and harder to know soon enough I will have to tell him and it scares me something fierce to think it will go extremely bad. My coming out to him now could put me on the homeless list and I can't deal with something like that. My bills keep going up so money for my own place is still a little out of the question. It seems like the more I try to get things going right, the harder some things get.

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Jackie C.

That has to be hard. My mother does not approve of my trans-ness or my gay-ness ("It's a phase." "You just have low T." "You're confused!") and if I was in a similar situation to yours I would definitely be out on the street. Dad was surprisingly OK with it, but she dominates and manipulates him on the regular. Fortunately, I was financially independent and living on my own long before I came out.


You might be pleasantly surprised if you come out. Like I've said though, I prefer to hope for the best while planning for the worst. Maybe your own place is a little ambitious. Your own place with one or more roommates might be more affordable. Maybe a friend lets you crash for a bit while you get back on your own feet. Maybe you just live in your van for a while (I'm assuming you have a van in this scenario), until your bills are under control again. The point being that you need a way to move forward. Maybe it's just a little bit but progress towards our goals are important for our mental health. Good luck!



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Mia Marie

The problem is I don't have Transgender friends here and I have sport trac which is ans suv/pick up. Not a  lot of room for anything like sleeping. When I used the term here I was talking bout here in Texas. At least not who I could consider friends in the way true friends are supposed to be. I was hoping to see about going to a couple of group meetings before the "plandemic" happened and screwed everything up. I think I could have possibly created some possible close friends but things didn't come to be.

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Delcina B

Mia Marie I saw in your other post you've started HRT. I'm proud of you for being strong enough to start making the changes you must to be you, in spite of the consequences that might happen. I'm just beginning this journey & not sure what lies ahead in my family relations as I progress. I like to think things will work out the way they're supposed to as long as we persevere.




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Is there someone you could room with? Another option is to rent a room from someone's house. I got out the house because I met a couple thru our D&D game group, turned out they had a spare bedroom so I offered them 300 bucks a month for it, I was just working part time at a gas station. I did that for a year until I was able to actually get out on my own.

Find some interest groups, do some zoom meetings to help with the loneliness. Reading fiction can help too. I don't I think I would tell your dad until you are in a safe place to do so.

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Mia Marie

To be honest, it would do me no good to rent a room since I have too much stuff as it is, I am a gun owner and licensed to carry and I have not heard of any places just renting a room to people who are transgender around here. Now on the side of having the money to put some down payment on a house, that could happen, yet I would need the possibility of a waiting room mate before I could even think of getting started with a purchase and also the person or 2 would have to have a small deposit in my hand and be willing to sign a contract of monthly payments. Coming across someone or 2 like that is hard. It has become hard to trust someone will pay when companies do their best not to hire trans people as workers and usually try to force them out so not to put themselves in legal situations that could cost them big.

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I found the best way to make friends, any friends has been work. Don't get hung up on trans friends (I don't know any others either). I discovered that if you get to know someone through work, get good at your job, then they are willing to look around "boundaries" to keep you. People are people, trans or not.


I was made homeless at 16, slept on the street for a fortnight until I got my first wage packet. I wasn't trans at that point, but knew I was different. But I worked to fit in as best I could. I started as a manual street sweeper, past my driving test, so started driving road-sweeper's and vans. promoted to the charge-hand, promoted to the supervisor, later became the manager. I worked in the same job for twenty years and made some fantastic friends who have all stuck by me as I came out to them, thinking I had hid myself so well all those years, they told me "Well you always were F*king odd"!


Don't be afraid to walk away though. If people don't want to speak to you, then they don't have to. Including family. But concentrate on making yourself independent. I used to deliver takeaway at one time, back when I was in my late teens for some extra cash. It was only delivering, but I still see and speak to old regular customers now and then and that was over twenty years ago!. Get yourself seen, get yourself known. Become approachable. People may not understand us, see us as freaks or entertainment, but when I'm seen walking my dog round the park, I'm just a happy person in the park saying "Morning!" and that's how conversations start. 

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Yeah I have a few trans friends but they are mostly online, I have 1 trans friend that is within 30 miles of me and we don't talk much. Most of my friends are cis/LGBTQ+ allies.

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Mia Marie

  For me making friends is never easy. It never has been throughout my 51 yrs on this life. Before i realized my true self, I tried to talk to people only to be ignored and sometimes blocked for no reason other than being asses.

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Ok, don't give up, you'll find the right people eventually, it isn't easy for me either, it took me a while (years) to finally find some groups - I found local board game and book clubs (and they still offer these virtually) so I have met some great friends that way. My super close trans friend I met in another FB group, she posted and I saw some common interests and struck up a conversation, I can't believe how close we have become despite living 1,500 miles apart.

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    • AwesomeClaire
      I don't think it would have any impact, honestly. I think porn influences people in other ways for sure, but I don't think it impact gender.
    • AwesomeClaire
      Nice work, I think it really captures the apprehension and inner turmoil of someone trying to decide to hatch. The end could be taken as suicide, or metaphor as letting their true self die in order to be what everyone else wants. 
    • Confused1
      Kymme,   I have to agree with Willow. Remember the neighbor on "Home Alone? As hard as it is, we have to be the ones that educate.   My daughters seemed good when I first came out to them, but then backed away. I had to initiate the conversation with one of them which caused the other one to come to me for much needed conversation/reconciliation.   Hugs, Mike
    • Transgirlkatie
      It is the only solution and I've determined it through living thru a year of covid. And even if things did go back to normal within a couple of months. Then there's the issue of the world ending in 10 years from climate change.
    • Shay
      @Jackie C. always get a smile with your verbiage.
    • Jackie C.
      Yes. I see my therapist every week and we talk about my issues in general. While she's not specifically a gender therapist, she's an ally. With her help, I've made great strides in going from an angry bung-hole to, well, me.   Hugs!
    • Taylor_The_Human
      Who is that in the mirror? Is that me..? No, oh no it couldn't be. For I'm a girl but is that who I want to be..? I don't even know who I am.  I frown yet in that frame I smile. This thought drives me insanely wild.  Is it me or is it not..? I cannot tell, everyone calls me her or she. But, what if that's not really me? What if I'm not a girl?  If I told them all these feelings would I still be apart of their world? Everyday the same old lie convincing myself to be her. I put a mask on as I pass those I love by grinning ear from ear. While entrapped is this boy, begging to have a walk outside. This charade is permanent I fear, unless someone sinister were to hear. I pretend and pretend that it's okay, As I watch myself fade away. Wear this, put that jewelry on. The same commands I hear and hear. While I always find myself in tears. No one cared no one did, so this "girl" committed. She had a plan, scary but true she killed herself to be the girl her family always wanted her to.  
    • VickySGV
      I wish I was seeing some numbers when they say "increase" but the heading is a bit misleading which I think our "concern trolls" will grab like a jelly doughnut.  In line with the study, my blood pressure has entered the "well controlled" stage that my medical team feels proud of.  It is good information for our doctors, but we need to keep it away from our H8ers.
    • KymmieL
      @Willow are suggesting that I be  an adult.  I don't wanna be a dult.  LOL.  I do agree with you.  I should just call.    Well good  new for my weekend.  My youngest is working days. So, its Kymmie time again.  Hopefully I will be able to get to my VA appointments. I will be going as Kymmie yeah.  Hope the stupid white crap stays away.    Hugs, Kymmie 
    • VickySGV
      Pornography, especially the pictures of women in the nude, and even involved in sex action do show nice looking women in them who are presented with overtones of sexuality. As part of my career in business law enforcement I met some of them from time to time.  The same women also modeled for "non-porn" magazines and looked just a good without the sexual connotation and were just as beautiful in clothing and just as interesting to me as role models in those cases as the porn.  Cis males are looking at them in either place with the sexual connotation, I was not.  A role model is only effective when the role is one you find you must take on and you get them AFTER you decide it is for you, even if it is slight and hidden from your conscious world.  Porn gave you some idea of how you want to be, but did not INFECT you with being Trans.
    • Natalie99
      Yes, you are right. Gender comes from deep inside. Thank you for your answer, girl!
    • Natalie99
      My dear, Please don't do it! Suicide is never a solution. Try to find something that gives you hope. A childhood dream, a hobby, anything that you can imagine and will make you feel less stressful. E. g. reading a book, writing a story or a poem, listening to or playing music, doing sport, cooking, watching movies series anything. I know that it is really hard to fight these thoughts and depression. But it can be better! Sometimes life is a roller coaster, but you will eventually go upwards. Control your life, don't let your thoughts control you.
    • Mary Jane
      yay! 🙂 and I'm not necessarily more outgoing online but i am less shy and your welcome ^^
    • Taylor_The_Human
      Yeah, I agree It usually feels awkward sometimes..! I'm hoping it won't here though. I'm 14, but soon to be 15, I'm really shy usually, but it doesn't always seem so when online. I've tried making friends before but they've all turned out to be people I shouldn't associate with or just weren't great people... I agree a relationship of ANY sort requires effort from both people. If anything I'm more outgoing online but that's the only difference between how I interact in person. 🙂 And I'm will to get to know you if that's cool. Thanks!   -Taylor.
    • Mary Jane
      we could be friends im 17 now by the way and me too for being shy i dont seem like it now but i am and im typing here because for everyone ive tried and gotten a friend (3 times) its never really felt like an actual friendship maybe some kind of friendship but in comparison for how it feels, my current real life best friend VS every other wellll every other has felt like weaker and its never really worked out that long   Im also typing here because I've tried before but all the other people dont even try back and a friendship needs both people working or is it really a friendship? for me no even if its online only, which ive found most people usually treat it differently than real life but i try to not treat it differently
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