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Transgender Day of Visibility


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   This Wednesday will be the TDOV.  Coming out in public as an advocate for our community brings a sense of responsibility along with some fear.  

   Somehow this week is really out there for me.  Today i'm due on a panel of trans* folks speaking and then answering questions from 30+  social workers across the state.  Being a bit of a "Chatty Cathy" i don't know i can cover the # of questions were are given to speak about in the allotted time but i'll do my best.

   Wednesday there is ceremony at the local Town Hall in the evening with the mayor and police chief.  That is even a bit more scary for me.  I like so many of us simply try to live as ourselves after we transition.  The idea of becoming an open spokesperson for our community rather than a simple old woman moving through the world is a bit daunting.  If being visible might help others to live without fear or shame that makes the effort well worth it.  Perhaps that is the whole reason for this day of self "outing".






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@Charlize is not the only one of us taking part in TDOV events this year.  Six Trans Voice choruses in the western U.S. have gotten together for a choral event on Wednesday at Noon PDT.  In addition to one number involving all the choruses, there will be individual presentations by each of them, and individual comments by individual chorus members.  It will be fun for me to see which ones of mine they selected to show.  This is a FUN, "in your face"  and proud day and not the somber, hurt and angry sort of thing Transgender Day Of Remembrance (TDOR) is.  Be you, be visible, be proud and unashamed.

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Delcina B


Thank you, Charlize & Vicky!




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May you find your voices and may they be heard.




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Oh Happy Day. After all those years in hiding.  A day to be visible.  If such a thing had existed when i was young my life may have been so different.  As it is i'm off to the salon to get my nails done before speaking tonight.

Vicky started she is involved in a concert.


Does anyone else have plans?





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Some trans swag from last nights visibility function.  
Gotta love the Free the Pronnouns!






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On 3/29/2021 at 7:39 AM, Charlize said:

 If being visible might help others to live without fear or shame that makes the effort well worth it.  Perhaps that is the whole reason for this day of self "outing".

It's good for someone struggling to know that they are not the only one.


I did go out yesterday.  Although I live full time, I don't really pass.  But I think that even in this conservative area, it's good to see that we do exist.  And maybe we're not the threat we're made out to be.

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2 hours ago, Jandi said:

And maybe we're not the threat we're made out to be.


In my area, it seems we are a threat. They have passed three laws and the governor has signed two of the so far. One goes as far as allowing denial of some basic medical care. Yesterday I was working outside and kept thinking about what is going on. I finally got mad enough to get on my local TV news Facebook page where they are talking about it and said my peace. Then I sent the governor an email. I doubt I did any good, but it made me feel better.




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Mike, you and several other trans friends in Arkansas are certainly facing some political horrors.  I can only hope that federal legislation can help.  Unfortunately it is really as much a social as a political issue and with right wing media making us a major villain stealth becomes very important.  It may be generations before we see real change.  During the 72 years of my life i've certainly seen great growth.  Our efforts will hopefully help younger folks to find self acceptance.





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3 hours ago, Charlize said:

Unfortunately it is really as much a social as a political issue and with right wing media making us a major villain stealth becomes very important.

Yeah, this.

I know I don't pass when I'm in public, and I seriously doubt that I could.  I'm kinda at the point where I am just accepting that something bad may happen eventually.  I'm 70 myself, and if…  Well, I have had a good life over all.  And I'm grateful for the chance to quit fighting it and be free to live as I was on the inside all along.

I guess I'm kinda pessimistic that this will go well.  I feel like the current administration is just a brief reprieve that won't last.  Look how they treated Rachel Levine in the senate hearings.  These people are only 1 vote away from being back in control.

The XX vs XY argument is an oversimplification that makes sense to people who don't want to educate themselves on the subject.  And "The Bible Says…" thing is there for the self righteous folks.

The Equality Act is not going to pass even though it has broad support.

3 hours ago, Charlize said:

 It may be generations before we see real change.


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Willow Farmer
2 hours ago, Jandi said:

 I'm kinda at the point where I am just accepting that something bad may happen eventually.

Jandi, I understand.  

   When I was 29, I got to a point where I was standing in the dark, in the rain, in the middle of a forest, with a gun to my head because I could not go any further.   I didn't understand trans, and had NO help.   God, Mother Gaia,  my American Indian ancestor, threw the gun.   I did not do it.  

   Fast-forward to 65yrs old and with knowledge and support, I'm going for it.   Now at 68, living in a very rural community,  I am out, loving, caring, and exposed to hate and injury.   A while back when all this mega-hate blew up, I asked myself-----Should I pull back and protect myself?   I decided to remain exposed and love,give and teach.   The worst thing that can happen is someone removing me from this Earth.    I was willing to do that very thing to myself at 29.   I was stopped.   I live every day to love more and hate less.   I hope when I leave this Earth, I have no hate in me.



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    • Davie
      Thanks, Delcina    Good comments. You must be a writer yourself to say it like that. Actually, the voice of the poem is a mtf six-year-old, so his syntax is a bit taxed. My stories get supported (in a subconscious way) by my poems. This won't actually be in the story itself, but it's essential to find the right voice and poems do that. The whole thing is very early work-in-progress. cheers, David PS: It'll probably take a year to finish, if I'm lucky. That's a time lapse.
    • Teri Anne
      Looks like fun Bri enjoy yourself.
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Claudia, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!   Lots of love and a big welcome hug, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Ellie Jean
      Same way I feel about my dad lol...Well, actually I can't cut him completely out of my life yet because of the half-million dollar life insurance policy my 70 year old mother has on him; it's set up to transfer over to me in the event mom dies before dad dies, so both me and mom are actively wishing for my father's death lol. (They got divorced years ago; he screwed her out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by letting the farm in Alaska she bought go into foreclosure so that she couldn't sell it. The bank owns my childhood home now and my siblings and father have all been kicked out of it. ....If I ever become independently wealthy I'm totally gonna by our old farm back. ...Lotta horrible memories there....but a lot of good ones too. 😥
    • Jackie C.
      Oh that does look nice. I need to pamper myself more.   Hugs!
    • Ellie Jean
    • Mary Jane
      Yep I've felt this even now, I don't know how I keep going or why but there's things that just won't let me give up not till I really 100% mean it and you aren't being selfish everyone's problem can't be measured and compared by the problem they can only be measured and compared by how the person feels    And remember that other post you did searching for friends? You don't need to worry about me leaving you because I give multiple chances, in fact I'm practically friends with someone that used to bully me thanks to it. There's better people to be friends with than me but I'm always an option at least   And sorry that I can't say more
    • Bri2020
      Hanging with some ladies at the beach this week before heading to Savannah this weekend. Some of us went out for Mani/Pedis. It's still a bit chilly so just wore jeans and long sleeve T-shirt. Having a blast with all of them!
    • VickySGV
      Happy RE-birth day!! 
    • VickySGV
      Welcome, come in and and take part.
    • Kimber M
      I learned a lot from it,one is love yourself.My parents learned from it as well too.They learned it was not their fault.No regrets too on coming out as well
    • claudia1
      HI all, my story is one of probable repression  and denial most of my life, followed by the flood gates opening, for no obvious reason at the time, about 3/4 years ago at my ripe old age. Then came  a  period of reflection and attempting to coming to terms with the intense feeling of being female and knowing I  preferred to be one. These feeling had been coming and going to some degree all my life, but where was it all going?  These things have a life of their own. There weren't too many choices. About one year ago, I made the decision ( or rather it  made itself) to start on hrt.  My inner life is transformed so much for the better. I have a very very supportive female partner. As we all know, on this glorious spectrum, there are many points where we can find our temporary or more permanent comfort. I have decided at this stage, for several reasons which I won't go into, not to come out socially. I go out in public as a (sort of) male. It's not an easy balance but it's what works for me at the moment.   The transition has been not without its complexities and anxieties, but with age comes the imperative to seize the moment and enjoy the future...cheers to you all, Claudia    
    • Teri Anne
      Thanks for the kind words ladies I really appreciate every one of them and everyone of you.  
    • Delcina B
      Davie, I apologize for the time lapse. I like the first version; it is enough of a hook to pull the reader in without giving it all away. I wasn't sure of the syntax. It might be a dialect thing. Are you looking at using the poem in a prologue or opening for the first chapter?   Hugs, Delcina
    • gina-nicole-t
      @Kimber M First, welcome to the site. Second, I knew I was different when I 8, however there was no word for transgender in spoken public like today. Life in the 80's was very much different than today, and depending on where you lived was how free you were to speak on certain topics. I unfortunately grew up in the Bible Belt and talking about anything that didn't fit into their boxes got me beaten. Conversion Therapy was a real thing that a friend of mine was put through who eventually ran away from his parents. My dad beat on me for being feminine and associating more with women than with him and the men. He thought beating me would bring me around. It just forced me more to what I felt than what he thought I should be. It took me 44 years to finally get to be able to get on HRT, four more to have surgical procedures to start to align my body to my mind. Now at 48 I am starting to see and feel like the woman I should have been all along. Like they say it's never to late to live your true self. Well I am part of that.  Hugs,  Gina 
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