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I feel like im faking my feelings? /

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Within the past year, I have started to question my gender a lot. I am afab, and I am pretty confident that I am not FtM, but I am finding that I constantly want to be more androgynous. I have always been comfortable being female I think? Until recently, and I feel like there are some reasons why. For one, I am a lesbian and I had pretty intense compulsory heterosexuality and still do. Looking back I find my femininity only as something I used to get male attention, because I thought that that meant I was an attractive person who deserved attention. After realizing my attraction to men was an act, I have wanted to be more androgynous. The thing is though, I am constantly afraid that I am faking my emotions because a lot of times I am okay as being seen feminine. For example, I dance ballet and have my whole life, and I don't get upset being very femme and wearing leotards that accentuate my feminine features. I think this is because I see ballet as something completely different from myself, almost as if I was playing dress up... and its not connected to my gender. I am fairly young though, and Im terrified that this is all just something I have convinced myself to believe for attention. However, I denied I was gay because I thought I was faking it, and for the longest time I believed that I was faking all my diagnosed mental illnesses. Does anyone else feel like this? Or have you used to? How to you learn to believe yourself when it's something as big and scary as my own gender? 

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Questioning is very good and it appears you are being honest with yourself. Feeling you are aking it is also normal. I found the following workbook amazing and it helped me a lot. 



You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery Paperback – September 26, 2017 

By Dara Hoffman-Fox 
You can get it on Amazon  for about $15 and it really helps to asking yourself many questions to help you understand you and where you are on the gender spectrum. It lead me to really look at myself and then procedure on the path I am now going.
Good Luck and I know you sound open and willing to listen.


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Carolyn Marie

Hon, you are not alone in your feelings.  Many of us have asked ourselves or our therapists how real any of this is.  I spent a lot of therapy sessions asking my G.T. if I wasn't just trying to get attention and how to "prove" my transness, even to myself.  Not everyone knows for sure from a young age who and what they are.


That said, I'm not trying to convince you one way or another; just pointing out that you have common ground with many others.  If you have the resources and can talk to a gender therapist, that would probably help a great deal.  If not, then please do spend time here reading what other folks have gone through in their own self-examinations.  I think you'll learn a lot, and it will help you figure things out for yourself.  Be patient, read, talk to others here, and ask questions.


Carolyn Marie

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I can't pronounce your name, so I'll just say, "Hi. I'm Lee. Nice to meetcha."

Here's what caught my attention:

On 3/31/2021 at 6:03 AM, tjyulick said:

The thing is though, I am constantly afraid that I am faking my emotions

What is the difference between "Faking our emotions" vs. "Exploring ourselves?" I can relate to the undesirable implications of not being our genuine, authentic selves, but finding ourselves is hard, At least for me, our actual, authentic self is not a destination, it's a continual journey. We evolve. Sliding in and out of various physical appearances is easy; sliding in and out of various gender identities is hard. Then, just to make things even more interesting, there always is the question of "how far is too far?" It's like an identity throttle. Am I faking it if I don't  crank it up to WOT?"


I'm questioning too, searching for a "self" I can "accept," as in "self-acceptance." I'm trying to find the gender identity that corresponds with the rest of my human identity. Is this who I am? Am I that? But it's illusive, because as I age, I evolve.


On 3/31/2021 at 6:03 AM, tjyulick said:

How to you learn to believe yourself when it's something as big and scary as my own gender? 

In this context, I wonder if "learn[ing] to believe [our]selves" is a helpful goal. Perhaps our genuine selves are on a journey of self-discovery that will last a lifetime, as we continue to learn to accept and believe in our continuously evolving identities, including our gender identities?" 


I don't know any of the answers, but I do believe that my path includes "trying on" different gender identities, . Maybe I'll find one that "fits exactly" or maybe I'll just continue with my experimentation. I dunno. I'm a work in progress, and that's ok.


BTW, I love ballet for the awesome athleticism of all the dancers, and the grace with which you perform those moves.  

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Mary Jane

yep ive felt it too but its more like a confusion for my gender, i know im fine with how i was born (was born a boy) but i dont really know for the other things which really makes me confused but online ive acted more like i guess how i might act if i was born a girl but i think my gender is a mix of boy and girl and i know it changes from time to time


for how ive believed myself i just kept on trying to be myself which was pretty hard at first even just the "am fine with girl pronouns" but fast forward about a year and I prefer girl pronouns, i prefer the girl name ive chosen and in a few online multiplayer games i play well im a girl in it. but i know that for the harder things like wearing girl clothes in real life its going to be tougher but if thats me

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Hi @tjyulick, and welcome.


Questioning is a confusing journey. It makes us anxious and we'd want to just have answers as soon as possible. Sadly that's not how it works.

What I found out is that the mind plays all kind of tricks on us. There is so much fear and shame, and they show up in many ways, even "logical" ways. So, what can help you is thinking less and experiencing more - in baby steps. Just one thing at a time and see how you feel with that. Like changing your hair style, trying more androginous clothing, asking some trusted friend to use neutral pronouns and see how it feels. 


Breathe deep and give yourself time. I know it's not easy because it is so uncomfortable that you would just know now and stop the anxiety. But every little thing you learn about yourself will be good, even if clarity takes a while. And if you keep trying small things you will have a sense of moving forward.


The book @Shay recommended you is a great one. And, as @Carolyn Marie said the best you can do is see a gender therapist.


Read around the forum and ask questions, there are wonderful and kind people here that can help you.

Wishing you a joyful journey

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    • Britney Summers
      Hello again, thanks for the tips. I haven't gotten lipstick yet. I have to make sure it is something that comes off completely and quickly if need be. I need to get a whole make up brush set and all that and go learn from youtube.
    • 2beBreanna
      Thanks.  I will look into these. Not sure how many places we are looking for yet but it will probably be 4.. one for each week in june.
    • DonkeySocks
      Hey, this news (long time coming) made me smile. Sounds like you are in a good place emotionally and physically.
    • DonkeySocks
      Sounds like a great day. Thanks for sharing.
    • DonkeySocks
      Oh, and I think a loose, long skirt looks more gender-neutral than a form-hugging knee-length skirt, when you have thigh/hip curves. Kinda draw the eye down to the lower leg instead of sticking at the curves.
    • DonkeySocks
      Plaid flannels in a size or two larger than your usual shirt size. Lace-up boots or ankle-high shoes, even if you're in a skirt. A masculine hat over the short haircut. Turtleneck shirt or sweater. Leather bracelets/wristlets or a masculine watch. So many people associate skirts with females that they will gender based on the skirt without looking at anything else, but if you're in pants, a hat can really help. Also, straight-cut jeans look more generically masculine than sweatpants do, I think. You will have to experiment with size because of the men's jeans not being made for your hips. If you live in an area with a farm store that sells Carhartt brand jeans you might try those.   When you want to look twink and still make people do a double-take, you might try a hat, a button-down shirt that's more dressy than flannel, but still a size or two larger so it won't fit your curves too closely, and high-top shoes. All that with a skirt. Also, plaid skirts might make people think more masculine, depending on the color.
    • VickySGV
      The Scots and Irish, and gay men I know wear a Kilt which is a skirt of sorts.  I have a couple used for various statements I like to make. Mine are not tartan plaid, one is black and another is a pinstriped fabric, but definitely male attire to most people.  For me they are gender neutral.  Utilikilt and Stump Town Kilts are where I have gotten mine.
    • VickySGV
      National Center for Transgender Equality (HQ in New York, but active nation wide) Transgender Law Center (San Francisco based, but active nationwide.) Trans Life Line which is listed on our page in Suicide prevention   Local LGBTQ Centers have Trans Programs, and can be found here: https://www.lgbtcenters.org/LGBTCenters Donations can be earmarked for Trans Programs.   Equality Texas is working to help Trans and Families in the current legislative maelstrom.   I will quit there, because there are many groups that will be happy to receive donations.    
    • 2beBreanna
      Hey all.  My company has started a business resource group for LBGTQ+.  I somehow managed to get picked for a chair position on the board.  We are just starting things up and will be discussing plans for pride month this week.  Part of what the company is looking to do is make a donation to a LBGTQ group that supports the community in a positive way.  Something that is nationwide or west of the Mississippi River would be preferred.  So far we have suggested PFLAG and Pride Sports USA.  What other groups would you all suggest. I would like to find something more trans related to suggest to the group.  Even if it's something local we can look into it.     I am sure I will be looking for more help as I go through this journey as I am newer to the group.  Thanks in advance for all you all do.
    • Susan R
      What used to work for me early in transition before ‘something’ shrunk into obscurity, was a medium absorbency pad along with a moderately tight pair of panties. I would wear that to the gym and I had no issues with bulges. You again look great as usual.   Susan R🌷
    • Elizabeth Star
      Thanks everyone. I do like this outfit but the downside is keeping the parts in place all day. I know I could wear a pair of two of tight undies to get the same effect but I’m weird and don’t like panty lines in leggings. I just remembered I have some cutoffs I could try this with when I get rid of these pasty-white winter legs.    I love this thread. Everyone has great looks. 
    • Davie
      A Believing Sonnet  Numbness is close to godliness when I miss you.  Feeling is believing when you speak to me.  At lunch my hands keep busy spooning miso soup,  as I count noses, yours and mine don’t equal three.  What women wear means nothing to my poetry,  but I remember all the dresses you wore this fall,  as if outside visions of cotton mattered to me— 
 as if a fitbit counted important feelings for all.  Do brown leather boots with black heels mean  anything to a small wallet and a phone poem?  I count the times you smile infinity beams 
in disgust at my hope to dispatch all wrongs.  My feet don’t remember bread gave them power.  My words don’t know how I can love the hour.   —— Davie     
    • Beatriz
      Wow, that sounds great! Congratulations! I'm very happy for you.
    • whatishappening
      Thank you!
    • Jackie C.
      While I'm not an expert (Hey, I went the other way), I can say that it takes a LOT of weight training to build big muscles on E. You'd want to focus on your upper body (Arms, chest, shoulders) and core work (Waist, obliques). Fun fact: If you do your obliques (those are the muscles on either side of your waist) with a weight, the muscle swells and you'll have a more boyish appearance. The thing is, that if your body is only producing female levels of T, it's going to take a pretty major lifestyle change. I spend two hours in the gym every morning and I pass pretty easily as female. If you want to build muscle mass, it's gonna be work.   Otherwise, you seem pretty on-point. Binder. Short hair, etc... I'm sure some of our other FtMs can chime in with better advice, but Welcome to Transpulse! We're glad you're here!   Hugs!
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