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Interesting Event... I Won Something

Guest 71christy09

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Guest 71christy09

Ok, you all are probably wondering what this has to do with hair removal. Earlier last week I was browsing local and national websites regarding hair removal. Well one of them had a contest where you could win 3k dollars in sessions, so I signed up. They just called and told me I won a $300 certificate and in order to get it I need to come into their office. So I have an appointment for 9am tomorrow.


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Guest Donna Jean
Ok, you all are probably wondering what this has to do with hair removal. Earlier last week I was browsing local and national websites regarding hair removal. Well one of them had a contest where you could win 3k dollars in sessions, so I signed up. They just called and told me I won a $300 certificate and in order to get it I need to come into their office. So I have an appointment for 9am tomorrow.


Congratulations, Honey!

To obad you didn't get the big prize, but you got SOMETHING!

Well, go and see what they say...can't hurt...but, don't sign up for anything while you are there...

See how they want to offer you the prize...cash or hair removal!

I'm in electrolysis and I'll tell you that $300 don't go very far!

Check it out, though...

Way to go!


Donna Jean

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The important part is don't sign up for anything - there should not be any additional sessions attached to the use of a prise - but read all of the fine print (take your microscope)

$300 won't go very far and they should just be counting on getting you started and then coming back when you have to pay for them yourself.

Congratulations on winning!

Love ya,


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Guest 71christy09

Thankyou for the suggestions Donna and Sally they are most appreciated. I half way thought it was some trick to get me in there, but I figured what the heck might as well go check it out.

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Guest 71christy09

Ok, I just got back from the consultation. I have to say everyone in there was exceptionaly nice to me and told me not to worry since about 45% of their clientelle is male wishing to do what I want or their back, chest and other body hair. I was pleased with their professionalism, friendlieness and the over all condition of the facility. Since the appoinment was scheduled for when they opened I did not see too many of their clients, but the few who came in were greeted on a first name basis. The company is a nationwide company, American Laser Centers, and they said their office here has been in business for over 11 years.

For 6 treatments of laser removal over a 6 month time frame and a 2 year satisfaction guaranteed program they want a total of $3300.00. However for the month of June all of their services and programs are 35% off and I need to use the $300.00 by then end of the week or it is gone. I was quoted $1950.00 for the program which includes my winnings and I am able to make $200 down payment with $292 due at each 6 of the appointments.

In my research, I have heard the average price for a session is between 300 to 400 or more. I am leaning towards going with them, partialy because it seems like a good deal, partialy because of they way they treat their customers, partly for the proffessionalism I saw and partly because I am extremely impulsive (my last ex hated the mall and Fredericks and Victoria Secrets, my two favorite stores...lol)

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That works out to $325 a session and that is within your pricing information - you liked the place, they will let you make payments and you have the discount so it seems OK.

Love ya,


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Guest 71christy09

So this morning was the 1st of 6 treatments, they called me last night and asked if I could come in 15 minutes early for some paper work. I arrived promptly at 945 and barely sat down when they called my name, taking me to a nice little room in the back with a bed that was WAAAYYY too short, lol (I love being tall). She asked me a few more questions which were duplicates of ones in the medical questionare, like i am going to change my answers or something and proceeded to test a little area on my neck. Does this hurt? Can you feel this? All the way up to the highest setting where it was a bit of discomfort. Then she went to town, that is until I had her lower the setting when she got to my chin because it felt like I was nicking myself with a razor over and over :lol:

All in all I was in and out in less then 45 minutes and I was sooo happy when I left. The worse parts for me were my chin and upper lip. My next appointment is july 10th and I cant wait :P

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Guest julia_d

Just a FYI from my laser girl..

Apparently top lip etc hurts where there is metal in your teeth behind. I can confirm this as I can taste my fillings afterwards.. especially my pair of large gold crowns.

It does get better.. it seems that a large amount of the pain is related to how many hair roots there are. Obviously I guess because those are the bits which get hot.

Face is one thing.. like a mix of an electric shock plus some heat like sunburn.. the surgical areas are fun.. wait and see ;)

What kind of laser are they using?

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Guest 71christy09

According to my paper work, they use their own Amerilight system which uses pulsed, high-intensity light combined with RF energy.

I do not have any metal in my front teeth, but there is some towards the rear. So far my face is feeling fine, but my eyes feel a bit like I got flashed when welding. She did say the lip and chin would hurt the most because that is where most of the hair roots are.

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