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I'm not sure If I'm Non-binary or Trans (FtM) Someone Please Help.

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Hi, So I'm stuck between the question of whether I'm trans or not I currently identify as non-binary (Bigender) but, ever since then I've been feeling like a guy I'm not sure If I'm avoiding the possibility of being trans by covering it with the title of non-binary. But, I don't mind sort of being a guy the only thing that's apart of what's been confusing me is I don't feel comfortable with having male parts even though sometimes I draw myself with facial hair, I've been confused with this for a while and I was hoping maybe someone could give me their opinion or maybe some suggestions to what they may think I might be. Maybe with those suggestions I could research and think if that suggestion matches my description. I'm just hoping for some answers I'm consumed by my confusion I'm hoping someone could help and ease my mind. Hopefully then I could know what I identify truly as. It's fine if anyone still believes I may be non-binary I was just wanting an outside perspective. I'm just stuck with this it's been affecting my school work, and my mental health. Someone please help it'd be much appreciated!

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OK, so here's the deal. First off, you're fourteen. You have lots and lots of time to figure yourself out. Secondly, internalized transphobia is a real thing so yeah, your brain could be playing tricks. I was just looking at a study that said something like 65% of self-reported trans individuals were bullied at school. I mean who wants a bite of THAT apple. Thirdly, none of us are qualified to give you a diagnosis. Fourthly, don't worry about labels. They aren't important. Trans-ness and being non-binary exist on this huge, beautiful spectrum. There's no way to put all of that in a box. Boxes make you small. Don't let anybody make you small.


So on that third point. You need to find a gender therapist. You're a minor, so that's going to require going through your parental units (or maybe school if they're super progressive and you live in a wealthy district, ask your counselor). Be careful with this step. Not all therapists are created equal and you can absolutely ask for another one if you aren't getting along with the first therapist you end up with. Once you find a therapist you click with, you can start getting to the bottom of your gender identity issues.


In the meantime, here's a book my therapist suggested for me: You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery. I'd get the paperback version. It doubles as a workbook and it's hard to write in a Kindle. ? This is a deeply personal thing. The only one who can tell you who you really are is you. A good gender therapist can help you figure that out. Good luck and in the meantime, we're here to answer questions and lend an ear.




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Thanks for the advice I'll be sure to use it! 


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    • Heather Shay
    • Sakura Sunset
      There is some really helpful information to unpackage there. I think I'm going to try building my cv again from scratch and see how much information I have, then look into what resources are available in my area (if any).   Thank you both so much.   May I follow up with a few more questions, if you don't mind?   Do you believe it would be plausible to start a fresh cv citing that I have prior employment history within x line of work, that I'm not able to reveal due to a former abuser?  Obviously not an approach I want to use, but a significant chunk of my work history and certifications are out of my reach.   What would be the best way to go about explaining a seemingly late start in employment history if I went to an employer over here on a trial or volunteer basis to get experience to start my cv fresh, deliberately omiting my prior employment history and qualifications?   (sorry this seems a little vague but part of my former employment is very identifying, despite not being able to recall the employer well)
    • Hannah Renee
      @SheenaTHave you thought about perhaps a necklace that would hide well enough under your shirts, or perhaps a skin-toned polish on your toenails? I did that for a while before my wife and I separated.
    • Hannah Renee
      I quite imagine they would suit you well. Go for it.
    • Hannah Renee
      Used to be, I only saw shades of black, gray, tan, some red. Since realizing who I really am, I've discovered so many new colors, I need my daughter's help figuring out what goes with what. Never paid purple any mind, except when my older daughter wanted that for her bedroom walls. Now I'm sitting here wearing a lavender skirt. Heavenly.
    • Jaycie
      They're the best!!! The way they're cut is just so affirming!!!  
    • SheenaT
    • Hannah Renee
      Tears of joy for you.
    • SheenaT
      Need to try womens jeans.😊
    • Hannah Renee
      Firstly, I understand your longing, and wish your circumstances could allow it. Panties were essentially my only saving grace for 4 years prior to spring '21. Ladies' jeans are a good start, though, because they're cut differently than men's, and I, anyway, can feel the difference. Leggings? Awesome.   @JaycieYour comment on feeling trapped, etc...so true.
    • SheenaT
    • Hannah Renee
      Yeah, I'll borrow that one, too. Nothing else like it.
    • Jackie C.
      So I ABSOLUTELY got the wrong idea when you said "girlfriend?"   Even so, she likes you. You're family that she accepts. She knows that you're a good person. Eventually, you're either going to come out of the closet to her. I get that you're scared. It could be a big deal.   On the other hand, what if it's not? At least think about it. If now isn't the right time, that's fine, but it could also be an opportunity.   Hugs!
    • Ticket For Epic
      Sorry for the copy and paste but I'm pressed for time.  But in a nutshell...  abject terror.  
    • SheenaT
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