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What Holds You Back From Moving Forward?


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Please get your name change done asap.  It's better to start new job from day one with your new legal ID.

Weight off your shoulder.

I spent many years between acknowledging myself as trans and starting HRT too.  my path is still slow and unclear. Yet it is forward...

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miz miranda

@Sally Stone

I feel close to your situation.

I came to recognize I had gender identity issues only a few years ago at 64. I have occasional dysphoric issues but experience gender euphoria pretty strongly when I experiment. The biggest thing holding me back is a feeling that I will expose my gender identity while trying to determine if transition is something that will help me. I don't feel I could move forward without coming out to my wife and I am not ready for that. Currently, I am feeling comfortable to admit I am transgender. However, I do not see transition making my life better.


I have been married for 42 years and it is fantastic. I also have 3 children. Whether I should feel guilt and shame about impacting my family with my issues, I do. I also feel like my first 64 years of life will not be valid if I transition. I believe my wife would be supportive but I am not sure she would be able to accept me. In fairness to her; even knowing how this feels I don't know that I could accept her changing gender. While I have never felt comfortable with myself, I have led a good life with a wonderful family, friends, a rewarding career and few regrets. I have never felt I can't live like this but I have felt it may be better if I was a woman.


I am afraid to move forward but wonder if I should. I hope for wisdom and strength to decide one way or the other.

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For me it use to be fear of breaking the status quo in other people's lives. Their possible negative reaction and causing them any unwanted distress. Basically a people pleaser. 


Now, however, I am living with control of my own reality. We each are the masters of our reality and how we positively choose to navigate it literally shapes OUR lives, which is very important. Everyone of us is important and our feelings and desires matter.


To anyone who is like I was, break free from the burden of pleasing everyone around you.

Respectfully, they are in control of their reality and their decision on how to shape that reality is not your, nor my burden to carry. 





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@Madelyn these are extremely important words of wisdom. I am still working on and trying to live by. Thank you and congratulations on learning and living your reality.

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@Madelyn : many, many thanks. That's exactly one of the key points that has me paralyzed, pleasing / not disappointing others.

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  • Forum Moderator

For me pleasing others was a way to avoid my own pain and find love.  I told myself that i didn't want to hurt my family.  Simply dying with my secret would allow them a "happy life" as i continued to live in a lie.  I had been married around 40n years when i transitioned.  It was indeed hard on both of us.  I'm sure she would have left me when we were first married.  The issue was brought up but hidden while we were dating.  Being open and honest was perhaps the most difficult thing i've ever done.  Wonderfully i've been fortunate and now, with complete honesty, we are closer than ever.  When i came here i thought i would stop being  male in any way.  Instead i'm able to live both sides of my reality.

I certainly understand folks caught in the understanding of self vs the difficulty of realizing that knowledge.  

We are here to support you just as others supported us.





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Mary Jane

me i guess the unknown, more specifically i still dont fully know and so far I cant try anything. also fear, I pretty much have like a protection personality and one that isnt protected i say that i have them because before the start of last school year I would be different from now even more closed than ive been since the start of the last school year and the unprotected wants to be accepted


also if anyone knows that ive said before that i have like a boy and girl personality it felt like that but eventually it felt like the boy was actually a protection thing so I'd get less emotionally hurt and the girl didnt have the protection. I've been living better being not protected tho so its ok for me

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10 hours ago, Madelyn said:

To anyone who is like I was, break free from the burden of pleasing everyone around you.

I had always been a diplomat, trying to get the people around me to get along - damage control.  And I was willing to compromise myself to preserve the peace.  I think I had gotten to a place where I was no longer living, but only reacting.

I wonder if I would have ever felt free to look at my own issues if I had stayed in that relationship.  It was only when it collapsed that I felt free to explore my own neglected identity.  I had been living for other people for years.


This said, I do think we have to consider those around us.  But we can't let them, or our fear of offending them control us.

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Retirement opened the door for me. I'd told myself I needed to free myself but the fear of more abandonment and rejection and as has been said in the most recent postings - I looked to please and comfort others and deny myself. It's getting easier but the road to recovery is long and grueling.

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    • Carolyn Marie
      Thank you for expressing your thoughts so very well, Mary Jane.  Like you, I have had times in my life when I raised the same question; why keep living.  About 20 years ago I suffered a defeat and humiliation at work, and I thought about that question.  I gave life another shot, and a wonderful colleague may have saved my life by offering me a job and a chance to redeem myself.  If I had succumbed to the desire to end it all, I would have never known about that chance.  No matter how bad things seem, something almost always comes along to give us reasons to keep living.  I hope you always find those reasons, hon.  I hope that anyone who asks themselves that question finds the reasons to keep living.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Becoming Jordan
      I will have to update tomorrow since im about to lay down. But this girl is going to be sleeping with a giant smile and im gonna be having some very nice dreams. Good night yall and sweet dreams 
    • KymmieL
      Well the wagon wasn't finished. So, we are driving our new Ranger to Bowling Green.  Currently staying the night in Kearney, NE. I'm a little bummed about it. but gives us a chance to get the wagon more complete.   Kymmie
    • Susan R
      I’m so sorry you had to go though that BS, Kimber. It’s something many of us experience. I have been treated badly in the past as well.   Earlier in my transition, I was treated very differently at my nail salon. My cis g/f and I went for the same gel french tips. When she was rung up she was charged $37. Then five minutes later I was charged $53 and our nails were identical. I was going to make a big scene about the discrepancy but the place was packed and I just wasn’t in the mood. Besides, I have much better things to do with my time. I just never went there again. Before Covid I spent a fortune on my nails…their loss.   Susan R🌷
    • Kimber M
      Found a new hair salon to get my hair done on Monday.Last one retired on me and had to look for another one.Took me a second try and the owner said how about Thursday at 9:00 AM,it works for me saying yes.Did see there was something about me and kindly asked me if I was transgender telling her yes,said I am welcomed in her hair salon treating transgender women the same.First one told me to leave and I wasn't too happy about it at all.
    • Susan R
      Welcome to our forum @claudia1 It’s a pleasure to meet you.   It sounds like you found what works for you and where you’re most comfortable. Everyone’s journey is unique. One of the most important things you’ve got is a supportive partner that can help you along in your journey. So many of us in the community have to forego this wonderful benefit and go though it alone or with a unsupportive partner. You have been blessed.   I’m glad you’re here and joining in on the fun.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Linda Marie
      I have been posting music videos of my guitars, and Mable (my sax) just sits there weeping when do you play me? I am still just a beginner on the sax (5years). I've learned the scales and learned one song on it then the accident.  Still before the accident I was doing pretty good with it. I really love the sax.  She is very temperamental, meaning I will have to clean her up, boil the mouth piece and change the reed, a little polishing up, tune it back up and make a fool of my sax playing here. I look forward to it and so does Mable. She is getting lonely just sitting there.  LM♥️        
    • Mary Jane
      No one needs to help I really just need to get this out, sorry if this is in the wrong forum thing   Why keep living? I’m different, who would even want to be friends with me?, I know I can be a bother and why keep trying?   why keep living? I guess because of good experiences the many I’ve had, trips to the arcade I like, watching movies I love, playing games that has made life great (well while the games are good for me)   but I’m different 😔 and yet why care right? As more and more people get more competitive I can enjoy games more than others as in just enjoy it not enjoy the competition, I’m kind and this world needs more kind people, I even try to help even if I’m pretty bad at it or I’m down too, and I haven’t done it since start of last school year but I can make myself not feel sad anymore it’s mostly because I mostly look for any positives which now I’m trying to do again   Yet who wants to be friends with me? I i know I’m mostly boring plus can be a bother... but it can also be worth it to get to know me    why keep trying? That I don’t really know, things try to mentally kill me yet things try to keep making me keep going all the good like video games, movies, cartoons, everything else that’s good keeps trying to keep me going. I’m mainly trying for me but I’m happy there’s one more reason: for my best friend
    • Davie
      Thanks, Delcina    Good comments. You must be a writer yourself to say it like that. Actually, the voice of the poem is a mtf six-year-old, so his syntax is a bit taxed. My stories get supported (in a subconscious way) by my poems. This won't actually be in the story itself, but it's essential to find the right voice and poems do that. The whole thing is very early work-in-progress. cheers, David PS: It'll probably take a year to finish, if I'm lucky. That's a time lapse.
    • Teri Anne
      Looks like fun Bri enjoy yourself.
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Claudia, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!   Lots of love and a big welcome hug, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Ellie Jean
      Same way I feel about my dad lol...Well, actually I can't cut him completely out of my life yet because of the half-million dollar life insurance policy my 70 year old mother has on him; it's set up to transfer over to me in the event mom dies before dad dies, so both me and mom are actively wishing for my father's death lol. (They got divorced years ago; he screwed her out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by letting the farm in Alaska she bought go into foreclosure so that she couldn't sell it. The bank owns my childhood home now and my siblings and father have all been kicked out of it. ....If I ever become independently wealthy I'm totally gonna by our old farm back. ...Lotta horrible memories there....but a lot of good ones too. 😥
    • Jackie C.
      Oh that does look nice. I need to pamper myself more.   Hugs!
    • Ellie Jean
    • Mary Jane
      Yep I've felt this even now, I don't know how I keep going or why but there's things that just won't let me give up not till I really 100% mean it and you aren't being selfish everyone's problem can't be measured and compared by the problem they can only be measured and compared by how the person feels    And remember that other post you did searching for friends? You don't need to worry about me leaving you because I give multiple chances, in fact I'm practically friends with someone that used to bully me thanks to it. There's better people to be friends with than me but I'm always an option at least   And sorry that I can't say more
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