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how do I stop overdosing on ibuprofen?


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I’m not sure if I’m quite addicted, but whenever I get really overwhelmed I take about 15 200mg ibuprofen capsules. They dull everything down for about 15 minutes, but I feel terrible for the next day. I’ve been doing it for about 6 months now. I’ve started having stomachaches more frequently and getting nauseous randomly, and I think it might be related to that... I’m terrified to tell anyone though, because I don’t want them to be disappointed in me. What do I do? Any small bit of advice helps. Thank you.

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According to the limited research I did, Ibuprofen is neither physically nor psychologically addictive, but one can still become "dependent" on it, which I guess is something less than psychologically addictive.  Clearly, I am not any kind of psychologist.  Here is a good article on it.




I urge you to talk to your parents, the school nurse, your doctor or another adult that you trust and discuss this.  Continuing to use it as you are could lead to serious medical problems.  It's nothing to mess around with.  No one will be disappointed in you for talking about it; as a matter of fact, they will probably be proud of you for trying to help yourself and for admitting you have this kind of problem.  Please promise me that you'll talk to someone, hon.  I want you to be safe.




Carolyn Marie

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  • Root Admin

I got addicted to a soluble version of paracetamol some years back. There were reasons for my taking them but I ended up needing them to get up in a morning, to cope with my mother, to get through the day, to get to sleep at night, and random events through the day. I’m not sure about ibuprofen but paracetamol does cause damage to the kidneys and both can cause constipation, so you need to stop taking them and get your life back on track.


As @Carolyn Marie has already said, get help, speak to your doctor, school nurse, some adult you trust, get the help you need to kick this addiction.

I went cold turkey on my own to kick the habit. Now, I’m clear of the need for paracetamol, especially the soluble version, which is now advertised as “can cause addiction” and very rarely take any painkillers preferring to use a gel to rub into the affected areas. I cannot take aspirin, but am allowed both paracetamol and ibuprofen but hate to depend on either more than two tablets in any given week when the pain is really bad. 

please get the help you require from someone you can trust that you can visit, even if it behind a mask and get medical help, they will do their best to help, but you also need to be willing to do your part and resist the need to take them.


best of luck!

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    What you are doing is dangerous at best.  Ibuprofen is amongst other things a blood thinner.  I have heart issues and already take thinners.  When i asked my cardiologist about taking ibuprofen for arthritis he suggested that i use it sparingly at most.

    If you need help please reach out.  I needed help when i faced my addiction to alcohol.  The feeling of shame as well as the seeming "loss" that quitting seems to threaten almost lead me to either serious health issues or death.  Honesty in facing issues helped me and it can help you.

  Sharing here is a great step.  Take the next one with those around you.





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Hi whatishappening,

Another danger with ibuprofen is that it is very hard on your stomach.  Taking it excessively can lead to stomach ulcers.


When you start feeling overwhelmed or anxious, there is something you can do to calm yourself a bit without the use of chemicals. Just take a moment and take a deep breath through your nose. Hold it for about 5 to 8 seconds. Let yourself feel the stress and anxiety flow from your mind and through your body into your lungs. After a few seconds, release the air through your mouth, holding your lips in a pucker to give a little resistance. Don't push as you exhale. Feel all the tension you felt flowing into your lungs flowing out with the air you exhale. Then tell yourself you're going to be alright. Repeat this a couple more times.


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf?

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