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Heather Shay

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FACT: If Kurt sobered up and got clean, he would have eventually came out as trans, changed her name to Caroline, and would have went on to a solo career selling three platinum albums, producing and directing movies, and starting a halfway house for homeless trans youth.


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Some cats are allergic to people.

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Some weather tidbits


In 1684, it was so cold that the River Thames froze solid for two months.


The coldest temperature ever officially recorded was -89.2°C -128.6 F). Brrrr!  Might feel good about now


Mild autumn weather often means bigger spiders in our homes.


About 2,000 thunderstorms rain down on Earth every minute.


A 2003 heatwave turned grapes to raisins before they were picked from the vine!


A whiteout or heavy snowfall that makes it difficult to see, can make you feel sick.

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I found myself thinking that whammies only come in multiples - doubles and sometimes triples. You never hear about a single whammy.


Note to self:  "Get a life."

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1. Flamingos can only eat with their heads upside down.

2. There are 32 muscles in a cat’s ear.

3. The chicken and the ostrich are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

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31 minutes ago, Heather Shay said:

The chicken and the ostrich are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

You could have fooled me.  I thought it was my ex-wife.

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27 minutes ago, Colleen Henderson said:

You could have fooled me.  I thought it was my ex-wife.

Me, too. Although, I admit that gives the T-Rex a bad reputation...

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Ouch ladies.....

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  1. Light is made up of energy.
  2. 02Light travels in a straight line. Objects in its path cause light to bend or refract.
  3. 03The speed of light is exactly 299 792 km per second.
  4. 04This is the speed when light is travelling in a vacuum and not obstructed by the atmosphere.
  5. 05Travelling at the speed of light, you could go around Earth 7.5 times in a second.
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You are the tallest first thing in the morning.

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1 hour ago, Heather Shay said:

You are the tallest first thing in the morning.

Yet that's when you weigh the least.



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6 minutes ago, Colleen Henderson said:

Yet that's when you weigh the least.

Usually loose a bit of weight shortly after I get up.

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Some stuff about sleep


On the first night of sleeping in a new place, one hemisphere of our brain remains more active than the other during sleep. Scientists believe this "vigilant mode" allows us to respond more quickly to unfamiliar, potentially danger-signaling sounds


A malingerer is someone who pretends to have a sleep disorder in order to get medication or other attention


REM atonia, or sleep paralysis, occurs in the typical sleeper every night to prevent people from acting out their dreams. Only a few muscles have the ability to move during REM sleep, such as the eye muscles, the auditory muscles, and the diaphragm for respiration.


The average amount of time people sleep has dropped from nine hours in the pre-lightbulb era to seven-and-a-half hours today

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2 hours ago, Jandi said:

Usually loose a bit of weight shortly after I get up.


lol, I was thinking the same thing, but I couldn't come up with a polite way to word it. 😆


18 minutes ago, miz miranda said:

On the first night of sleeping in a new place, one hemisphere of our brain remains more active than the other during sleep. Scientists believe this "vigilant mode" allows us to respond more quickly to unfamiliar, potentially danger-signaling sounds


So that's why, for the life of me, I absolutely cannot manage to get a halfway decent night's sleep when I travel (and even that's after hours of trying to doze off in the first place). It's a really annoying, anxiety-fueled deterrent to traveling for me.

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7 hours ago, Jandi said:

Usually loose a bit of weight shortly after I get up.

I was going to say that I wish I could, but thought that might be TMI, so I won't.

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There is a technical name for the "fear of long words." It's called "hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia."

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Supposedly, the term "Bucket list" was created around 1999 to 2007 for the movie with the same name. Which is weird because I always assumed it was a much older term and that that it had nothing to do with the movie as far as its origin. 

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Startling is the only 9-letter word where you can remove one letter at a time and still create a word: Startling -> Starting -> Staring -> String -> Sting -> Sing -> Sin -> In -> I.

Deeded is the only word that is made using only two different letters, each used three times.


Stressed is desserts spelled backwards.


Feedback is the shortest word that contains the letters ABCDEF.


Listen contains the same letters as silent.


Misspelled/misspelt is – ironically – one of the most commonly misspelled words.


Pronunciation is one of the most often mispronounced words.


lastly in homage to hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

Poecilonym is a synonym for the word synonym.



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Trying to answer the burning question did Dinosaurs head butt


"Finding out brings us closer to their social lives: were pachycephalosaurs more likely just showing off their domes like peacocks with their tails, or were they also cracking their heads together like musk oxen?"

Using CT scanning and a new statistical method for diagnosing behavior in fossil animals, the researchers compared the bony-headed dinosaur with modern ungulates (hoofed animals) that engage in different kinds of combat.

"Our analyses are the closest we can get to observing their behavior. In a way, we can get "inside their heads" by colliding them together virtually. We combined anatomical and engineering analyses of all these animals for a pretty thorough approach," says Snively. "We looked at the actual tissue types in the skulls and heads of the animals."

Head butting is a form of male-to-male competition for access to females, says Dr. Jessica Theodor, co-author and associate professor in the biological sciences department at the University of Calgary. "It's pretty clear that although the bones are arranged differently in the Stegoceras, it could easily withstand the kinds of forces that have been measured for the living animals that engage in head butting."

Most head-butting animals have domes like a good motorcycle helmet. "They have a stiff rind on the outside with a sort of a spongy energy absorbing material just beneath it and then a stiff, really dense coat over the brain," says Snively. The Stegoceras had an extra layer of dense bone in the middle. Stegoceras was a small pachycephalosaur about the size of a German shepherd, and lived about 72 million years ago.

Llamas would crack their skulls head butting and giraffes aren't very good at it. "They swing their necks at each other and try to hit each other in the neck or the side," says Snively. If giraffes do manage to butt heads, they can knock each other out because "Their anatomy isn't built to absorb the collision as well as something like muskox or big horn sheep."

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    • Lydia_R
      That's an interesting picture with the squirrel Mmindy
    • Jani
      Your cats are adorable @KathyLauren.  My girl has never been outside that I am aware of.  The pads of her paws are a nice soft pink with nary a mark on them.  She has no desire to go out.     Zulu is cute hiding among the papers! 
    • Lydia_R
      Thank you everyone!  Sharing your experience helped me decide.  I wound up getting 4 birth certificates.  I only had one of my old one.  I submitted my application and they took my money, so it's just a waiting game now.   Hugs, Lydia
    • Ivy
      Same here.  After years of denial, I got the nerve to wear a skirt (privately) - just to feel what it was like.  The dam kinda broke.
    • heatherd
      Things going good for me.Went to court on Thursday,I have full guardianship of the 14 year old girl I took in.Judge was impressed  with everything.It was good for us and my family told her welcome to the family.I had to testify in court on Tueday,the man that sexually assaulted me was charged with one count of sexual assault and a hate crime last week.I was brave testifying.He faces 35 years,his attorney tried plea deal again and the prosecutor said no.I am glad the prosecutor is being good to me.He is facing 35 years now due to a couple more on his long arrest record,Rape and domestic violence conviction he did to an ex wife of his.
    • Willow
      @mmindy. You sure do have a nice shop.  I had a Delta 14” bandsaw, table saw, jig saw, wood lathe, drill press all Delta cast iron except the table saw that was Sears. Lots of hand tools power and hand.  Thickness planner.  Woodworking was my hobby.  I made our entire bedroom set out of maple.  I made my daughter a memory chest for our youngest granddaughter after she died of cancer, all cherry plus some hand carving, and many more things over the years.  I get it!  Each has his priorities.     my son now has all those now.   yes my wife gets indoor decorating.  Our coffee maker is Keurig but it’s a combination machine.  Make a cup, make a pot.  It shares counter space with a hot water pot.   Willow
    • Ivy
    • Vidanjali
      Screenshot from the video. The title of the play is not mentioned, if I recall. 
    • Hannah Renee
      Experience - 2008, front row center seats watching Jeff Dunham live. He was presenting some of the stuff for his upcoming Christmas special.
    • Mmindy
      Well, I think your KEURIG* should have equal space in one of the kitchens. As for the Zavarka? I would give it a fair chance to develop a taste for it.   @Willow we live in a ranch style house in a middle class neighborhood. When we built the house, I wanted the largest one story home, that would fit on the smallest lot. We knew it would be our forever home, and didn't want to climb stairs, or mow a hug yard. Suzie has decorating priorities in the house, and I can do anything I want in the 2 car garage. The only gas engines in the space I affectionately call my shop, are a Harley (year round) Spring and Summer the lawn mower, Winter the snow blower. Other than that it's a small metal fabrication/assembly area, a 36" wood lathe, bench top band saw, and full size drill press. I also have a table saw with out feed table, along side that is a combination swing arm chop saw.   I'm set,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Colleen Henderson
      Having more rings on my trunk than most, I go back to the era of World War II, when much of the vocal music reflected the angst of couples and families separated by war and not knowing what the future held.   Even now, some of the Vera Lynn songs of that time resonate with my emotions.    
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @Mmindy I thought the Keurig machine was amazing when I first saw one.  But my family is old-fashioned, and when I was going to get one I was firmly denied the counter space in both our main kitchen and the downstairs kitchenette 😔.    GF has a couple of huge Russian samovars....one for use inside which is electric, and an outdoor one that uses charcoal. Russian tea is different than how tea is made in the USA.  There's a very concentrated tea called "zavarka" which is then diluted with hot water.  It seems overly complicated to me, but I have gotten used to it.      Breakfast this morning was tea, a plain boiled egg, and a bowl of kasha (buckwheat pepared similar to oatmeal or grits). Simple and not particularly tasty, but at least there's plenty of it.      
    • Heather Shay
      I was thinking about this, this morning and the best I can come up with it I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles. When I saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show - that was it. From then on music has been an integral part of my life including over 50 years of  writing and singing my own songs.   You can just love to hear music or are affected by music or type of music or artist but how has music touched you.
    • Ivy
      There were things going on in some of the bigger cities.  But I never heard about it.  I lived a rather sheltered life - small town, conservative family, etc. I guess that's one thing about the internet.  "Don't say gay" bills won't keep kids from hearing about it.  If they don't themselves, their friends will.
    • Ivy
      Back then it was more of a curiosity, at least in the media.   I kinda remember seeing something once when I was still a kid.  But it didn't mean much to me at the time.  Somehow I didn't make the connection with my thoughts of wanting to be a girl.  After that I kinda forgot about it. When puberty struck and I tried to cover up my girly-tendencies, I had forgotten about that.  I was more concerned with survival, and learning to play the game. I wonder what it would have been like if I had been born 60yrs later.
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