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Living with HRT

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Hi all, apologies if this has been asked before, but I’ve not been able to find anyone else who’s asked a similar question:


I’m looking at starting HRT, with the intention that I won’t be coming out publicly until I’m confident enough in my appearance, HRT has had some time to work, laser hair removal has been completed and possibly FFS, etc. 

I work in a professional environment, in offices, and likewise would probably not tell my employer anything until I’m confident as described above. 

Does anyone who’s on hormones have any idea if it is likely that I’d be able to get onto regular dose HRT and hide the physical changes from colleagues until I am ready to come out? I’m starting a new job in April so I don’t want to give them a chance to discriminate against me until I’ve been there long enough to have some protection which happens after the first few months of working somewhere over here. 

Having written this question I suppose I’m worried about getting just what I want, a change of appearance from HRT, I suppose I’m just asking if it’s possible to hide the changes from people who don’t know you well, wearing loose clothes etc, and if anyone has any tips for doing so?

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The changes are slow and even after 6 months you will have changes but not so much that many will notice unless you wear suggestive clothes. I love being on HRT and it was helped my confidence and I would think by the time you move along you will be able to make the needs in your work environment you feel you need to make.

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As there is absolutely no guaranteed way to predict how your body will respond to HRT, the journey is always a risk you have to be ready to accept. However, there are some general guidelines which could help with the time estimate. 

For the first few months physical appearance will not be changing much. As your body gets accustomed to different hormone ratio you will begin to change. For those who see you infrequently the changes will be more noticeable than for those who see you every day.

For most of your presentations those changes will not "out" you and you can go virtually for years waiting on the "right moment". Depending on the rate of breast growth, you will have to start considering your clothing options 6+ months down the road. And if the growth is substantial, closer to 12-16 months mark you will absolutely have to make some decisions. Otherwise, a slightly loose fit will get you going for as long as you wish.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Considering I'm only a few weeks short of 6 months. I have breast. While I had breast before because of my of my weight. I doubt I could go to a beach topless any more.They might pass as man boobs to men, but woman would be able to tell. My butt is also finally growing. 


I have one friend who only sees me once a month, and since February. Mentions how munch I have changed mostly in my face. Which is a good thing. It means hormones are doing there thing..

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Jackie C.
1 hour ago, Ellie Jean said:

My aunt literally backhanded my nipple and it almost dropped me to my knees lol. 


That... that hurt just to think about.



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2 hours ago, Ellie Jean said:

I felt the same way when I started HRT a few months ago. "I'm not gonna come out until I've pretty much finished transitioning."

Lol. That lasted a hot minute.


I’m starting to understand this. Having lived with the feeling for a little while now, of liberation that acknowledging and accepting, and moving forwards with things is just giving me more of a “I don’t really care” attitude to what everyone else thinks, because it feels amazing, even taking baby steps forward towards living a life that I want to live regardless of anyone else’s thoughts about it.


My issues and hang ups with wanting to wait are still a part of my old mindset that was programmed into me by my upbringing, and they’re falling away from me more and more every day.


Snide comments from my wife surprise me with how powerfully hurtful they feel though. I don’t think she means them to be, but it’s easier to not care what strangers or others who I don’t really have any emotional investment in think than someone you’re used to being able to trust.

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Hi @AmyJane My original intent was to get electrolysis and get onto HRT in order to minimise the in between stages, but the NHS is beyond slow and Covid has not helped as everywhere has been closed for over a year and only just reopening, so chances are I will socially transition before any of that happens and just deal with it. Doesn't stop it being a scarp prospect though, I loathe the though of having to shave my face daily and my chest every other day at least but all the research I've done (and the ladies above) state you will get 3-6 months before covering up becomes an issue. Good luck!

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Electrolysis and HRT haven't solved all the hair removal and laser doesn't work for me - but every little step forward helps the feeling of womanhood and although I dislike shaving and still pluck, every little bit is worth it to reduce dysphoria and each day you get closer to showing the outside world the true lovely woman on the inside - so do what you can - and a beautiful princess will emerge.

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Can't wait to get back to electrolysis after such a long interruption due to Covid. Now in month 17 of HRT, and it's been wonderful to experience softer skin -- and body hair that grows slower and is softer as well.  In the meantime, shaving my legs and torso 2 to 3 times per week has long since become part of my care ritual; I would *never* want to return to hairiness again. Electrolysis will gradually reduce the need, but in the meantime I'm fine with shaving.


Onward 🙂



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On 4/26/2021 at 9:08 AM, ValerieRun said:

Depending on the rate of breast growth, you will have to start considering your clothing options 6+ months down the road. And if the growth is substantial, closer to 12-16 months mark you will absolutely have to make some decisions. Otherwise, a slightly loose fit will get you going for as long as you wish.


Spot on, @ValerieRun! I'm in month 17 of estradiol patches.  As I'm not out to everyone (and I identify as non-binary), the tightness/looseness of the tops I wear, the snugness of a cami, and whether and which type of bra to wear can vary a lot  depending on who I'm seeing/where I'm going.  Fortunately, I really enjoy strategizing my clothing choices, so it's a fun exercise for me! 


One of the reasons you'll absolutely have to make some decisions, as ValerieRun so aptly stated it, is that once nipples become more prominent, then you'll start to explore ways to address that (usually with a padded bra or cup).  At least for me, I find that I'm disliking wearing loose fitting tops more and more as time goes on -- and that I'm gaining confidence in simply being me.





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Erica Gabriel
4 hours ago, Ellie Jean said:

Mom noticed my nips through my shirt the other day and suggested getting me a training bra or sports bra lol. Found some options online that looked cute; she said she could help me with the sizing. 🙃

I really like padded sports bras. They come in basic sizes and suit my active lifestyle. The padding helps protect the buds.

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Jackie C.
5 hours ago, Ellie Jean said:

...Only been made fun of sitting down to pee a couple of times and never that anything of it lol; if this were a horror movie, all the dummies standing up to be would be the first ones gotten by the monster at the urinals lol; I'd be safely locked in a stall, sitting on a toilet with my eyes facing the room and my little 9mm concealed carry at the ready for whatever Jason or Freddy Kruger comes bursting through the stall door lol. 


Unless the monster(s) were carnivorous urinal cakes.



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8 hours ago, Ellie Jean said:

if this were a horror movie, all the dummies standing up to be would be the first ones gotten by the monster at the urinals lol; I'd be safely locked in a stall, sitting on a toilet with my eyes facing the room and my little 9mm concealed carry at the ready for whatever Jason or Freddy Kruger comes bursting through the stall door lol. 

...Poor saps facing the wall at the urinals never stood a chance hehehe. XD

I’m still haunted by that spider movie - Arachnophobia I think it was, where the killer spiders got some poor person whilst they were sitting on the toilet... 


13 hours ago, Ellie Jean said:

The way I see it, and this may also help you to gain more confidence, but the way I see it, I plan on moving away to a totally different state; maybe even a totally different country after I've finished my transition, where I can just live as my authentic self without ever worrying about people seeing me as just a transgirl and treating me differently than they would a real girl;


My job is going to be the tricky thing. I’ve just landed a really amazing new job and, unless they try to get rid of me when I start to transition, I can’t see going anywhere similar all so soon. I have sort of decided on a way forward at work though, I’m just going to do it and see how the comments go from there. They’ll see my hair, nails, etc longer, body hair reducing, shape changing (hopefully) and as that gradually happens, people may draw conclusions what will be, will be. By that time I’ll hopefully have been here long enough that they value me enough to not face any discrimination just because I’m transitioning.

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Erica Gabriel
11 hours ago, Ellie Jean said:

You're gonna do great girl; it's 2021 lol. A lot of fears are way scarier in our head than when we confront them head on. Most people today really don't care if you're trans or not, and I'd bet money you'll end up finding a lot more support, (and some fascination; that can be a little odd lol), than you will any discrimination. By and large, most human beings are pretty decent and just naturally see being bigoted as a bad thing to be lol. XD

I’m full time except at my job. I wear a bit of makeup and earrings and I think most people really don’t care. Really, most people just want to do their job and go home. I talked to our POOM (Post Office Operations Manager aka BIG boss) this morning and she has trans friends and is excited for me. She wants to be there in my office when I officially come out. I wish everyone on this site could have this kind of support.


I will say this is all happening faster than I expected. I started coming out in October and now it’s Full Tilt Boogie. 

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Erica Gabriel
7 hours ago, Ellie Jean said:

It's gonna be like the best practical joke ever lmao.

"That's right Dad! ...I KILLED YOUR SON! Mwahahahaha!!!" 😈

I haven’t come out to my two brothers who I’m not close too. Everyone else knows. It’s possible my nieces and nephews told them, but it matters little to me. They always looked down on me. My folks have passed on. 




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I’m pretty sure when I transition it will be the last I see of my parents. I’ve been trying to cut them out of my life for decades now anyway so I’m not going to be upset about that at all.

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    • Kasumi63
      LOL. Thank you again, everyone, for all the sweet comments!  I’m on cloud nine (assuming that’s the right number)!
    • Kasumi63
      I just saw this movie! Loved it!
    • AmberM
      I think it came down to there was thing one thing that kept popping up that I new needed attention, and was harming me. So that is when I decided to start talking to my therapist about gender and asked the question of myself and to her, am I transgender. From there it has been a journey of self-discovery into who the real me is. I have historically dealt with pretty bad depression, and still combat social anxiety. The depression has become better, and the social anxiety has kind of gotten worse. Just learning though how to manage the social anxiety is becoming key. I am hoping my depression cycle this year that hits October won’t be as bad.  
    • AmberM
      The most interesting non-famous person I have met is honestly my paternal grandmother. She grew up in Columbus, helping take care of her siblings, but also cousins growing up. She took the bus from Dublin to downtown Columbus as a nurse and worked at Grant Hospital for a period of time. When she met my grandfather, they eventually both joined the American Red Cross. They lived a great many places as my grandfather work as a base liaison and she joined as nurse. They were stationed a great many places, from Maine, to Germany, to Panama. Eventually they set some roots down near Fort Lee in Virginia. She would occasionally be requested to go work up in Washington, DC. One of those times, she actually ended up doing a blood donation from Jimmy Carter. One of the other interesting things is because they have lived all around the world, during Christmas time, they decorate the house head to toe, with 9 Christmas Trees and they are up to 4 Christmas villages. Prior to COVID, they would throw parties, and admission was a donation of food to the food pantry.   With living this interesting life though, unfortunately she is now battling dementia, which is winning. I know she has lived a full life full of adventure and rewards. This is just her story.  
    • unknown
      self harm is self harm no matter what how it is inflicted. I used to cut and how I was able to stop was seeing a therapist and learning new coping strategies. It will take time and don't expect overnight results. the reasons you give for bruising yourself are the same reasons I used to cut for, to relive the emotions i didn't have to coping skills to deal with.  please seek help for this. it was a long road for me but it was worth it.
    • Jackie C.
      I always channeled them into art.   Hugs!
    • Shay
      @Red_Lauren. I love hearing about good memories thank you.   @Petra Jane what a refreshing and inspiring story. I am so glad you recovered and prospered from the meeting of another kind person.
    • Jackie C.
      And I'm usually just listening to my own pandora feed, but WNIC has some of the same music so that's where the radio's at. They're more mainstream, but they gotta sell ads.   Hugs!  
    • Shay
      Ok I used to listen to CKLW and Byron Macgregor. And my favorite FM station was WABX. They used to play LedZeppelin II full side.
    • Willow
      Good Sunday morning y’all    @KymmieL I had a Ranger in the nineties 2x4 long bed stick.  I enjoyed driving that.  But I lived where traffic jams were commonplace.  I also had a bad left knee.  My doc said no more clutch.  It was replaced by a Ford E150 conversion van.  Like driving your living room down the highway. Came in great for going to Florida to get our son in college.  Then came my first Jeep.  It was a Liberty.    we lived on a steep hill at the time.  One winter we had a pretty bad snow.  Now most of my neighbors had a 4x4 something Broncos, Toyota’s didn’t matter everyone  knew if you wanted to get up the hill in the snow you had to have one.  My son called me, he was stuck on the main road and the snow plow was coming. Could I try to pull him out.  I got in my Jeep,backed out on the hill and drove off.  Everyone of my neighbors just stared.  I got to him hooked up and started pulling. After we got home he tells me he forgot to take off his parking brake.  So nothing stopped that Jeep. And this one has the same transfer case and even better anti spin differentials. Not the Dodge setup they use in all the other Jeep badged Rams.  So while I like Fords, (my beater is an Explorer Eddie Bauer)! Nothing beats a Jeep unless it’s highly modified.   This one is named Tweetie.  I’m guessing that’s strike three, eh girlfriend? 🥰   hugs   Willow
    • Petra Jane
      Unfortunately, I am now unable to remember very clearly those famous people I have met, I know I met some of the Grumblweeds (a UK band in the 80’s), local personalities but the person who made the most lasting impression on me was the team leader of the Stoke team when I was hospitalised following a couple of strokes. she helped me come to terms with the way my life changed, having survived two strokes, her words, survived the weekend when the nurses didn’t think I was going to make it, and giving me the support I needed to not just survive but improve my life and my health afterwards. It was a delight to be able to return a few years later, meet her, and thank her for her support, and to be honest, show how much improved I was from the day I was discharged.
    • Teri Anne
      Love thrift stores and you never know what you will find. I collect military jackets and BDUs and I found a slant pocket insect repellent combat shirt. The pattern is more a woodland camo style. Need to do a bit of research into what branch wore the style of shirt.
    • Red_Lauren.
      Not really famous, but locally famous. I know a few local djs at a some what personal level. From when I worked in radio.    I also got to meet one of our local news anchors when I was a bouncer, and it didn't click who she was till I asked for a id. She was super nice, and we chatted for a few minutes. As I was getting her a voucher for a free ride home. A few days later. I was walking in to the gym as she was leaving, and she looked at me like she has seen me before. 
    • KymmieL
      WLLZ was 98.7 last I heard it was jazz in the early 90s. RIF has gone modern junk. I didn't know WNIC was still around. When I was feeling mellow, I would turn on pillow talk. for the slow romantic songs that I never got to dance to. I have WCSX bookmarked to listen to sometimes. They are a lot better than the canned crap we have here.  Then again that is why I have satellite radio in my Ranger and my wagon.   Kymmie
    • KymmieL
      Willow, I have a few friends with heeps so it is all good. I am just mostly a Ford girl. Well Ford and Buick girl. We have a 2020 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4. We got it simply because it has all the goodies that I wanted to put on our 2000 explorer Limited. Rear locker, trail control,270hp 290tq turbo 2.3l. plus it was new and reliable.  I had a decal on the window of our first Explorer trail truck, "screw your jeep thing." My friends with Jeeps thought it was great.   OK, You get over to Laramie and I'll buy the coffee.   Kymmie
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