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Better then expected results.


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I will admit when I started my facial hair removal. I wasn't sure if it would work. I had rust colored beard, so it a mixture of brown/red/blond, and at 35. I was just getting to the point in my life. Where I could grow a full beard. I figured I would give it a few months, and see how it go's. If all else failed. I would switch to Electrolysis. Well I had my fifth session of laser last week, and I haven't shaved since sat night or Sunday morning. I would say about 80% of my dark hairs are gone. What is left. The lady can do with electrolysis in about a hour. Maybe that means Ill be hairless by next year at this point. 

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Yay! I have had good results with laser too, the remaining white hairs on my face and neck I am just plucking, and I will just epilate the small patch on my chest. Overall tho it was really worth it.

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Yea its worth it. There is a few things I don't like. Since I'm full time. My face looks horrible for a few days after, and I can't shave the region. Because of how sensitive my skin gets. I also hate the pain. She gave me numbing cream for next time though. 


I hope by next summer I can start my chest, and back with laser. As those hairs are black, so laser should work better there. 

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Per the FDA it is not permanent but for some it seems so.  Or it at least forestalls regrowth for more than a week.  

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From what I've heard, it's a gamble.  It seems pretty permanent for some, but not for others.  That's why the FDA won't rubber-stamp is as "permanent".  But you might get lucky.

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Laser has been quite effective for me, only after a few sessions. But I have dark hair, and fair skin which whatever composition has responded well. 

I guess they have tuned up the machines now compared to the earlier versions to get the frequency and duration juuust right to do the most damage to the follicle and not your skin. But, it's ten bucks a  zap that covers about 1/2" area each so do the math to cover the face in ten minutes whether it's ramen noodles again that week. 

Personally, I think it can be just as uncomfortable as electro but that may be to what my zap girl has it geared up for beards instead of body hair, and I have always had soft skin. 

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laser is not a permanent solution. As you get older your hair will grow back. Electrology   is the best Permanent solution.

However, if your blond, redhead, Afro American the best solution is Elector and Defiantly painful

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On 12/17/2021 at 9:29 AM, Jamie73 said:

Is laser permanent? I've heard different things concerning laser.

It depends on the laser. They do make medical grade lasers that offer permanent removal. It works best with dark hair on fair skin, otherwise you would need to go with electrolysis. My laser treatment left a bunch of random white hairs on my face and chest, I just pluck them out.

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On 12/18/2021 at 12:42 AM, Lexi C said:

laser is not a permanent solution. As you get older your hair will grow back. Electrology   is the best Permanent solution.

However, if your blond, redhead, Afro American the best solution is Elector and Defiantly painful

I had a rust colored beard. It worked ok on me. I saw really no difference between sessions 4-6, so I stopped. Then went fully electrolysis around August. The people doing say im about 6 months ahead of trans clients that never did laser. Other then my chin, and mustache area. I could count the hairs left on my jaw line, sideburns, and neck. I was told at my session on Monday. They probably are done with the right side. 

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