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Hair length for electrolysis?


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Hiya my lovelies :)  I've got my first session on Tuesday. What's the minimum length of hair that needs to be grown for electrolysis? Is there any advantage to growing it slightly longer? 

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I would say the longer the better for the electrologist to grab onto, but 2.4mm to 3.2mm (3/32" to 1/8") should be plenty.  Early on I would grow out just two days and that was enough.  I'm working on white stragglers now so I generally don't shave between weekly sessions.  

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For my first session I was told to not shave for 4 days before.  I'm dealing with mostly blond/gray hairs.

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Ask you tech. alot will depend on your rate of growth and their preferences.  Mine just wants me to shave Sat mornings for tuesday afternoon appointments. She didn't like it longer because it's harder to visualize for them , apparently if too long its challenging to see the direction the shaft emerges from the skin or something. It just has to be long enough for them to grab 

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Depending on the rate of growth 2 to 4 days is the usual sufficient time. Interestingly enough, I would need around 3 days if the session is in the second part of the week, but can be sufficient with just over 2 days if it’s Monday-Tuesday

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I was just hoping the minimum growth time. My hair is thick and black, so growth is traumatising :( Ah well, I'll shave this morning and hopefully hold out until Tuesday afternoon. Thanks peeps :D

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I used to worry about this early in the process, but after a while, I realized that there will be plenty of hairs for them to take out, even if it’s just a day or two. Here in Japan, they usually charge by the hair (!!!) so I had a good sense of the number. I was at over 20,000 hairs by the end, and that’s excluding laser, and many hours of electrolysis in the States. Good luck, sweetie! You absolutely will be happy to have it done. After you get to a certain point, you can just stop shaving between sessions.

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Be patient and understand that hair grows in cycles. It’s hard to see the difference at first. Buying a good numbing cream helps. 
If you get frustrated don’t be afraid to try another electrologist. I’ve had three and they’re all very different.

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On 5/1/2021 at 2:32 AM, LusciousTheLock said:

I was just hoping the minimum growth time. My hair is thick and black, so growth is traumatising :( Ah well, I'll shave this morning and hopefully hold out until Tuesday afternoon. Thanks peeps :D

Once u make a plan for the area they will work on you that session you can shave the rest of your face. I know we’re not near my neck so shave that and when we have “lip week” I shave everything else. It’s very slow going in the beginning but you will start to see real results in a few months. You will notice it’s easier to shave before you see everything gone

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Does anyone have strong feelings for or against thermo vs galvanic? I have an appointment on Tuesday and she only does thermo. 

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My electrologist does thermo and I'm fine with it.  Progress was slow but steady.  (as expected)

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There are very few galvanic operators around. I’ve been using thermo. It takes a few months to really be able to tell. Be patient and get some good numbing cream.

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