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'60 Minutes' to Air Report on TG Health Care & State Efforts to Curtail Access

Carolyn Marie

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Carolyn Marie

This is one of the biggest platforms thus far to talk about our health care issues and the attempts by the R's to limit our, and especially our youth's, access to quality care.  7:00 p.m. Pacific Time on CBS.  Check local listings in your area.


Carolyn Marie

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Carolyn Marie

Well, that was a huge disappointment.  Instead of focusing on the damage being done to trans youth by the bills being put forth, they focused on de-transitioners!  They talked to one legitimate and well qualified therapist, but almost everyone else they talked with was someone who de-transitioned, most of whom mentioned that they had little therapy before beginning their transition.


It was almost completely one sided, and not even Fox News could have done a bigger hatchet job on our community.  They talked to NOT ONE happy, successful young person who transitioned.  Not one!  I'm going to write them a letter/e-mail.


Carolyn Marie

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Had heard on twitter about it when they were looking for people to interview. It got out that it was going to be solely about detransitioners and then heard it might have shifted to a wider story that would be less hostile to transitioning. We ended up with a hint of that but instead that 'balanced' story that was mostly negative. 

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11 hours ago, Carolyn Marie said:

Well, that was a huge disappointment

Not just a disappointment, Carolyn Marie .. it was a W-T-F was THAT!  OMG that was a horribly slanted piece that gave the Right Wing all the ammunition they needed to say "see, we have to protect our children for these horrible therapists and doctors who let them "experiment" with transitioning"
I don't know who they were pandering to with that piece but I think it setback the Trans community and Trans Youth community for years. 


The other part of that was I was watching with my wife (as we always watch 60 minutes together) and I did not know they were going to have this episode on.  Sometimes she is triggered when any Trans topic is on the news .. but I thought "well, maybe this will be a really positive story about how much these Trans youth are helped via therapy and medical care" .. it came across as the exact opposite.  Neither one of us said a word during the episode .. I have no idea how my wife took it and I was afraid to ask.  I cannot imagine how negatively a Trans Youth struggling within a family or at school being impacted by this story.

I truly hope 60 minutes get an EARFUL from our community 🤬 

Here is their Overtime followup "explanation" of the point of their story .. the aftershow should have been the frontrunner! 

Too little .. Too late! Leslie Stahl and the Producers should've seen this before ever airing the original story.  Amateur reporting for 60 Minutes.

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Carolyn Marie

The best stuff, the good stuff, ended up on the cutting room floor.  Although they were warned about focusing on de-transitioners, that is who they focused on.  It was a deliberate decision, not an accident.  They will have to own this.



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21 hours ago, Carolyn Marie said:

They will have to own this.

I agree, Carolyn Marie.  It made me sick watching Leslie Stahl defend their approach to the subject.  I blame the producers, but Yes, they need to Own it.
From all the research I could find, less that 1% of Trans-men/women regret GRS, and many of those don't regret transitioning its just that they have a bad surgery experience/outcome or are still dealing with social acceptance issues.

I am hoping for a apology/statement of facts next episode and maybe a re-make of the entire episode someday with more accurate information.  I am STILL mad about this 🤬

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@Jandi just posted and article by Julia Serano over in this topic that I think was excellent.  It is not specifically about 60 Minutes, but does a good job of showing what happened here https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/83649-60-minutes-blasted-for-implying-youtube-is-turning-kids-transgender/&tab=comments#comment-767138

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