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'60 Minutes' blasted for implying YouTube is turning kids transgender


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@Jandi - It was an absolutely horrible 60-minutes segment for the Trans community, specially Trans Youth.  I am hoping 60 Minutes will apologize and cover ALL the points brought out in the article you posted, because those are Right On.

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2 hours ago, Jandi said:

This piece by Julia Serano is kinda long, but is a good take on the issues


I enjoy Julia Serano's pieces, and as said it it a bit long and takes putting your Thinking Wig on, but I trust her analytical work and insight.  The big take-away here is the idea that Cis bodies are the ideal of human life to be protected, (after all they are so fragile:P,) and aspired to, and Trans are a car made from junk yard parts*.  At the minute I am not ready to go back and chase down her citations like I frequently do but even those are eyeopening if you have a science mindset.  One thing I had to think twice about for me, is the fact that "de-transitioning" is a part of the Trans big picture, but people in that class should not be ill treated by the Trans community as trash or losers, even though the Cis community overplays them as proof that Trans people are invalid.



*(My description, not what she said in the article)

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Typical hit piece. Start off with three credentialed pro trans professionals. Then bring out the multitude of anti trans issue testimonials by real people. Testimonials always carry more weight than words by the Phd's because the viewer always has a feelng that the professionals have an inherent bias.


Notice how 60 Minutes didn't bring out any of the gorgeous, smart, successful trans people who are happy living their best life. Total cheap shot.

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Tory Aoi

It makes me sick that this happens.  Not surprising, but still makes me sick.  I don't watch TV, but if I did I don't know if I could've watched this.

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miz miranda

I did not watch it when aired. I find 60 minutes to be the 'people magazine' of news. Below is a link to the clip so those who wish to can watch it and make their own decision on it.




It starts with a focus on the need for better health care for transgender people in general and presents the the Arkansas law and others in a negative. I found it to be adequately balanced for a 13 minute story. The narrative places detransitioning last so that does stand out as a focus. It is a quick story about a  very complex and important topic .


Unfortunately, they offer no reference to learn abort the topics presented. The Julia Serano article linked earlier in the thread is an example of what could have been mentioned.  The content can be taken as anti Trans in general or as promoting the need for gender affirming health care based on the viewers biases and lack of knowledge.


Ultimately, the need for good healthcare for everybody should be our goal as a society. Of course that must include professional, ethical and compassionate gender affirming services.

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Sally Stone



I actually watched the entire segment and came away with the same feelings you did about the piece.  Reporting was balanced in my opinion.  This was not a report that was pro-trans, but neither was it anti-trans, as you say, it was about trans healthcare - specifically, gender-affirming care.  


Interviews of those who detransitioned wasn't an attempt to show that all transitions are mistakes.  In fact, Leslie Stahl made a point of mentioning that most who transition lead happy lives.  The interviews were to shed light on the fact that the trans community needs qualified, caring health support.



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Well, this is a bit more encouraging to hear.   

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Susan R
4 hours ago, Sally Stone said:

I actually watched the entire segment and came away with the same feelings you did about the piece.  Reporting was balanced in my opinion.  This was not a report that was pro-trans, but neither was it anti-trans, as you say, it was about trans healthcare - specifically, gender-affirming care.  

I felt with the related 60 Minutes Overtime video added to that page, it was pretty balanced too.


Also, I enjoyed the other 60 Minutes video included in the mix mtf swimmerwith the FtM and Harvard swimmer Schuyler Bailar. What a success story he turned out to be! 


Susan R🌷

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That is one thing I am actually thankful for with YouTube, The Transition Channel in particular, really helped me understand what was going on with me and inform me about what was possible.

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Well I finally watched the segment myself (thanks for the link) and it does seem more balanced than I had been led to expect.  (You just get used to that stuff)  


I do believe that anyone thinking about transitioning needs to take a really hard look at what is involved.  As for kids socially transitioning, there shouldn't be a problem.  It's a way for them to explore and experience whether they actually want to do this or not.  And puberty blockers are a way to buy more time for this process to continue.  It doesn't seem strange if many end up not transitioning in the end.  That's what the process is for.


The segment did mention that the detransitioners were a minority, but it was easy to miss this.


And the segment was only concerned with this particular aspect of medical transitioning.  It didn't begin to touch on the other repressive issues being raised in these state bills.  (Which probably influence some detransitioners)


Anyway, just some observations.

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Thanks @Jandi!  so now we know "The rest of the Story".

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Wow, I'm quite surprised.  Being brought up in a liberal, progressive, democratic household I watched 60-minutes quite regularly for many, many years.  However, I haven't watched it now for probably an equal number of years.  


I'm not that politically un-astute, so I don't think my evaluation of it's  then liberal-progressive content was wrong.  My goodness, if I had even smelled a conservative bias to the programming in those days I wouldn't have watched it.   Maybe the leftward march of 60-Minutes didn't match up with that of the Democratic Party???  I guess perspective & motion are both relative.


Good information.  Always seem to learn something here.

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On 5/25/2021 at 11:24 AM, MelanieTamara said:

Typical hit piece. Start off with three credentialed pro trans professionals. Then bring out the multitude of anti trans issue testimonials by real people. Testimonials always carry more weight than words by the Phd's because the viewer always has a feelng that the professionals have an inherent bias.


Notice how 60 Minutes didn't bring out any of the gorgeous, smart, successful trans people who are happy living their best life. Total cheap shot.

Ooops, somehow I missed this post when I was initially reading this thread.  Very astute post, and I heartily concur with the 2nd paragraph above.  I would have thought 60-Minutes would've reached out to this forum and grabbed at least 2 or 3 of our esteemed moderators or administrators for testimonials. As relates to testimonials, that would likely have balanced the scales.

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Saw these this morning and I thought I would share.


First some basic facts with sensation at the following link



The second piece is regarding the DOJ  and protecting Defends Religious School Exemption that could have far reaching consequences as a legal precedent.


It appears to be a classic constitutional law question of which rights take precedence. It is not just republican politicians and bureaucracies that cater to the religious right. Both sides are willing to take money and get votes from this constituency.

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Unfortunately, 60 Minutes seems to have some degree of bias against transgenders. I also saw a story on 60 Minutes Australia about another detransitioning teen. Sad.😟


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf🐾

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      Today will be the first time since May 30th when I can have my morning tea (sorry, coffee fans) at home, have a second cuppa later, and it was very weird to go from barely going far from home since last March to never being there for half a month with no notice.    Anyway, I did have an occasional discussion of transgender issues and also gender roles while away with a mix of people who know about me and those that don't.    Couple highlights...having one of my mother's newer friends accidentally refer to me as my mother's daughter, that was nice to hear at least once if it was quickly apologized.    And then my son-in-law (who I 'came out to' by telling my daughter that she could tell him everything she wanted to, just that I was emotionally spent to do it right after her) dropping in a proper pronoun of me that I almost missed it and actually asked if he did so the next day. (yes).    
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      Hey y’all. I’m planning on coming out as trans at my workplace soon. I only plan on coming out to my department for now, as the rest of the company is elderly cis straight religious men and I feel that they will react poorly.   Many of my coworkers have suspicions of me being queer, and have voiced them, so it won’t be coming out of nowhere.The company I work at has, as far as I’m aware, never had a trans employee and I’m sure it’ll be tough, but I’m sick and tired of the closet.   any advice? What issues or obstacles do y’all think I should expect?    Thank y’all so much for your help! - River     P.S. Do y’all think that bringing a cake when I tell them would be a bad idea? We bring food for our department regularly so I thought maybe it’d be a good idea. Let me know what you think please?
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      How drastically my life changed for the better. Prior to this I was regularly miserable despite having gone through therapy and couldn't understand why I still felt the way that I did. Coming to terms with myself and coming out as a whole has dramatically improved my social and personal life overall. I would never take back embracing myself for who I am no matter what
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