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No sex with wife since I told her I was trans

renee m

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renee m

we are married 27 years and i have crossed dressed a few times with her.  we had sex all those times.  i told her last year that i was trans.  it made apprehensive at first. she was afraid that i might change and become a woman.  i did want to discuss HRT and transitioning but did not want to overwhelm her with too much information.  i have slowly brought up some issues-i am bisexual; and other things.  since last year we have not had sex.  anyone else have this problem?

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i told my wife 12 years ago for the first time, as i have posted before, and she rejected the idea. now i am fully out to her, it was a long process. now from the time i told her, we decided that sex really wasnt important to our relationship. in the last 12 years, we have had sex maybe 4 or 5 times. we have been together 27 years, and our relationship has transended to the point that we really dont need that one little thing. we are totally faithful to each other, even though i have told her she could find another partner, as long as she doesnt fall in love and abbandon me, she simply says she no longer desires sex. love is the real important thing, it should be unconditional. companionship, sharing, and joy much outway the physical need for sex in our marrage. 

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We confronted the no-sex issue long before I came out as trans.  She is several years older than me, and hit menopause quite a few years ago.  Her libido just vanished.  It was disappointing at the time, but it greatly simplified things when I came out to her. 


She was initially worried that I would suddenly go out chasing men.  I reassured her that not only was I interested only in women, I was only interested in one woman: her.  At that point, we hadn't had sex in years, and nothing changed about that.  So, when it came time to plan my GCS, I opted for the zero-depth option.


We are still the best of friends.  We enjoy a good cuddle.

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Elizabeth Star

Due to health issues my wife libido dropped to zero about 5 years ago, not that we had an amazing sex life to begin with. After I told her I was trans she decided to really turn the knife and made it clear that she will never even think about touching me again. Doesn’t really matter to me, I just like having her in my life. 

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I'm kind of in that same situation. we have been married 41 years, I have dressed up in her clothes on Halloween a couple of times. She looked disgusted. I told her about a two years ago that i wished i have be born a girl. She didn't like that either. Her health is slowly declining due to Type 2 diabetes, so the love life is near zero.

Then on top of that, i finally got to the  point where i cannot stand all this hair on my body. So i shaved my under Arms, chest, belly and abdomen, and i love the feeling of no hair. 

She tells me that she loves my chest hair. I tell her i can't stand it. Then she tells me that if she cannot have my chest hair to keep away from her, do not touch her until i grow my hair back. 

So... I guess what little love making we did have every month or so is now out the window also.

But, it don't matter to me, i love the no hair feel and look. 



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Jackie C.
1 hour ago, josie0314 said:

She tells me that she loves my chest hair.


Well that's the problem right there. Should have kept it in a baggie for her. 😉


Seriously though, I'm sorry she feels that way. Both partners are allowed to be comfortable in a relationship. Neither one should have to do anything that makes them feel icky to make the other one happy. I don't have a solution, but you have my deepest sympathy. Everybody deserves human contact with someone they love.



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16 hours ago, Elizabeth Star said:

Due to health issues my wife libido dropped to zero about 5 years ago, not that we had an amazing sex life to begin with. After I told her I was trans she decided to really turn the knife and made it clear that she will never even think about touching me again. Doesn’t really matter to me, I just like having her in my life. 

This is another area of commonality. My Suzie and I are going down the same road as you Liz. I don’t want to be her poor health enabler, but I will always be there to love and care for her. 



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Hi @renee m!  For me the lack of a vibrant sex-llife with my wife is not really connected to me coming out to her as Transfeminine (like others offered, my wife also has virtually no libido for over 30 years) .
While she is struggling mightily with accepting me as transfeminine, it has not increased or decreased our frequency (about once a month).


I have to assume some spouses might withhold sex as a "punishment" to express their displeasure.  This is a form of manipulation or even "bullying" in some sense and not good for a relationship, regardless of the reason. 

You did not mention whether you are in gender therapy, but this would be good to discuss with your therapist if you are, or even couples therapy if that is possible. 

I know physical intimacy is an important part of a relationship (for me at least it is) so I hope you can find a way through this that meets both your needs and desires. 

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    • Teri Anne
      Everyone is looking wonderful in the recent pics.
    • Jandi
      Sounds like a wise man. I'm sorry for you and your family.   It's never easy, even when you are expecting it.
    • Delcina B
      Solly, I'm glad you found the forum. I've found it to be a wonderful place full of caring people who share their experience, give advice & support, & accept me just as I am. I think you will find it so as well. This gender journey isn't a race, so you can take all the time you need, relax & breathe. Where we fit on the gender spectrum is where we find we feel comfortable, some are fluid & don't fix themselves with a specific label. It's all up to you.   Welcome! Delcina
    • Shay
      @Willow those are legitimate gripes and I concur. Wish people would respect others differences and not try to find humor where it's not.
    • Willow
      Good morning everyone.  Rain predicted for here in the top of Virginia today and tomorrow.   I have a question for ya’ll.  I get offended by some things which I feel are taking a shot at us.  For example, a joke on Facebook showed a fat dog and the caption was “I identify as trans slim”.  Or I don’t like female impersonators.  They are nothing like us yet they were allowed to advertise their show on on a transgender only secret website.  Am I overly sensitive?  Is it wrong to feel these sorts of things are offensive to me?  Let me know what you think.   @Elizabeth Star I was a Jack! Now Jill of all trades.  Made furniture, repaired the house and car, replaced a roof, you name it ive probably done it.  But I’m getting older and muscle mass is lessened.  My last project was definitely not up to my standard so I’m done.  Giving my stationery power tools to my son.  Gave away or sold a lot of stuff during our move out.  And will likely have more to deal with after we move in to our new place.  And my eyesight, very frustrating and upsetting when I can’t see clearly.  Nothing is ever at the correct focal distance.     let me know if I’m being overly sensitive with things I think are slaps at us.   Willow  
    • Shay
      @Elizabeth Star now that you have experience how about doing my and Cyndee's doors ?
    • Elizabeth Star
      I would be so mad if I broke a nail working on this stuff. I could hire someone to do the work but since I know what's involved I have trouble trusting other people's quality.
    • TiredAndScared
      Thank you all of course. I will get over it.  It's just that it's still a pain when it happens. That sounds kinda heartless but well....   to be brutally  honest.... that wasn't my dad anymore the last few years. It's his body of course.  But not him.. It was that, with every visit, he was a little bit more gone... So we already kinda said goodbye to him during the last 5 years or so. He could't recognize anyone anymore and couldn't do anything anymore..  For him it's sort of a good thing i guess....  He wouldn't want to be kept alive like this... Most things are already arranged by now... Cards have been picked and texts have been chosen. Dad is brought home in a coffin and ... what is the English term?...  laid out? (that sounds weird google translate) Just he's now presentable for anyone who wants to say goodbye. But it will be a week before he will get cremated. Mom still has her ankle operation going on tomorrow. So i have to get up early to bring her to the hospital.   Today i remembered something my dad thought me while i was a kid... Forgotten it for the longest time but .... He once told me:   "i don't care what you do with your life, be a president or a garbage collector. Just be happy with what you do" Not sure how old i was... somewhere between 10~12 years or something? I should keep that teaching in my life...  I know he mend it for my work career but i should apply it to my whole life...   Anyways,  for now i'm going to chill a bit. Woke up at 04am and with everything that happend i got a bit tired. 
    • Kris-Boston
      Just a link.  But being informed is best and real sources .  Its not an easy read ,for most . I was a  science major .   nejm.org   The New England Journal of Medicine: Research & Review Articles on Disease & Clinical Practice (nejm.org)
    • Bri2020
      Liz you're a jill of all trades it seems! I'm done with that kinda stuff.  I know how to fix most things, but I started pawning tht out to contractors about 7 years ago.  I used my back issues as the excuse but in reality, I just don't want to do all the "fix it up" stuff anymore. (especially after a manicure haha).  I think people have also started changing their expectations of me as well.  People use to come to me for help with all the "manly trades" but no one in the last year has except to borrow a tool or something.  My neighbor didn't even ask for my help building his deck (I've built 20 by now) even though I offered to help back before my transition.  We used to help each other with things like that. It's not like he isn't comfortable with my transition, he and his wife have been amazingly supportive and his Oklahoma courtesies of "Yes Ma'am" never fail to tickle me but he is definitely not going to ask a woman for help with carpentry. haha I find myself slipping into my feminine stereotypes more and more and I like it . 
    • Kris-Boston
      More of the news had a DR Zoom appointment Friday,  something in the New England Journal of Medicine  and from the research from Israel.  While no vaccine is 100 percent effective , its the non vaccinated who are at risk .   More of sources where to look .  While less of a personal touch I like the DR Zoom as no need to drive or take the T or pay to park near Fenway .  
    • Elizabeth Star
      On yesterday's episode of: A woman's Work is Never Done.   On my way how from work mt partner called to let me know her mother bought us a new back door. The original door was very old, beat up and had almost zero insulation value. We knew it had to be replaced, I just didn't want to do it "right now". I got home just in time to take five-er before there was knock on the door. In walks my MIL, FIL and BIL. Before I knew it, I was tearing out the old door. The door faces West and we're on a hill so I spent the next 5 hours roasting in the afternoon sun. Thankfully I didn't have all the trim that's needed so I was able to call it quits after the door was and frame were mounted. Plan is to get the final trim work done this morning and then back to cutting up the trees I dropped last weekend.   For you amusement I included a picture, my partner took, of me while I was working and of the newly installed door.    
    • Bri2020
      @Niamh looking cute as always! @Emily MicheleAdorable!  I'm glad to hear you're healing well. You must be on top of the world!
    • Bri2020
      Congrats on starting the new chapter with your wife and daughter! I agree with your sentiments. Also, the longer you hide something from significant people in your life, the percentage chance of keeping it all together go down. I understood that when I finally accepted who I was, I couldn't keep that from my wife for long. Don't be surprised if however, things get more challenging for you two.  Talk to each other, opening up about the loss and well as the joy of living your true self.  She might be really supportive right now but then go through the stages of grief like denial, anger, bargaining etc.  GET a couples counselor to help you all navigate the change now instead of waiting for some crisis to develop. Good luck!  
    • Shay
      @LaurenA I agree with @Jackie C. you are doing amazing considering what you've had to deal with and I'm proud of you. Just wanted to let you know that.

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