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Any Insight on Taking Spironolactone Without Estrogen?

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Does anyone have some insight on taking spironolactone without any additional estrogen or other replacement hormone medication? I am in a unique situation where my endocrinologist says I need to jump on spiro ASAP for a non-transitioning reason, but she wants me to wait for at least 6 months (and likely up to a year) to add female hormones. While I am fighting a bit of depression about having to wait for estrogen, I feel like I should be happy getting the "side effects" of spiro so soon while being treated for my other health issues. I was just wondering if anyone else is taking spironolactone alone, what benefits / side effects seem to really happen from the standard grocery list, and if there is any news or research about taking it for a longer period without introducing another hormone. Thank you for helping out! 🙂

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Spiro disables Testosterone as a useful side effect if you are being treated for high blood pressure or some water retention issues.  It is a potassium sparing diuretic, which means it keeps your body from ejecting potassium which is needed for health in many ways.  I was put on it because another diuretic was killing my potassium levels and giving me rather terrible cramp problems.  Our bodies even as AMAB produce some natural Estrogen which can get our breast development going for us and do some fat shifting.  The jury is out as to whether it would do the whole job if left alone, but the doctor who prescribed it to me was careful to explain the negative effects on my maleness, since I had not come out to him at that point I had to suppress a real silly giggle.  A couple of months later he did find out, and basically I was his first Trans patient, but he did support me when I did start E under the guidance of an Endocrinologist who was helping him in qualification on Diabetes which I had.  All good, you may be pleasantly surprised, I do know Cis males who have been unpleasantly surprised by it.

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@VickySGV Thank you for responding. This is what I was hoping to hear from my favorite forum but know each person has their own experience too. Doctors and web resources have to include everything which makes sorting out the "noise" a little difficult at times. I'm definitely not disappointed about going on spiro, but I was a little worried about having to wait for estrogen for so long, especially if my T drops to zero really fast. The one thing I am hearing - including from my doctor - is that I can't be hormone free for too long without some consequences (osteoporosis and other things might crop up if I did). If I am lucky enough to have a similar reaction like yours though, I will be happy with the "bad" side effects until I can add the estrogen boost next year. I'll keep you informed about the results as they happen! 🙂

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10 hours ago, Kathy2020 said:

hormone free for too long

It is the long term that you need to worry about Kathy.  
It will take some time for Spiro to have it's effect.  Be sure you drink a lot!  I also made a point of trying to limit foods containing a great deal of potassium.  If you get cramps more i found more fluids helped.  I remember drinking a gallon of green tea every day.  As Vicky noted  you may certainly experience some feminizing effects.  At the least your body will quickly accept E when you start up.  

I found that much of the medical community looks at the studies showing the dangers of progesterone treatment and don't want to start E for that reason.  Topical E delivery is the safest.  I have found that quite acceptable.  

Keep up your communication with your doctor.  

You are embarking on an amazing journey.  Fasten your seatbelt.





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At the first clinic I went to before the VA, they wouldn't give me E because of my age.  It was a policy across the board.  But they did give me Spiro.   For me personally, it caused my sodium levels to tank.  Later we tried another time with the same result.  I think it's my own personal issue though as others have done fine.  I would suggest keeping up with your blood work though.


Now, with the VA,  I'm on estradiol with no blockers.  

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15 hours ago, Charlize said:

Be sure you drink a lot!

I already have a couple friends lined up at the pub and margarita mix at the house... oh, wait... did you mean water? 🤭


15 hours ago, Charlize said:

At the least your body will quickly accept E when you start up.

My endocrinologist thinks that will happen, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I just don't want to do any damage while my T is wiped out and waiting for something to replace it. While a year seems long to me, I think you are right by saying I should be OK. Past a year though, and I think I will be pressuring my doctor for something just to make sure I stay healthy.


Getting back to drinking a lot, does it have to be water or can it be something like cranberry juice and vodka? 😄  

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Yeah I started Spiro and E at the same time alone with progesterone. 

I am still on E( injection), Progesterone  and  after my Orchiectomy ( 6 months ago) my Spiro went  down to one pill every week but after this month I should be off.

My problem is I was still get aroused even do I am down to zero Testosterone and being on E for 3yrs, and had Orch six months ago  So the Doc thought it be good to go back on for a few more weeks.


I get severe cramps when i drink Alcohol. I try to drink more walk.

I exercise a lot 4 to 5 times a week and i feel the weakness creeping in which i hear is another side effect of Spiro and Progesterone.

I am also 58 so maybe that has something to do with it

Just keep your Doc in the loop and make sure to get your Blood work done every 3 to 4 months.

Be Safe, Stay  PRoud and KICK ASS 

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10 hours ago, Kathy2020 said:

I already have a couple friends lined up at the pub and margarita mix at the house... oh, wait... did you mean water? 🤭


Both my therapist and doctor were very happy that i was active in AA and had some time in sobriety.  As Lexi noted alcohol is not a healthy part of HRT.  Alcohol acts a diuretic so if you drink plan to take more non alcoholic fluids.  






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Hi Kathy,

  I know you are asking about spironolactone, but my concerns are getting down to no hormones.   I am a prostate cancer survivor and my body doesn't make T any more.   I'm on mono therapy estradiol valerate.   when I had knee replacement I went for a month w/o hormones.   By the 3rd week the hot flashes and mental and mood failure were devastating.   I know of other people who can run on empty with 4 flat tires, but not me.   I hope it works out OK for you.   We can all celebrate your first month of estradiol with you.   I'm sure you will be chatty about it when it happens.


Willow McKenzie

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11 hours ago, Lexi C said:

I exercise a lot 4 to 5 times a week and i feel the weakness creeping in

This was the first concern my doctor said to watch out for when I start spiro since T is so vital to maintaining muscle mass. After that, it's upping my water intake and watching potassium levels to avoid muscle cramps, etc. She said things like breast development will be hit or miss until I add estrogen because spiro doesn't trigger a "second puberty" on its own. That totally made sense to me...

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5 hours ago, Charlize said:

... alcohol is not a healthy part of HRT ...

I agree with that and will expand it to say any of us dealing with anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues should be really conscious of the effects of alcohol. I didn't mean to imply otherwise, and was only poking a little fun at your earlier comment reminding me to "drink a lot!" The help group I often see always talks about our drinking problems... primarily the copious amounts of coffee, tea, and water we all consume to counteract the effects of medications, etc. Its the main reason we can't go anyplace more than short walk to the nearest bathroom! 😄

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5 hours ago, Willow Farmer said:

I know of other people who can run on empty... but not me.

Yes, this is my concern to... and I don't know if I am one of those or need a little go-go juice in the system to stay balanced. I guess I am about to find out! 😊

5 hours ago, Willow Farmer said:

We can all celebrate your first month of estradiol... I'm sure you will be chatty about it when it happens.

Oh lord, is that a side effect too? If it is, I'll need to warn my help group ahead of time! 🤣

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      Yes and I'm usually ok with watching my intake but when the stress becomes so great get  to the point of bing eating and I don't realize until its over     
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      I have heard that getting those 'feelings' is not a universal experience, but for me it happened and I hadn't read much about that aspect of it so thinking it was real and not just a placebo effect.
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      Today will be the first time since May 30th when I can have my morning tea (sorry, coffee fans) at home, have a second cuppa later, and it was very weird to go from barely going far from home since last March to never being there for half a month with no notice.    Anyway, I did have an occasional discussion of transgender issues and also gender roles while away with a mix of people who know about me and those that don't.    Couple highlights...having one of my mother's newer friends accidentally refer to me as my mother's daughter, that was nice to hear at least once if it was quickly apologized.    And then my son-in-law (who I 'came out to' by telling my daughter that she could tell him everything she wanted to, just that I was emotionally spent to do it right after her) dropping in a proper pronoun of me that I almost missed it and actually asked if he did so the next day. (yes).    
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      Hi All,   Today I noticed I've become a 'senior member' on this site...😠   Not happy at all, makes me feel instantly old. 😄   I still feel so young in this journey...   Just today, I went out to 'test the waters' with a new (too expensive) Gaff I bought from the UK. Turned out...It wasn't the Holy Grail.😒   I put it on over a high waisted tummy control panty Over that the gaff...then don a (leave nothing to the imagination) pair of just above the knee Yoga pants.   And I was quite happy it look flat enough up front so I went out with more abandon.   I visited 3 markets without any discernible 'clocking'. Got a (non German reference) "hun" from one of the checkout ladies which I took it as I passed. Was wearing a crop tank top and a white translucent cotton shirt over so I suppose looked like a cover up over Athletic wear...   Later though when I returned, was comfortably seated with my legs bunched and tucked up for lunch on a chair when I looked down and noticed (Horror of horror) still a good size bulge.😳   I just can't seem to flatten it fully without resorting to tape which I hate and avoid.😞   I think I'm doing the right thing with the canals but maybe my testicle friends are too heavy or what bc they seem to never stay up....always falling for gravity.   Anyone think I might be not employing the Gaff to its full optimum? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?🤔   ...or is this common with everyone and does a more visually 'water tight' tuck mean having to tape when wearing skin hugging item of clothing anyway? Am I just being too slack reliant on gaff alone to do the work?   (Maybe this should be in the crossdresser section)   I'm contemplating the ills and benefits of an Orchiectomy (still yet to get on HRT) but till then, I'm obsessed with hiding the pair of them. They bother me but I don't want to hurt them either.🙄      
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      I am sorry you are having to deal with depression and I wish I had and answer for you. I deal with compulsive over eating disorder and at times I will binge eat for weeks until it subsides. The last few years  have been really hard and with covid quarantine on top of that I have put on so much weight even I can't believe it. I just can't control it and at times don't care if I get fatter. Working with a nutritionist but she is so backed up with patients and in the process of moving so its not working out. Are you being treated by professional that deals with depression?
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      ...the funny thing is I've always dressed somewhat neutral/femme so people around me tend to think its just me being eccentric.   Today my sister warned me to tone down maybe fall back on dungarees if I was going to visit my cousin (She's a great cook had 12 kids or something ridiculous) in Northern Cali.🤭   But I reminded her that cousin was on my facebook and I have been posting pics of me in yoga pants...galore. Surely she must have put two and two together...🤔   I have half a mind now to show up in a dress.😁    
    • SharkGirl98
      Hey y’all. I’m planning on coming out as trans at my workplace soon. I only plan on coming out to my department for now, as the rest of the company is elderly cis straight religious men and I feel that they will react poorly.   Many of my coworkers have suspicions of me being queer, and have voiced them, so it won’t be coming out of nowhere.The company I work at has, as far as I’m aware, never had a trans employee and I’m sure it’ll be tough, but I’m sick and tired of the closet.   any advice? What issues or obstacles do y’all think I should expect?    Thank y’all so much for your help! - River     P.S. Do y’all think that bringing a cake when I tell them would be a bad idea? We bring food for our department regularly so I thought maybe it’d be a good idea. Let me know what you think please?
    • swallow
      Hi Vini,   You know what I've found gives me decent 'form' without prejudice to comfort is Dungarees. 🤗   I'm personally allergic to Denim so I get light cloth/cotton types that have a slight flare around the hips accentuating them.   I don't need to be as careful with my tuck which is another benefit.😄   But today I went out with a new B&B Gaff (from the UK...bloody expensive as they say)....and the whole purpose was to test the water with a pair of tight just above the knee (Leave not much to imagination) yoga shorts.😬   It seemed a better flat look than my previous "gaff" so I went out with a bit more abandon. (what you don't know sometimes emboldens you and makes you fearless)😌   OTOH when back at the house following replenishment mission (99cents, supermarket, Trader Joes) to restock fridge and larder raided by Teenagers... I was sitting with my legs bunched up and looked down to notice there was still a bulge which was annoying, another sign of dysphoria.   I still can't seem to be completely satisfied with the flatness (without having to resort to masochistic taping which I avoid)😓   ...but of course somewhat expected I suppose, since I was 'testing the boundaries'.   Still when I was out, I had the checkout lady at the market call me "Hun" (and not the German kind) so I reckon it was a pass till I of course opened my big mouth.🙄   Cest La Vie.
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      Need someone to help me live  
    • Maddee
      Lost all of my saved money
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      ❤️Thanks everyone. I'll definitely wear heels next time. My knees are a little achy from another weekend of yard work so I wore the other boots. I'm feeling better now. No compliments,their loss. They could've seen me smile. I think everyone was in a crappy mood today. Maybe it's the retrograde.
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      So lovely.   Hugs Robin
    • michael.yumm
      How drastically my life changed for the better. Prior to this I was regularly miserable despite having gone through therapy and couldn't understand why I still felt the way that I did. Coming to terms with myself and coming out as a whole has dramatically improved my social and personal life overall. I would never take back embracing myself for who I am no matter what
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