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Hi all, glad to be here


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Hi, My name is Matt, I am 31 years old, AMAB and identify as genderfluid. A little about me: I live in rural Herefordshire, UK, I came out publicly a few months back and have had very mixed responses off people, as a result I have lost a lot of friends and people i believed cared about me. I am going into my second year of a degree studying counselling with a view to starting an LGBTQ+ specific counselling service in this area as the support available locally is horrifying, I am also a single parent to a fantastic little 6 year old, he is my life. I'm looking forward to hearing others experiences surrounding their gender identity, as well as any thoughts people may have with regards to the service i am hoping to set up. As well as making like minded friends and hopefully finding some support, 


Much love to you all, thank you for having me





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Petra Jane

Welcome Matt, you will be made most welcome here I know!

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@mattb89 welcome. Sorry for the response from friends but know you many new friends here and I am so happy you are studying counselling. There is a sire need in all parts of the world and being able to help in that profession will be rewarding not only to you but to so many.


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Thank you all for a lovely welcome :) i look forward to getting to know everyone better when i can, got a bit distracted tonight fixing a guitar, had intended to trawl the forums properly but lost track of time! Over the next few days i will definitely be around :)❤️ 

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Vanessa Michelle

@mattb89welcome to the group! I hope you feel welcome here! Thank you for sharing a bit of your story with us. We're glad to have you! ❤️

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Delcina B

Welcome Matt! Glad you're here. I think you'll find the support & advice here helpful; I know I have. Your career choice sounds wonderful & rewarding. Raising a six year old can be a career in itself. I find the joy of nurturing children an affirmation of my femme. 




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Hi Matt, welcome.

I also lost friends when coming out, and realised they where the kind of people that expected something of me and needed me to conform to their idea of who I was, instead of appreciating me. Since then I've made some new friends with whom I can be myself freely and be accepted for who I am, and as a result our frienship is closer, more authentic and freeing. You'll find your people too.

Your career choice is wonderful. Cheering you on!

Looking forward to hearing more about you

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Hi Matt, pleased to meet you. :) There is a definite shortage of accreddited accessible counsellors in the UK, so it is a good path to choose.

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Hi Matt!  nice to meet you and, Welcome!

I think you will find this Forum and the Members to be a great community for support and sharing experiences and encouragement.  I know I have.

18 hours ago, mattb89 said:

I am going into my second year of a degree studying counselling with a view to starting an LGBTQ+ specific counselling service

That is FANTASTIC that you are using your life to help others in our community.  Gender Therapy has been extremely important for me and I understand what an essential service it is for everybody who struggles in society. 

Wishing you all the best in your journey and endeavors.  Deep breaths ... one step at a time

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    • Kathy2020
      This is the best thing I have heard all day! I'm in!!! 🤣
    • Charlize
      All together now .........Happy rebirth day to you,  Happy rebirth day to you,  Happy rebirth day dear Shay Heather Michelle,  Happy rebirth day to youuuuuu.🎂🌈🌈💐🌻 now blow out the candles🌬.   Cake please!   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Shay
      @Kathy2020 same here. I love your suggestion about birthday, affirmation, confirmation. 
    • Shay
      The day before my court hearing to change my name I was a bit nervous and near 5 o'clock as my family came ashore from a trip to Put-In-Bay, Ohio , this sign appeared in the sky and especially being a rainbow I knew the folks above were giving me the thumbs up.    Did anything unusual occur just before you changed your name or if you haven't changed names - have there been any other special signs given to you that you are on the right path?  
    • Marcie Jensen
      Welcome Nikki. I graduated back in the '70s as well, and while my circumstances were a bit different, there are a lot of similarities we share. My heart weeps for what you had to go through and are experiencing now. As everyone has said, there is still hope you can be your true self. Have faith, be strong and keep in mind that everyone on this website is welcoming, accepting and supportive. You are loved. You are special. You will be in my prayers.   Hugs,   Marcie
    • Kathy2020
      Hello Heather Michelle Shay, its so nice to meet you! 😊
    • Shay
      Good conversation - I like the birthday, affirmation and confirmation day concept - no reason we can't mark those days to be extra kind and special to yourself even if no one else is forced to give presents.
    • Kathy2020
      Never underestimate the power of a LBD to make you feel happy, secure, and sexy!!! Your shoes are a good match for it too! 😊
    • MelanieTamara
      Not me. Having adult children flips the table a bit. Not only do I get presents, I require them...kinda like tribute. In fact, I am so ruthless, I even implemented a 100 dollar buy in threshold.
    • Kathy2020
      I'm so glad we are working through the positive side of having multiple birthdays in this thread because I am a big supporter of it too!!! 😆 Presents don't have to come in a box either (except from my sister who thinks its a federal law); a nice dinner out, a spa or massage day, a mani-pedi with my bff, or just getting some positive support from my family & friends are all great gifts! 😊   Getting back to the original topic though... I've been thinking a bit lately about this very topic because I am less than two days away from beginning HRT and starting to get the paperwork sorted out for my name change. I think its all up to the individual, but I'm leaning toward my name change day being my "new" birthday, HRT being my affirmation day, and SRS being my confirmation day. If I can plan things right and have my court hearing for name change on my current birthday though, that would be ideal! I definitely see name change day being super important because that's when you become you legally to everyone no matter what, just like the moment someone put a name to paper when we were fresh out of the box! 😊
    • Jackie C.
      I hope you waited, oh, four weeks in between. You wouldn't want them to catch you double-dipping.   Hugs!
    • Shay
      @AmberM I understand not getting presents - I usually buy things I want - but back rubs - that's another kettle of fish entirely. My daughter is a certified massage therapist but she ain't cheap and being half Polish I go for cheap. Heck when I go for a flu shot, they say it's free so I get back in line and get a second one.
    • Vini
      Also @Jandi not to belabor the hair topic, but I have heard that older mtf trans have an advantage in hrt transition, since they don't have as far to go compare to cis women of the same age.  Since Menopausal women experience hair growth and hair loss, and other hormonal changes.  So there may be many women out there who are balding on top, and their hairdresssers take care of them with wigs, extensions and or styling.  So you may be just be one of the older girls who are attractive in scarfs, berets and wigs.  My one experimental wig length was very enjoyable flowing around my neck and shoulders as you commented once.
    • Jackie C.
      Oh, color me jealous. I am definitely talking to my therapist about perks. ❤️   Hugs!
    • AmberM
      @Jackie C. I am all over my wife doing the back massages, but other people I haven't able to do that yet. I do want to use the perk of my one therapist. Apparently as a client, I get a discount with  a massage therapist that she is linked with. I should totally use that once we go back to in person appointments, try to time it right after therapy.
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