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Hiding from the Truth


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Have any of you, like me, found that hiding all your life and lying about things you are doing in the quiet is tremendously hard to overcome? I know they say that breaking a bad habit is one of the hardest things we as humans are faced with. If you were able to overcome - what did you do every time you slipped to help you get back up and soldier on in your goal of overcoming YOU?

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I found that the six or eight months when I was living as myself part-time cured me of that.  It was so hard being Kathy at home and one or two safe places, but having to be that other guy the rest of the time.  Holding out until my planned coming-out date was very hard. 


I was so relieved when I could finally be myself all the time!  No more hiding!

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Kathy, I am living part time right now. I am Kym at work and when I go to the VA. For appointments. Or go anywhere without my wife. Then I have to be mostly male when I am at home or out with the wife. It is getting harder and harder to be both.



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It's hard but be patient. A wise woman told me when I was being anxious for MT wife to move faster towards acceptance "Don't drive faster then your angel can fly" and thinking about that has helped me slow down and let her catch up.

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I'm still in the process of telling everyone but I've had to fight myself on so much this last year. I came off most of my medicine, reached down deep and dealt with my problems. Abandonment issues, fear of rejection, general and social anxiety, attention issues, identity problems, frustration. I opened up to everyone around me about how my brain worked and my weaknesses so I could force myself to call my own bs. I made it impossible for me to hide by opening my mouth every time. 

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@Skillnachchaos that is incredibly brave of you. I've suffered from all those things for nearly 70 years and last year said enough's enough - but I still am fighting BUT making progress in many areas. So be proud of how far you've come.

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Thank you. I felt scared as hell, and then not at all. I have to stop myself from telling everyone at work because I forget that just because I'm excited doesn't mean over share. 

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But I was thinking of going into work with eye makeup on. Looking them in the eye when they can't look back or away. I keep feeling like I have to be aggressive but I haven't had to yet. 

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Suggest the slow selective route to telling people. A taste is reassuring no doubt but wanting to move too fast can cause issues so slow steady change is better to slowly get others to know and appreciate the true you.

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Yeah. Thankfully I have people who care care about me. I wouldn't notice some of my traits without people I  trust looking out for me.  I've told about everyone in my family and some of my friends and one coworker. I am thinking about wearing light eye makeup to work, ease them into how I want to behave. They are already used to me singing and dancing. I'm already flamboyant, so I've been told. 

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The slow gradual the change is best. Good luck.

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Hi Shay, I have been trying break out of the lie for a long time now. I told my wife several years ago that I liked wearing woman’s clothes and that I wear them all the time. Our clothes are washed together except for my bras. I’ve told her that I have a very strong feminine side and that’s the way I was born.


My wife tolerates my feminine me but I still don’t feel comfortable talking about who I am and why. I try to think to myself that she knows what I wear so don’t hide it or lie. The woman in me has been hidden and pushed back for so long, it’s very hard for me to be open. At 77 I should be able to relax a little more. I’ll keep working on it.





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I'm living as who I truly am at home, which is also work because I'm working remotely. Also, when I go out on my own or with my support group. I am not truly me with the family and with friends. And if Covid restrictions end, I'll have a terrible time having to go back to work.


I'm going to start being myself around some (few) friends and see how it goes. I start to resent the double life, spiritually and pragmatically (nail polish on, nail polish off, nail polish on...). Fear and shame hold me back but I'll keep working on them.

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That I can speak to. I expect every single person I tell to freak out but I haven't found that to be the case. It's easier to admit being slightly gay (pan) than to admit gender discrepancies. Find the ones you can trust, then slowly start telling others. If they've known you long enough to know you, they might all respond as well as  it's gone for me. Good luck, be careful, be yourself, and most importantly, be happy. 

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    • Shay
      In keeping with @Cyndee 's theme...............    
    • JustineM
      Morning! Sitting here working up the energy to shower and shave. Coffee is strong and tastes like I just might survive the morning lol. Have to go up to meet with some friends to finalize wedding plans. Then home and lots of yard work and dryer fixing. Thankfully my schedule worked out with a 3 day weekend so I have more time than I thought. 
    • Bri2020
      I'm the person who calls it out but I don't care who knows I'm trans. It's just easier that way for me.
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,🐈   Happy birthday Luca!🎂 Hope you have a wonderful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Mia Marie
      Last weekend I finally came out to him by way of a letter. The next day he was distant and not responsive. The next day following I was getting ready for work and said he want us to have a talk about what I put on the letter. He proceeded to tell me any female presenting would not be allow in the house period that he would never see me as his daughter. I am guessing he thinks if I don't present maybe it will go away. I don't think he understands being transgender isn't a fad and doesn't just come and go. I wanted to know his boundaries and he gave me a wall. I don't think he realizes he is trying to push me down a road I can't and won't go. That road doesn't end well for me. I don't want to hate him to the point I want be around him at all. He has one daughter that considers him dead to her. I don't want to be the 2nd.
    • Charlize
      For so many of us who transition after having established a relationship there is always fear of everything blowing up.  I know that if i had told my wife 50+ years ago that i was going to transition we would never have developed the loving relationship that has helped both of us through life's difficulties.  When i came to to her after 40 years of marriage i wasn't sure how things would go!  Fortunately we are closer than ever mostly because i'm happier now that my "worst" secret is gone.  What was once a source of shame, fear and isolation is gone.    Thank you for sharing Aofie.  Hopefully you may help others to find a path.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Elizabeth Star
      @WillowI don't feel you're being to sensitive. There's a big difference between impersonators and trans. I don't ever take take off the woman. It is who I am. I do take it personally when I hear others making comments or jokes. I know they're not usually directed towards me but trans people are not a joke. I also don't know where to draw the line sometimes. I am a woman (I know it in my soul and it say's so on my ID), so should I be quiet and let the comments slide so I don't out myself around people who don't know I'm trans? Be defensive and take a chance? Or, join in and solidify my identity? I don't see joining in as a option I would ever use but I'm sure someone somewhere has.
    • Jandi
      This is possibly my favorite album still.
    • Jandi
      I don't think you're overly sensitive.   I find this kind of thing offensive myself.  But I do realize the people that post it have no concept of actually being transgender.  Of course this doesn't make it less offensive, esspecially when it's done vindictively.   I am not personally a fan of the drag scene.  But whatever.  That's probably because I don't like the idea of drawing attention to myself.     As for "crossdressing"…     It was when I finally got up the nerve to try fem clothes that I busted my egg.  But I don't consider it cross dressing.  To me it's just dressing. But I do realize there are plenty of people who are content with occasional crossdressing.  I'm not offended by that.  Sometimes it's just the situation they are in, or they may be NB.  
    • Cyndee
      For ladies only "Tenderness"   sooo sweet....    
    • Charlize
      Perhaps simply knowing i'm not alone has been as important in finding self acceptance as anything else.  My feelings about gender and how i express it have certainly changed over time.  Some of that was societal pressure while some was simply due to life's pressing needs.  For much too long i felt shame and guilt for being myself.  Acceptance, whether of a distinct straight path or a winding trail, can take away self condemnation.      My life seems to wind and vary in many ways including my gender.  I've been hyper male, quite female and perhaps today i'm a "tomboy".  Truck and tractor driving farmer who puts on a skirt to go grocery shopping.  I just enjoy being me even if that is in flux.     Hugs,   Charlize
    • MetaLicious
      @Willow, I definitely thik the dog thing is offensive.  Not only does it show blatant disrepct for transfolk, there's an unhealthy dose of fat-shaming there as well.   As for female impersonators, drag queens have a disproportionate share of gays and transwomen compared to society, and are more "like us" than you may realize.  Also, I think Ru Paul is a treasure who has shown me how beautiful a man can be feminine even without transitioning.  He gives me hope.  He also has some pretty inspirational music!
    • Teri Anne
      Everyone is looking wonderful in the recent pics.
    • Jandi
      Sounds like a wise man. I'm sorry for you and your family.   It's never easy, even when you are expecting it.
    • Delcina B
      Solly, I'm glad you found the forum. I've found it to be a wonderful place full of caring people who share their experience, give advice & support, & accept me just as I am. I think you will find it so as well. This gender journey isn't a race, so you can take all the time you need, relax & breathe. Where we fit on the gender spectrum is where we find we feel comfortable, some are fluid & don't fix themselves with a specific label. It's all up to you.   Welcome! Delcina
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