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Being a model while trans....


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I have always thought about either being a model for either VS, or opening my own clothing line called Saviour - by Christina Jameson. I've heard of a modeling Agency for transgender models called Slay, and I would like to look into that and get pro experience b4 I do any of the things above.

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Go right ahead and do it if that is your dream.  The only drawback to warn you about is that you literally give up control of your body and your own tastes in how to show it off.  You also may not end up modeling the most elegant or stylish clothes since they would detract from the real product you are modeling for, so that is something else to be aware of. If you can accept that you might do fine.  I have younger friends who do it.

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1 hour ago, christinakristy2021 said:

Would me being a p**n be better for me? It's my choice isn't it?


Looks like our word filter go you there, so I have no idea what you are saying, but don't try to go around it.  If you do professional modeling your contract says you no longer have a choice about the deal, but its your choice about whether to make the contract to get the job and the money.  A lot of people don't know that about it, but as a retired business analyst I had to find out about the industry, and was glad I was not in that industry.

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On 12/18/2021 at 5:29 PM, VickySGV said:


Looks like our word filter go you there, so I have no idea what you are saying.

Nope I did it. But it's my choice to be either a model or a pornstar.

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2 hours ago, christinakristy2021 said:

Nope I did it. But it's my choice to be either a model or a pornstar.


Yes it is your choice but be aware of Community Rule 8



 Rule 8: All content posted or shared through TransPulse services must be appropriate for minors. We welcome members aged 13 to 18. As such, adult or pornographic content, nudity, underwear images, violence, gore, and other content not suitable for minors may not be posted anywhere to this service.


The realities of the Adult Entertainment acting profession though are even more harsh than the realities of commercial modeling as to control of your body.  It is an acting job on a set under the will of the producers and directors who are in control of your body as long as they are paying you.  Unless of course, you have the money to finance the entire production ready and on hand, which approaches at least a couple $M these days.  Go for it, but details of it cannot be discussed here partly our rules, and partly the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) you have to sign as an artist.  Far from a dream job.  I have known and been present on sets where they are being filmed, and know the people who do work them.  Follow your dream though.


If you would really like to get into the entertainment field as a whole, my recommendation is to look into being a Background Artist for more mainline films and Television / Video work.  It is as boring in some ways as the AE, but more accessible at the minute.  There are Artist Rep Companies for Trans People out there who can help you get those jobs.  You have a few low paid gigs before you have to join a union, but its worth the dues for more steady employment, and believe it or not there are small production companies that are specializing in Trans artists even for non-Trans roles. 

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