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Another Project to Keep Me Busy


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Hello. Today's installment of The Wonky Duck Bass.

Now I'm not going to show the disaster I had trying to do the internal hollows. I will just show how they look when I got them right ?

During September all the parts I need for the controls arrived from around the world, so ... I can start to build the control plate up. The six-string string guard will be cut down and new holes and slots done to fit all the pots and switches. Cheaper than buying an original or a piece of pearl plate.

Next is how it looks after I jigsawed and routered the pockets for the pickups and set screwed down the saddles.

With those done I could use the saddles as a reference point to make the template for the neck pocket which got routered out and then finished, for a first attempt it fitted perfect. I'm so happy how that turned out considering it could have meant starting all over again.

Last picture of how all these bits look together.


This weekend will be finishing of the pockets for the pickups so the wires can reach where they need to go and maybe start building up the controls. Still waiting on a cutter to finish the last internal bits.


How you all like it, I know I do ?







017_Oct2021_004_Neck_Pocket_After Routering.jpg


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  • Forum Moderator

I hope you will record a bit of that beauty to share with us.  It's all coming together.





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@Charlize oh yes I'll certainly record something that may or may not be considered music. Probably not as I don't know how to play Bass guitar !


A couple of weeks ago I got the control panel wired and it makes sound, it will be interesting to see how my version of the stock Hofner setup works.






020_Oct_2021_The Mess.jpg

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18 hours ago, Jani said:

A clean soldering job!

@Jani, I try though it's getting more difficult to see what I'm doing as I get older.

I'm also finding my eyes are also seeing slightly different as the HRT effects progress. ? 




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  • Forum Moderator

I remember the ophthalmologist telling me that he got everybody not just the undertaker.  Age certainly makes seeing things more difficult.  Glad you didn't get any solder on the darmstadtium or the meitnerium.  






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Yes, @Charlize? You're over my head with those words: "darmstadtium or the meitnerium." They remind me to call the eye doctor. Thanks for that. Also, can't wait to hear that bass.

I've got too many projects here at home, myself, so it's good to see the progress of others. The end is in sight!



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  • Forum Moderator

@Robin.C Haven't looked lately - but just did - your new bass is looking amazing.

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9 hours ago, Charlize said:

Glad you didn't get any solder on the darmstadtium or the meitnerium

Nobody wants to get solder on their darmstadtium  .... ??

@Davie the end might be in sight however it's still a long way off and i'd need a telescope to see it ?

Thank you @Shay hopefully I can learn enough between now and when I finish it to be able to play a few notes on it.


I also got my fancy strap for it form the US the other day. Let's just say it will really suit the Bass and it was worth the wait and monies.


Also the ball nose cutter I was waiting for has arrived. So this weekend I can try and destroy the front and back of the Bass ?




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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello, it seems my initial post disappeared; so this is repost. Not the same words of course since it was a while ago and i forgot what i wrote.

First photo is the body prior to routing the top and rear faces. Second photo is routed bodies. Ball nose cutter did a great job and then i just used a chisel to remove the excess.

Next up the final glue up of the front and rear halves.

Clamp City.

Finally we have the tailpiece and strap which i realised i needed to fit before gluing the bodies together as I'd lose my center-line reference point and you don't want your tailpiece off center ... LOL


I need to get the other photos ready. So later this week you will see the coppering and conductive spray pics. As long as it works of course.




021_Oct_2021_Internal Body_a.jpg

022_Oct_2021_Internal Body_b.jpg

023_Oct_2021_The gluing.jpg

024_Oct_2021_Strap Mount.jpg

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  • Forum Moderator

Soon you will have to post a video of it playing!





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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello TP. Bass update. So first up I had knee surgery hence it's been awhile since last lot of photos.

First up is the brass plate to brace the back of the pearloid control panel. Next is the hole I needed to drillfor the tailpiece ground. Then the inner cavities primed (white) and coppered. Next is the carbon conductive paint to give that extra bit of RF shielding and make sure everything is connected in a circuit to ground. And lastly the final glue up.

025_Nov 2021_Brace for controls.jpg

026_Nov 2021_hole for tailpiece ground.jpg

027_Nov 2021_inner cavities.jpg

028_Nov 2021_conductive paint to add another layer of shielding.jpg

029_Noc 2021_final glue up.jpg

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Here we go for another lot of pictures.

Yep that's me trying the bass out for size and weight. It is a little heavy. However there is a bit of carving to be done to the front and backs so it may lose a small amount of weight.

Certainly wont be any neck dive ?

Lastly are some pics of the trial fit of everything and a last photo before I pulled it all apart to do the finishing.

Enjoy ..



030_Noc 2021_test.jpg

031_Nov 2021_systems check.jpg

032_Nov 2021_last shot before final finishing.jpg

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Onto the last stuff.

Binding ... omergerd how blumin' difficult. Acrylic glue and lots of blue tape. It worked but sheesh.

Finally I have to admit a stuff up.

When I clamped it together for the final glue up I didn't see that the body pieces had slide a little so i ended up with 1/8" (3mm) gap and ledge on opposite sides. Not good.

The only way I can fix it now is to fill the gaps and re-profile the offending areas hence the last picture.

It means as I can't afford a set of proper binding slot cutters no binding slot on the back so it will just get a 1/2" (12mm) rounded edge.

So there you go all up to date.

It's going to take awhile to make this MDF and filler nice and smooth plus do the carving of the front and back faces. I am hoping to get it to a point where I can start painting it during my Christmas holidays.

Wish me luck.


And big HUGS to everyone.


033_Nov 2021_gluing binding on.jpg

034_Nov 2021_Binding closeup.jpg

035_Nov 2021_where we at filling.jpg

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  • Forum Moderator

You have certainly been working hard and it shows.  I particularly love seeing the bear playing base on the couch.  Enjoy! its going great.  New year concert?





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  • Forum Moderator

I love the shape you've given this Bass, voluptuous!  I've been thinking this was going to be heavy as its made with MDF.  Could you have made the routs larger without compromising the rigidity of the sides and faces?   What is the unfinished weight?  



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3 hours ago, Jani said:

What is the unfinished weight?

About 4.5lbs at the stage ?

I knew it would be heavy. Probably a bit portly for lugging around to gigs. If I was a musician, and I'm not ?


Sadly I was having troubles with the sides flexing at this thickness when I was routing the edges. I've learnt a lot with this build. I had no idea how to build a guitar when I started.

Does it show ? ?


I've already got ideas for a Fender Bass project that I want to use the parts I bought for this one that I couldn't use this time around. 


Methinks I might end up making a few basses over the next couple of years. They take up a lot less space than my car projects ?


Happy Saturday everyone ?




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  • Forum Moderator

Wow, at 4.5 pounds that is quite light for a bass. My short scale Hofner Viola Bass (think Beatle Bass) is 5lbs.  My Yamaha is 8.5lbs. which is typical for most Basses.  A good strap is a must. 


I agree about taking up less space!   I was up to 12 at one time and except for the daily drivers they were all kept inside.  I'm down to three cars and a truck now.  I keep my guitars and basses in one room now!  

That seems like a good project.  I've got all the woodworking tools but I'm not sure I have the desire at this point.    




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    • Lydia_R
      I'm feeling a little better today.  Susan is spot on here.  For me, right now, it is a matter of financial security.  I just want to be out of the business of paying interest.  I had to deal with paying a whole year of taxes in April and I'm just now recovering from that.  I need to build up some savings, or rather financial progress, before I can justify spending any more.   My plan today is to schedule an electrolysis session to real feel what that is like.  Then my thought is to wait about 2 years to jump into this.  At that time, I should have a new roof on my house and have my mortgage below $200K.  And if I can have a nice emergency fund/buffer in my finances, then I should be able to feel good about spending money on this venture.   I plan on doing a full transition and paying out of pocket for the whole thing.  If I do it at all that is.  I have a good career.  My career path has been shaky.  It's been a rough journey.  And whether I transition or not, I'm going to have a frugal retirement.  But I absolutely can afford to do this.  I've worked it out in my budgets.  I think that the more financially sound I become and the closer to retirement I get, the more I'll feel that this is the right path for me.  The activities that I've setup for myself in retirement are absolutely free and even have the possibility of earning income.  Although I could imagine having a better house, there is no need for that.  My house is wonderful and has architectural features.  I drive a $5,000 car and work from home.  I don't even need the car and have spent a good 20% of my adult life without a car.  I biked 700 miles last year.   I don't know what else I would spend my money on.  I just know that I don't want to be spending it on interest!   The big question is will I still want to do this in 2 years?  I'm curious about how healthy I'll feel in 2 years.  I'm a little nervous that HRT and surgery would be  bad for my health.  Are there stories on this site about people who have had bad outcomes with surgery?
    • Mx.Drago
      Remembering my grandfather's, the one I lost and the one I never met. Also, remembering friends of the family. But I don't usually reserve the holiday for time off, I usually always work.😔
    • Mx.Drago
      😁Elegantly put! Love it. Thanks!👍
    • KathyLauren
      Nice to see some positive news for a change!
    • KathyLauren
      After I started HRT, it was about two months before the girls had grown enough that they were at risk of being noticeable.  By that time, I needed to wear a bra.  (Not for support: five years later, I still struggle to fill an A cup.  More for motion control.)  I was able to hide it under thick winter shirts, but as the weather warmed in spring, that became less of a possibility.    The final straw was playing in a concert band's spring concert.  The uniform was white top/black bottom.  There was no way to hide a bra under a white shirt, so I had to go out and buy a (man's) white tank top to go under it to hide the bra.    Shortly thereafter, I ended the charade and came out, exactly three months after starting HRT.
    • Ticket For Epic
      I'd like to preface (that's how you spell that?!  Who knew?) this by saying that I know everyone responds differently, at different rates and with a staggering range of ultimate outcomes, so I would take any reply with a grain of salt.  That said, how long might someone have before they start to raise eyebrows amongst those aren't "in the know", but have known you for years.  And how long might someone have before... say... a lesbian leaning bisexual sister that married a trans man and has been close friends with several (trans men) but has (I'm relatively sure) had little interaction with trans women, (same for me, runs in the family I guess) start to ask questions, if at all?  Though I'm assuming that's unlikely.   Why is this one so hard to hit submit on!?  Huge wave of anxiety!
    • Mmindy
    • Tellington
      I looked it up and they actually have an English version of their website! I thought they were French but they're just in Europe. As I said i didn't test their gym binder, but I quite like their extra-compressive one.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @Mmindyis correct.  This goes back all the way to the Revolution.  Earlier, even.  On one side of my husband's family, every generation has served...all the way back to the colonial militia in Jamestown in the early 1600s.  Kind of interesting to study the history.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      To me, Memorial Day is about those who served and died, and also about those who survived but carried pain and trauma afterwards.  We should remember the cost of maintaining our way of life, and also the cost of careless politics.  And our leaders should see the cost, and be inspired to choose peace where possible.     My husband served in the National Guard. Won't talk about it.  His father was in the Army in Vietnam, and his mother was a military physician.  They don't talk about it.  There's something unspeakable that those in service go through, and often it is a family tradition.  This weekend, they're decorating the graves of military veterans... including friends and family.  While we're enjoying sports, barbecue, and time off....we enjoy it because others have secured this time and place for us.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @LearningWhoIAm I really feel for you.  It must be awful to have such a negative reaction.    However, all is not lost.  Your husband cried because he loves you and your life together.  It is possible that love may prevail.     Based on what he said, it seems like he has two issues.  He's unable to absorb the idea that your personality isn't changing, and he is worried about being or appearing to be gay.  The first one can work itself out in time. The second may take some counseling, but he may be able to overcome that also.   IDK what vows you said at your wedding (if any).  Mine were the standard set of "for richer/poorer, in sickness/health, etc" until death.  Men often live by a code of honor, so returning to a specific promise like that might influence him, or at least begin a calmer discussion?  
    • Jackie C.
      Tragically, that's me always. My "tan" is a scattering of small freckles, no closer than one inch apart or I burn like a magnesium flare. The sun is NOT my friend.   If you don't already, I'm also going to suggest moisturizer. It's a girl's best friend for maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance.   As always, the laughter is free. Glad you appreciated it sweetie!   Hugs!
    • Ticket For Epic
      @Jackie C. The "white-out" Comment had me in stitches!   I feel the pain!  That's me in winter but I'm a "day walker" and tan an orangish color come summer.  Luckily, I'm freckled everywhere but my face, oddly they faded permanently after a couple seasons of roofing in my twenties.  The sun has done me no favors (it's not THATa bad but...)20 years of a beard however, saved the lower half of my face.  Problem is, there is now a notable complexion difference at my beard line and I'm certain it would call attention, should I ever go out without a mask.  I may never go out in public without a mask again, even if I never come out and boy-mode for the rest of my life...  Sublime!   I just need one damned girlfriend!   Don't get me started on the anxiety feel walking down the makeup isle.  What the hell does an orange girl do for foundation!?  Try finding that on YouTube.   Anyway, thanks for the advice, which I will take and the laugh, which was much needed.   Much luv
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @Vidanjali Awesome!  Glad you already have projects, and celebratory ones at that.  Cute shirt too!  If I was a bit bolder I'd totally wear one ☺️
    • Jackie C.
      Whelp, I'm "can use white-out as concealer" pale, so I think I feel what you're saying. On my skin, a little bit goes a long way. I usually just do some eyeliner, MAYBE some eye-shadow, lipstick and then call it quits.   As a ginger, if you're freckled... you've got two choices: Either do what I do, or run concealer over everything to cover them up. Personally, I adore freckles but you have to do what feels right for you.   Hugs!
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