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Another Project to Keep Me Busy


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So before I realised my last post had disappeared I was about to post what I have been up to with the Hoffy.

I started shaping the top body and once I'd done that i laid on the first coat of primer.

And now an admission.

I stuffed up.

Yep the binding turned out rubbish. Well it was the first time i'd tried it and it came out terrible, all thin and wonky. So to fix it i'm just going to pain over it, problem solved. It will give a nice sharp solid edge to the mdf at least.


Let's hope this post doesn't disappear.




038_Nov 2021_start of carving.jpg

039_Nov 2021_carved and primered.jpg

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And another problem rears it's head.

Sanding back the primer by hand is more than tedious its really bad.


Ebay to the rescue. I have ordered a 2" air sander to give this old girls hands a break.





Oh I forgot to mention the neck for the Fender bass build has arrived 😜

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  • Forum Moderator

Yes, hand sanding something of that size is tedious.  



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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello out in TP land. Christmas holidays have started over here so after all the family get togethers hopefully i can do some guitar stuffs.

Now somewhere up the page I posted a picture of a Fender bass body I was going to put all the gear I got for the Hoffy that didn't fit or wasn't right so below you will see it all laid out.

And guess what the neck I got is wrong, so rather than waiting another 3 months for another neck I'm going to make another body. Why isn't that a surprise, well just look how the Hoffy changed 🤪


Hope you all enjoy the up coming festive season.




002_Dec 2021_Planning.jpg

003_Dec 2021_Modification 1.jpg

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  • Forum Moderator

Hello Robin down under!   Making a new body, that's ingenuity.  I've never been a fan of the Fender Bass body.  I like serious horns on a Bass.  I see you've taken the liberty to open up the body so you can reach the 24th fret.  Not much call for that on a Bass but if you need it, it's there.  Cool!


Happy Holidays Robin!!


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3 hours ago, Jani said:

 Not much call for that on a Bass but if you need it, it's there.  Cool!

Yes 🤣😂

A bass player friend said 24 frets ??? In that tone that actual musicians use for the rest of us ... hee hee

I'm keeping it just to play with their head ... :D




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Ho ho ho my last post before Christmas.


I managed to carve the rear of the body, sand and primer. So I present the colour coats and a picture of how I created the sunburst (much thanks to the people on Youtube for the idea).


My partner and I wish you all a Merry Christmas since we will get to the 25th before my American friends ❤️




040_Dec 2021_Rear 1st Coat.jpg

041_Dec 2021_How paint applied.jpg

042_Dec 2021_Rear paint ready for sanding.jpg

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  • Forum Moderator

Merry Christmas to you and your family Robyn!  


I like how you created the burst. Nice job.  


On another subject, what is the rear axle, without diff, on the floor?  I see you've got a number of automotive decals on your tool box too.


Hugs, Jani


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6 hours ago, Jani said:

what is the rear axle

Jani it is from a Mitsubishi L300 that I was going to use for my Locost project which in all likelihood after 12 years I'd never going to be finished. 

Ah, my toolbox. Many stories there. I keep forgetting to check the background when taking photos in the shed. I used to be a lot more involved in car and motorcycle stuff when I was younger. How life changes, in more ways than just our hobbies 😊  ... it was partly why Jackie Rabbit so resonated with me.




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3 hours ago, Robin.C said:

I used to be a lot more involved in car and motorcycle stuff

Haven't we all?  


Had a racing buddy who had a Caterham.  I liked driving it but could never live with one.  I used to race and finally sold my car and all my spares a year ago.  It was hard but alas I wasn't going to get back to the track.  I sold most of my cars and all my motorcycles.  I'm buying guitars now as they don't take much space!  Ha! 



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2 hours ago, Jani said:

Haven't we all?

I certainly get the feeling there are a lot of us on here who have quite an interest in cars and bikes. My family were so worried when I started transition that I wouldn't be into all the stuff that they felt was me. Now they know me hasn't changed just the wrapper fits me better now.

My sisters comment says it all, "that's the first time I've seen you happy at Christmas dinner".




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Here is my probably my last post before 2022.

The picture shows the back of the Hoffy after I did a bit of sanding and the the first coats of clear. There will be a final sand and the last clear coats.

Sooo ... I made it out of MDF and primed it with a primer/undercoat that I brushed on. I didn't think much about it.

Then I did my interpretation of sunburst. After it had dried i sanded back some the red and black over spray on the yellow and to my surprise it looked like it was sort of wood grain, and some bad grinder gouges. I had got so fed up of sanding the thing at this point I didn't care what marks I left in it. Adds to the character now.

And even better the clear coats brought out the fake grain even more. Happy girl dancing.


Since are now having our proper summer (32-35 degree C) here I can let it sit for a week and then start on the front.




043_Dec 2021_First coats of clear.jpg

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  • Forum Moderator

Ooh, thats hot!  (the temps that is) 


We all need character!  


See you next year!



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  • 3 weeks later...

Happy New Year and its 2022 project update.


As we have had a fair bit of hot weather things have taken a backseat over Christmas as the garage can get quite ... personal. One thing I have noticed since starting HRT is the sweat pattern. My sweat doesn't smell icky and full body sweat and not localised like it used to be. Or maybe I'm more sensitive to it now.


Now the fun bit, I have been working on the front and as you can see below the overlay I am trying to apply. As I write this I have a day to wait before I can find out if it has worked.


Oh and I've started some supporting projects to compliment the Wonky Bass :D




044_Jan 2022_Sand back undercoat.jpg

045_Jan 2022_White topcoat.jpg

046_Jan 2022_sand back topcoat.jpg

047_Jan 2022_sand back rear clear coat.jpg

048_Jan 2022_preparing front overlay.jpg

049_Jan 2022_Overlay taped together.jpg

050_Jan 2022_gluing up overlay.jpg

051_Jan 2022_Weighting overlay until it dries on foam.jpg

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  • Forum Moderator

Great fun.  A rocking new instrument will soon be unleashed in the world.  





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    • LindaMarie
      What is that green thingy growing out your arm?   
    • Charlize
      Enjoy your howling Timber Wolf.  I'll lock the sheep in tonight. 😄   Hugs,   Charlize
    • LindaMarie
      Surgery. gosh. My last hopes was in the beginning of covid. I found my doctor for what I was after. And the fact that I wasn't after intercourse, things got really easy. First no need for bottom part electrolysis, no vaginal canal for the hair to grow in.... Second, no stints, etc.. long follow ups,  Third I have a maintenance free  vagina. Sadly, when things were looking good, my health was the big issue. My wife wasn't against me having the surgery, just the doctors.    
    • LindaMarie
      I was wondering what my day will be like. I started out with That 70's Show theme. Tried the Kitty Forman look. Ended up with a better Donna Pinciotti look. LM.  
    • Bri2020
      FFS is a GO!!!!  Caveat was they will do it as a "same day" and discharge me in the evening.  I'm just going to spend the weekend at a hotel right next to his office in case I need anything then come home Monday. (I'm an hour away so driving home that night seems challenging)  
    • JustineM
      Thank you for the support everybody. I knew she wouldn’t be very supportive but I never expected the wedding comment. I think that’s what hurts the most. I talked to my sister last night afterwards and she thinks that mom is blaming herself for everything and sees my life as a reflection of her. I’m hanging on right now, thankfully I have an amazing wife. She definitely helped me last night.    Apparently she talked to my brother last night, found that while he is trying to be supportive he also feels like he is losing a brother. So it’s hard for him to make the switch. Between Moms favoritism toward the cis-daughters and our oldest brother that committed suicide several years ago I can kind of understand where he’s coming from. 
    • VickySGV
      To me, the Trans issue is irrelevant really to what is happening, but I have to agree that it will be taken by the H8ers as more ammunition against the DA against his general policies in regard to criminal sentencing, which are at the basis of attempted re-calls from office.  A point was made that the convicted person needs psychological evaluation, and may have developmental and psychiatric issues involved that can be separated from the Trans issue.  The ideas that are behind this are a legitimate abuse of the legal system where there have been cases of juveniles charged as adults, especially in marginalized ethnic communities.  There is much to be improved in the justice system though.
    • Jani
      @Elizabeth Star Thank you for taking the time to update us.  We care about you and hope you are able to get through this as well as your partner.  Not being able to go visit is hard.  You are in my thoughts.   Hugs,  Jani
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      Happy Wolf Moon to you Timber Wolf!!!   
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      Happy Wolf Moon tonight to all you wolves (and werewolves😄)!🌕   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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      Good morning everyone,🌕   Happy birthday Athena!🎂 Happy birthday Crypygan!🎂 Happy birthday Jord95!🎂 Happy birthday Miss_Y!🎂 Hope you have a beautiful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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      Thought I'd share this. My cat Ginger watching my video wondering how her human got in there.  
    • Jandi
      Could be interesting.  Thanks.
    • Jandi
      Y'all are having an adventure out there. The wind during the storm was rough here - lots (for us) of snow and ice.
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      Yes, tough read and situation. More fuel for the haters. 
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