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Wendy Carlos

Luna Gonzalez

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The story begins with 14 year old me and my first listen to Pink Floyd. Before listening to this band the only things I listened were pretty much Heavy Metal, Metal and Hard Rock bands. So the first time I took a grasp on Dark Side of the Moon the way the synthesizers were arranged and the use of complex time signatures really hit me hard the first time. As I grew up I really kept enjoying material from this era; music, movies, architecture,  literature, plastic arts and history. When I was about 17 years old I began to collect vinyl records. I found a store called "La Perla" named after John Steinbeck's book "The Pearl". Here you could buy and sell used vinyls and books. I kept coming back to this place spending all the money my parents gave me on vinyls and later in my life mostly on books. Fortunately my best friend had the same affection of buying vinyl records and of getting to know better the 70's, that he listened and watched everything I discovered. The thing he liked the most were films. One day he presented me to the "Clockwork Orange". The first time I watched it with him I felt really disturbed. The thing that made me feel the most uncomfortable but really caught my eye was the soundtrack. I found it really splendid but I never really listened to it unless I watched the movie. 

One time I was with my grandmother and told her I really enjoyed "old" music, as in music of her era, and she offered to give me all her vinyl record collection. Inside the closet where the collection was I found a special record called "Switched on Bach", it really caught my attention. Once I got home I kept the record for months until one day browsing into my collection I saw it again. 17 year old me took the record and played it. It was a really strange sound like something I heard before, but not quite the same. I read the back of the record to get some information and it was mostly about the process Robert Moog took to make a synthesizer that was worthy of Bach's musical wealthiness. After giving a listen to it I put back on its place with a strange sense of curiosity and love.

The time passed and I kept coming back to the record every now and then. I also searched information about it on the web to talk about it with my friends. I always had a lot of respect on the record for the impact it had on the development of synthesizers and progressive rock. A year ago a good friend of mine sent me a video of a beautiful woman talking about her Moog synthesizer. The video seemed of the 1970's. I was impressed by the video and I watched it 2 or 3 more times. After a while, 3 or 4 months later, I watched it again and I realized that the woman was Wendy Carlos and that she was a trans woman, nothing else. The time went by and today I searched for Wendy Carlos for the first time, I really don't know why, I just felt the need to do it. When searching about her I found and article that talks about her life (https://www.them.us/story/genderations-wendy-carlos). Here I found about two really important things; she made the soundtrack to the Clockwork Orange and she was the brilliant mind behind Switched on Bach. It shocks me that I was always really influenced by the life and work of a trans woman all this time and I never had the most minimum idea. This coincidence made me feel extremely wholesome and I wanted to share with you my experience. If you can you should really start discovering the genius material trans folks are creating all around the world. I recommend taking a dive into the life of Wendy Carlos and perhaps you can feel the same way she made feel: freightened, emotional, wholesome, passionate, and maybe and just maybe proud to be a trans. She gives me the certainty that I as a trans woman have the obligation to go out here and show my art, and give my opinions, and most of all, be an inspiration to other trans folks and soon to be trans folks. 

That's it for today, I hope you enjoy this little journey just as much as I enjoyed sharing it. 

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Switched on Bach was one of my favourites since it was first released back in the 1960s.  Back then, the vinyl record used Wendy Carlos' dead name.  Apparently, she dressed in drab for performances back then, even though she was living as herself in real life.  It wasn't until the album was released on CD that she started using her proper name on it.

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I didn't know about that. I think my version is one of the first editions and I don't have it with me right now to check if it has her dead name or not, I'm going to dust off the record once more just to check. I suppose it has it. Thanks for the info Kathy :)


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  • Admin

I love that album.  I think the version I have has her current name on it.  She's amazing.


Carolyn Marie

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I can't seem to find a current version online. I hope in a few months or so they're back in stock. I'm really interested on Switched on Bach 2000

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  • Admin
On 8/21/2021 at 1:55 PM, Luna Gonzalez said:

I can't seem to find a current version online. I hope in a few months or so they're back in stock. I'm really interested on Switched on Bach 2000


Yes, I tried to find and download it on Apple Music, but could not find it.  Other artists have similar versions, though.  I did find her soundtrack albums for "Tron" and "A Clockwork Orange," though.


Carolyn Marie

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    • miz miranda
      @VidanjaliWhen it comes to employment, follow your inner guidance. You know when it is is time to move on and it can be such a rewarding time when choose to move on.   I would get some legal advice about your grievances and how to document them. The HR department is there to protect the organization more so than the employee. A sympathetic HR employee may support you but HR is NOT your advocate. Whether you intend it or not, leaving an organization may burn bridges. That is part of life. You have succeeded in your employment because of your efforts and what you bring much more so than anything the employer provides. When it comes to jobs, the only thing I regret was not leaving as soon as I knew it was time.
    • Hannah Renee
      @VidanjaliI'm not certain what changed from what I was originally told. My new employer is contracted to providing security services for a wide range of companies. My first few days last week were with the HR manager at the local branch office. She originally said she wasn't sure if I could have Hannah on my badge. She subsequently informed me that I could. When I got my ID photo taken yesterday on site, I was told I had to wait until legal name change. I don't know if it's an internal company about face, a policy of the host company, or what. I am going to try to find out what.
    • Davie
      Way to go, @Vidanjali. I support your choice. When I quit my last full-time job long ago, it was very scary. But looking back, it was the best thing I ever did. I stood up for myself and left what people said was a secure job. It also was toxic and abusive (not for your reasons) and it took the right few friends to support my change and to work towards a creative direction for my life. I know you're a fine writer and we have a lot of support here on TgP. Good luck. Believe in yourself. God's speed. —  Davie
    • Heather Nicole
      Ooh, I love this one, too!     Thanks for saying so! And for the advice!
    • Astrid
      Coming out is a cathartic experience. For me, it really reduced a lot of built-up stress and worry. May you find clarity in expressing all the things you wish to say. This is an important milestone, but it's also a point that you are soon past, and then other important things will be there for the two of you to work on, hopefully together.   As @Susan R mentioned, may you have a distraction-free evening to begin this new chapter in your lives.   Hugs and reassurance,   Astrid
    • Jackie C.
      Luck sweetie! May he be understanding and happy to come on this journey with you, no matter where it may lead.   Hugs!
    • LearningWhoIAm
      Update to everyone:    I'll be coming out to my husband once he gets home from work. I cant hide from him anymore, i feel too guilty. I've had the worst anxiety I've ever felt today. I keep crying and shaking and it just feels awful. I've never felt more afraid in my life. Wish me luck. 
    • miz miranda
      It is sad to hear of  Alan Price's death. His death made me think about one of my best friends from college who has also passed. She was a huge fan of Yes and Rick Wakeman. I'm listening to a few song with my happiest memories, I miss her.        
    • Mx.Drago
      I don't feel like I'm watching, more getting carried away by the tide that is life. Wish I could enjoy it more. Sadly there was never a guarantee things would work out nicely.
    • Kylie
      @Heather Shaymy heart hurts reading this. I hope good news and blessings head your way. ❤️
    • Alex-John
      Can you do some sort of harm reduction if you bind for years , the reason am I asking i am unsure if i can have Surgery due to the fact ill not  get approved for it?
    • Kelly2509
      @WillbeAlice that's great news!  Glad it has been going well!  Sounds like they did a good job of helping you come up with a plan of attack as well and that's nice to hear!  Kudos!   I've been back to the office a few times and generally everyone has been fine over the last month.  Some people have a hard time remembering my correct name (which is now legal BTW) and once in a while I'll get misgendered but they have been honest mistakes so I haven't pushed back too hard.  There are still the couple people who seem to really avoid me now, but honestly that's OK.
    • Vini
      Thanks to Jeanette West's Electrolysis Report.  I just started reading through it and I'm learning a lot.  Almost even feeling a lot.  The mind is a terrible thing : )
    • Vini
      Hi Everyone, I apologize if I'm repeating a topic.  I will work my way through the topic posts.  But I was wondering if anyone has advice on Pre op electrolysis for vaginoplasty?  Pain management ?  Would it be less painful after an orchiectomy ?  How many sessions did it take ?  I heard about numbing cream.  And it could take a year to be ready for surgery ?  Thank you, Vini
    • Vini
      Lots of good music ideas, girls!  I may be repeating myself, but classic rock was my escape in my previous life form, so its hard to listen to without bad memories.  Then I heard that Diane Keeton doesn't listen to much music either because of the memories.  But some how, I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys grabbed me today, then the Theme from Out of Africa, Go figure. Thanks, Vini
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