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Sometimes Chrissie

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I've been in the music industry for decades and it seems in that line of work you run into a lot of drug and alcohol abuse. When I think back I can only think of one person I worked with who had a substance abuse problem who got sober and stayed sober. Booze, weed, Oxy, and coke seem to be the drugs of choice for the folks I worked with. 


I have a sister who's a late stage alcoholic and prescription drug abuser. Lots of drama in her household. A few weeks ago she nearly burned down her house. She's been hospitalized for alcohol induced esophageal varacies. She was slowly bleeding to death internally. Like they say at AA, her life has become unmanageable. She has other behaviors when she's drinking that are very unacceptable. 


She refuses to get help. I told her about Naltrexone and let her know that she could still drink while on it. In fact, it is recommended that most alcoholics continue drinking so that they won't have withdrawal symptoms. The mechanism of the medication is called pharmacological extinction. It restores the brain to the state is was before alcohol or opiates became a problem. I don't think she can or will get into a program. It's painful watching her drink and drug herself into an early grave.

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As an alcoholic in recovery, active in AA, one of my hopes is that i can help others find sobriety.  "Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others to recovery, " is stated at the start of most AA meetings.  It is very difficult for me to see others throw their lives away.  That is of course also the case for non addicts.  Bill W (who was an AA founder) was married to Lois W who started Alan-on to help those close to addicts.  

There is also a program for the family and friends of addicts called Nar-alon.  They have a website at   https://www.nar-alon.org   

You might find help and support in their meetings.  





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I grew up with an alcoholic mother but I think alcohol was secondary to her crazy making behavior. Drinking seemed to make her better at it. At an Alanon meeting someone told be not to expect a new and better person if she ever got sober. As she became elderly the drinking pretty much stopped but the games continued. I'm quite certain that my mother was a grandiose and vulnerable narcissist. It got so bad that her lady friends kicked her out of bridge club. She was like the SNL character Debbie Downer. My sister on the other hand does the crazy making, and whisper campaigns when she's drunk and she's drunk more often than she's sober. She thinks she has adult ADD and is taking Vyvance and other prescription amphetamines. Her "ADD" has another name, known as hangover. 


I'm thinking it's time to have the cops do a welfare check on her.


I don't think AA would be the right thing for her because if she even went she'd probably be disruptive or try to sabotage others. But she would probably not go into and program.


Her husband has been sober maybe 14 years with know relapse. There was an intervention and immediately he packed his bags, went into detox for 3 days and never looked back. I knew that he would commit to sobriety because he's a very logical and highly intelligent person. Shortly after he got sober, his brother and mother followed. 


My sister still brings copious amounts of booze into the house which I think is cruel. He hide in the basement and keeps himself busy with projects that he purposefully complete at a snail's pace. 


I don't like my sister but I love her.

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    • Heather Nicole
      I'm ADD, so my mind just ping-pongs around anywhere and everwhere. 😁   Although sometimes it'll fixate on old experience-based frustratuons of trying and failing to get my point across to someone not willing to listen, or otherwise dealing with difficult people. Or any other frustration I may have.
    • Sometimes Chrissie
      https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/neither-male-nor-female-why-some-nonbinary-people-are-microdosing-n1028766   Your thoughts?
    • Nora
      I read a good chunk of it before deciding to scroll down to so how much further it would go on...then I gave up because I just don't have that kinda time LOL. Thanks for sharing though! Looks like an interesting read; I'll probably get to it in the future at some point.  From what I read though, it seemed to basically be saying the same thing I was saying, but with slightly more smarty-pantsy biologery sounding words thrown into the mix lol. Seems they were saying that the differences in the brain were the result of hormonal, environmental and cultural factors. The relative sizes between a male and female brain seems negligible because I'm pretty sure I heard that the size of a brain doesn't necessarily determine how it functions. Not to mention all the crap that can happen that can radically alter various regions of the brain, particularly trauma and abuse. Some ciswomen have a large amygdala, some ciswomen have a small amygdala. Twenty bucks says that either way...it was their parents fault. 🤣
    • Mmindy
      This is the dream I have for some day.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Jandi
      One of my sisters said she would come back as a butterfly.   I have had them land on me when I've been working outside.   It is always something special.   Lovely pix.
    • Mmindy
      That’s a good first day on the road. ❤️   I hope you have a wonderful trip and fine a real connection as a loving couple.   ❤️❤️   Miny🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • miz miranda
      @Shay Harry was a fantastic songwriter        
    • Elizabeth Star
    • Jandi
      I had a rooster once that makes me believe it.
    • miz miranda
      @Shay   @Vidanjali   Kind Wishes and Blessings, good beginnings
    • miz miranda
      In 1912, a law passed in Nebraska where drivers in the country at night were required to stop every 150 yards, send up a skyrocket, and wait eight minutes for the road to clear before proceeding cautiously, all the while blowing their horn and shooting off flares.   Somali pirates have such a hatred for Western culture, that the British Navy uses music from Britney Spears to scare them off.   Cap’n Crunch’s full name is Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch.   The chicken and the ostrich are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex.
    • Red_Lauren.
      Yea she's nosy. She could probably tell you everything going on in the neighborhood.    Yea my grandma asked why I went through planned parent hood. I told her way to munch gatekeeping, and cost at a regular dr. I told her my labs are like 100 bucks, and she was like I pay around 300 after insurance. 
    • Vidanjali
      Geez, under different circumstances that could have been disastrous. Life is so strange. What a blessing it turned out to be an opportunity to glean that understanding and acceptance from your grandmother. 
    • Vidanjali
      There were two monarch butterfly chrysalises in the garden I'd been keeping an eye on because they were anchored on leafs that were liable to fall before the butterflies hatched. I looked out the window this morning literally just at the moment one of the leaves fell! I ran out to rescue the chrysalis and found the butterfly had hatched just before the leaf fell off and was crawling on the ground. Monarchs need to hang dry for a few hours before they can fly. This sweetie readily crawled onto my finger and let me take him to a bush to hang. The 2nd picture is the other monarch chrysalis I'm still keeping an eye on. It looks like a fancy piece of jewelry to me. The 3rd bonus picture is a cute atala butterfly enjoying some nectar breakfast. 
    • Shay
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