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Red Hot Halloween

Sally Stone

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One of my fondest memories comes from 2003 when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA.  My best friend Willa and I attended “Red Hot Halloween,” an annual fund raiser Halloween party put on by the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force and the Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.  It was held at the Sanctuary (see the attached image) a renowned dance club with amazing ambiance.


When Willa recommended we attend, my first question was what do I wear?  She recommended we wear gowns and dress to the nines.  So, I wore a tight fitting, long black column dress, with a thigh-high slit up the left leg.  The dress had a matching bolero jacket.  I wore black, patent leather pumps, long red fingernails and my fullest, longest, blonde wig.  As I recall, I spent nearly two hours doing my makeup.  When we were finally ready to go to the event, I felt like 10 million bucks.

Willa and I had the time of our lives.  I lost count actually, but I think I got hit on no less than four times that evening, quite surprising, but oh so flattering. My evening ended around 3AM and believe it or not, that was way too early. 


Sadly, that was the last time I “dressed” for Halloween and this year I find myself wanting to rekindle the same excitement.  Consequently, I am searching for another public Halloween party.  I have a couple of potential events in my sights, but with COVID still a wild card, I’m not certain plans will pan out.


Ultimately, I don’t really need Halloween to express my feminine persona since I’m mostly out, but thinking back on Red Hot Halloween, I can’t deny how much fun it was and I want to re-experience the excitement.


PS:  Please share your Halloween plans for this year and your costume ideas!

Sanctuary Pittsburgh.JPG

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I'm not much of a Halloween person so I don't have plans - I have a Halloween themed Chautauqua (either firstp person living history OR programs of historical events) as part of my year round series and this year will have the author of a book on Ceely Rose, sort of central Ohio's Lizzie Borden. In the past we did a recreation of Orson Welles War of the Worlds, had H.H. Holmes speak and an unsolved murder mystery in our area.



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10 hours ago, Shay said:

I'm not much of a Halloween person so I don't have plans

I'm the very same Shay and that is why I haven't done the Halloween thing since 2003.  Still, I can't deny the fun I had that night.

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