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Effects of increased Testosterone-dose?


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Hey, everyone!

I'm on low dose T now for about 7 months, I use Testogel and, except for a few more whiskers and other very little changes, there hasn't really happened anything yet. I don't wanna say I'm not happy with what has changed but I really wish for a little more, especially after that time. My dose is really low, now I want to take twice as much and hope to get closer to my goal during the next months. But there are two things I'm a little worried about so I thought maybe someone here could help me!

About two or three months after I've started HRT, I noticed that I'm losing much more hair than before. It still looks totally okay but there IS a difference. Do you think I will lose even more when I increase the dose? I mean, if that's the case I will accept it. Before I started HRT I was waaay more worried about that. Now it's not that much of a problem for me anymore but it would still be nice to know what to expect. :'D

And the second thing (which I'm more afraid of): I've read that transmen on Testosterone have to have their internal female parts removed (uterus and ovaries, as far as I know) because else the risk will be higher to develop cancer. I don't know if that's true and if yes, how quickly I have to do that to prevent anything! I'm afraid I'll have less time to undergo that treatment when I increase my dose, and I don't know when I'll be ready for that. (It's not that I want to keep those parts, I just have a problem with hospitals and suffer from panic attacks when it comes to certain check ups or medical treatments...) And another question that's just coming to my mind: Will the removal of those parts have any other effects on my physical and mental health?


I want to talk with my gynaecologist about all that anyway but I'd still like to hear some opinions/experiences from other transmen (or non-binary persons on T or others who know more than I do)! I don't know how much my gynaecologist knows about the whole topic, and unfortunately, I can't talk with my endocrinologist about it because she probably can't tell me ANYTHING. I don't wanna sound mean but she's really not competent, and I'm not the only one who noticed that. Everytime I was there, I've had bad experiences. She gave me wrong information. Not to mention the assistants. But she's the only endocrinologist within my reach so I don't have much of a choice.


So, I hope someone here can share their knowledge/experiences with me; I'd be grateful for any answer!

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Yeah, the pattern with our FtMs seems to be like this: They join. They get on testosterone. They realize how easy it is to pass as a man. We never see them again.


As a result, a lot of our FtMs are too young to get on HRT. We had a FtM admin, but I haven't seen him on line in ages.



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@Jackie C.

*sigh* I wish it would be that easy for me. Apparently, I don't pass as a man yet. If there weren't those things I'm worried about, I'd increase my dose immediately.

I hope there is an FtM left here anywhere I can talk to maybe...? 🥺

Anyway, thanks for your answer (and the hug)!

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Hi again, @Vince94. @Jackie C.thanks for that insight - I've also wondered why there are so few/intermittent FtM folks here. @Vince94 I identify as nonbinary and I am afab. I am not on any hrt, though. I've read a bit about microdosing T and from what I understand the results vary. As far as hair loss, I understand that that's more typical at higher doses. So, it's possible if you're experiencing that at a small dose, it may be exacerbated at a higher dose. I don't know about the increased risk of cancer for afab individuals on T, but my educated guess is that if that is a concern that it would not need to be addressed immediately as risk is variable and I think such changes would take time and also depend on your family history of susceptibility to cancer. Now, if/when you have ovaries removed, you will need to be under the care of a medical professional. That may sound obvious - what other type of person would be performing such a surgery! What I mean is there are sometimes unpredictable after effects because removal of the ovaries can throw an afab person into sudden menopause and the hormones must be carefully monitored and regulated so as to avoid any complications. It's unfortunate you don't feel confident with your endo. I wish you had other options. Is physical proximity the issue? Insurance? Access to an endo who treats trans folk? If telehealth (remote health care via zoom or the like) has become popular in Germany as it has here in the US, then maybe you could at least find a remote doctor who could answer many of your questions to get you on a good track.


Anyway, despite the fact that there are not many FtM nor transmasc people here on Transpulse, I hope you will find support and community here. There also are only a few nonbinary people I see active here, but I still feel I benefit a great deal from reading and sharing here because this community is very kind and caring, and everyone here has something in common - the drive to become our authentic selves however we are able given our circumstances. 

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Hi! Thank you for your kind words and the long reply! :)

I'm currently on a microdose; when I increase it it's probably not microdosing anymore but still pretty low. Regarding the hair loss... well, I guess I'll just have to wait what will happen! Maybe you're right and I will lose more but I've kinda come to terms with the thought of being bald. Getting more masculine and recognized as a man is more important to me than keeping my hair, I guess. 


Thank you for the information regarding the ovaries-thing! Ugh, menopause sounds a little frightening to me... 😨 I'm not a mentally healthy person but I'm finally feeling quite well since last year and don't want my psyche to go crazy or get depressed again because of my hormones! But I think the risk for getting cancer with the dose I want to take and my family-history won't be very high...?


My problem with my endo is the physical proximity, yes. She does have trans-patients (like me) and prescribes me my testo-gel but the things she's said about the whole topic (and also other topics) just weren't correct. She doesn't seem to take anything seriously and I also got the feeling that she doesn't like me and was annoyed because of the questions I've asked her. It seemed like she just wanted me to start HRT and as if my worries weren't valid.

The telehealth-thing sounds like an option, I should really try to find someone else! It's really frustrating that I can never talk with her about my worries and then don't know who else I should ask...


And yes, I'm sure I will! The community here seems really nice and warm so far. :) 

Thanks for everything!

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    • Jandi
      This is a big part of it. I had internalized transphobia for years - "I'm not like that!"
    • DianaW
      I don't want to pretend anymore.
    • Erica Gabriel
      Thank you for sharing this. I wish I had the ability to have conversations like this. 
    • Erica Gabriel
      My wife initially set a boundary at “no surgery” but has since changed her mind, or become resigned to that surgery actually occurring. I discuss everything with her, but it is my decision. She has acknowledged that she has also changed during our 14 years together (she’s an aneurism survivor) and wants to continue our relationship as a lesbian couple. The sad thing is, or really the thing that is hard for me to deal with is that she is very dependent on me. She doesn’t earn a living wage, has no credit, and long ago gave up helping to manage our finances. I feel that she is trapped and her support for me is due to not having any other choice. This breaks my heart.
    • Jamie68
      Since on HRT, my hair has actually grown back some but it will never do much. I haven't had much hair on top for too long. It's wig time. I went to Hair Club recently. They have a hair transplant system but I don't have enough donor hair. They have another system where they glue on hair that looks natural. It's only for the wealthy. We're talking about $4,500 to start with and $350 every few months to replace it for the rest of your life. Not for me. A good synthetic wig can look awesome. Just wash and put on stand to dry. Never loses it's shape. A real hair wig has to be styled like any other cis womans hair.
    • Heather Shay
      @DianaW I thought I was reading my own entry except I've been married 28 years and my wife is in the same mindset. We just had an explosion yesterday with me on HRT for nearing a year and a half. Just finally found a separate therapist she plans to see. I have an incredible therapist and I must say find one you like as soon as you can because it is vital for you. Best Heather
    • Jamie68
      Parting ways with someone that you shared your deepest thoughts with has to be hard. It sounds like your new therapist will be good for you though. Hugs
    • Jamie68
      This brought me to tears. So sad. That very easily could have been my spouse. I firmly believe it was divine intervention that stopped me from ending myself. I am so thankfull.
    • Elizabeth Star
      I had my last session with my other therapist last night. It was surprisingly hard despite the negativity I had been feeling over the last couple sessions. We skimmed over what had been worked on and I how feel now about thing. I think I really surprised him at one point, he had asked if I remember our start date and how sessions we've had. Not only did I know the exact  date, off the top of my head, but also how many sessions we had and the fact that the day and time were changed after 2 weeks.  When the clock ran out I did have to end things rather abruptly as it was getting hard to hold back the tears. It was hard to say good bye and I did actually cry a little afterwards but it was for the best. Now that I've already had the first meet and greet with the new one last week and just ended with the old, it feels like a passing of the baton as I start a more definitive leg of my journey.    Gotta go for now; have no idea what I'm wearing today.
    • Jamie68
      I think this is the way it is for a great many of us. I've been married for over 50 years. I started taking transitioning stuff without telling her. I think that made it easier for me when I came out to her. Then it wasn't a question of me starting HRT. It was a question of what is safest for me to take. I'm not suggesting that this is what you should do though. Starting this way caused HUGE trust issues, a lot more than if I would have talked with her about it beforehand. Communication has always been a big problem with me. I'm learning how to now. Since then, every step I take is a huge step for her to accept, almost game ending for us. It's a delicate balance between my moving forward and holding back to wait for her acceptance. My spouse is in end stages of autoimmune pancreatitis. She was born with it. She is never below level 4 pain even with heavy pain meds. We're alike in that I didn't figure myself out till recently. Not till after I retired and had more time to dwell on things. My spouse didn't sign up for this either. It will never be the way it was between us, but we are working through it.  I wish you well. Hang in there. Don't give up. You deserve to be happy with yourself. I don't regret transitioning at all. I am so much happire now. I can never go back to who I was. Hugs.
    • RhondaS
    • cassiopeia
      faceapp is really kind of useless for seeing what you'd look like. I look absolutely nothing like my faceapp pics from before I transitioned! But I'm happy with what I got/am getting anyways   also I don't know why but snapchat and faceapp filters always gave me the most awful dysphoria, so I stopped using them and was happier as a result.
    • Davie
      Thank you @VickySGVfor your great educational service on behalf of our community. — @Davie  
    • Davie
      Students had been encouraged to wear rainbow colors to school on Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day, as part of the celebration, which was hosted on campus by the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club in support of people who publicly “come out” as a member of the LGBTQ community, said Heather Bailey, a Windsor Unified School District spokeswoman.   https://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/news/group-of-windsor-high-students-don-red-white-and-blue-and-gadsen-flag-to-p/?taid=617233c17778c400018f0c1a&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter  
    • VickySGV
      Stop the communication without assigning fault to either of you.  Some things are just not meant to be.  I know it will be hard, I had to wait until both my parents were dead to make headway.  I make public presentations about parents and children's relations and the thing I am faced with most often is a situation where a parent has the idea that they OWN A CHILD.  Sadly there are people with certain religious views that are told they do own the children and have gotten ideas that if the kid does something wrong the parent will be punished and the parent does not want to be punished, so they pound on the child, even adult children.  When I am talking to groups I point out that they are not a child's owner, only a temporary steward who will give the child up.  Let your therapist know about all of this and see if the therapist can help you make a plan to make a clean cut so you can become yourself.  Your mom will not listen as things are now, and while I know she is scared and mourning for you, still, that is her life.
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