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I had a wonderful FaceTime interview with a reporter from the USDA on Wednesday this week about farming as a trans person.  She is writing an article for their in house publication and recently diversity and inclusiveness has come up for them.  Today a photographer is due to take photos of the farm. as we work the sheep through the handling system.  Hopefully this might their staff across the country will be more open minded about  the trans folks who apply for aid or information throughout the country.  





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That is so interesting.  I love that you are able and willing to reach out like this. 



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That's wonderful Charlize! I tried to find something cute to say, but anything I thought of sounded baaaad.




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    • Delcina B
      Welcome @MaybeImSkylar ! I'm glad you found the forum. I've found it to be a wonderful place with people who give loving support, advice & acceptance. I think you will too. You might find a gender therapist helpful, I know mine has helped me. A book called You & Your Gender Identity by Dara Hoffman Fox is another great way to explore your gender. They read it on YouTube also. I hope you enjoy your journey exploring your gender. Oh, your English seems fine to me.   Hugs! Delcina
    • Jamie68
      Wow! that's a great boss
    • Jackie C.
      Seriously, the healthiest person I know is 69. Keep your health and your spirits up.   Hugs!
    • Rileysjourney
      I'm sorry that is not right that she took it.  Can you get it back or get another one maybe? 
    • Elizabeth Star
      I got thing where I bring a bagel with me to work for breakfast. A couple months ago the owner happened to see it on my desk and asked for a piece. Besides being the person who signs my paychecks he’s really a great guy so I happily let him  have some. Since then he would randomly come by in the mornings looking for his piece of bagel so I’ve been making sure to always have one if I really wanted it or not. Now and again I would see him in back working with techs and would slide in drop if a piece and go back to my desk. He always thanks me for the mini-breakfast but today instead of just generically thanking me I got “thank you girlfriend”. I admit it was a little awkward but I feel really affirmed that he sees nothing but the woman I truly am. 
    • Sally Stone
      Okay, I know the name of this thread is "What are you wearing today," but tomorrow, I am going out to dinner with a few girlfriends, so I'm already thinking about what to wear.  I think I'll be wearing a red, knee length pencil skirt, a black V-neck top and black knee hi boots.  Yippee, it's finally boot wearing weather here in New Jersey.   And ladies, let me just say, you all look so terrific.🙂
    • Elizabeth Star
      That kinda sucks but it doesn’t sound like it’s your problem to figure out. You just need to take care of yourself and get well. 
    • KymmieL
      Well. I haven't posted up the real kicker in my world. It is me, my store manager and the commercial manager that are out. The store manager lost his dad Wed night to Covid. and now he has pneumonia. SO he is out the full 14 days. We have one other manager that knows how to open the store. The other assist. We have 2 other managers that can close but one only works Weekends.  Don't know what the upper manager(s) are doing.     When it rains it pours.   Kymmie
    • Mmindy
      🇺🇸Good☕️afternoon🏳️‍⚧️everyone🦋 I seen one of my old Battlion Chiefs at the training center this morning. He said, I look like a lumberjack from the front, and a lesbian from the back. 😂 😆 He has no idea how true the statement is.   In his defense, this is how I was dressed for a light rain day.
    • Jandi
    • VickySGV
      Good going there.
    • MaybeImSkylar
      Hello Heather Thank you for your reply and your welcome 😊
    • Heather Shay
      @MaybeImSkylar Your English is quite good for it not being a first language. Thank you for joining us and I believe you will find wonderful people here, many with similar backgrounds and experiences. Feel free to look around and I believe you'll see many answers to your postings and friends you will come to know and cherish. Heather
    • MaybeImSkylar
      Hello all, English is not my first language but I lived in the Uk for 4 year which I think it helped with my oral speech yet my writing needs some work thus excuse my grammar. As well as, I am learning all the terms to articulate myself better regarding topic os sexuality and gender identity so please don't butcher me hahaha Anyhow, joining this side feels a bit overwhelming but also eye opening to different cases or issues that each indeviudual is battling. I am dealing with an identity crisis at the moment which I am happy about but stressed at the same time.    What I mean I always felt an outcast and different growing up and I know I am still 22 and I have more growing to do I know; although inside of me I always felt attracted to the same safe as the same time as the opposite too. When I was 14 (I think) it was around the time we started high school and is when I realized that women turn me on and that's when I met someon called Daggi with the pronouns He/Him. I caught myself being attracted to him but also he knew about my struggling with coming out and finding out what I am. BUT... he kind made it difficult as in turning lesbian or bisexual there is no turning back which at that time sounded scary but also overwhelming. I grew up in a very close minded society which being gay its a stigma in some way and spotting someone who is homosexual had a specific outlook. Which is a stereotype but back then I knew nothing. I know expirimenting and figure yourself out takes time,self reflection and being gentle with yourself but then I didnt know that.  Which is my next point...   A 15 year old girl that was trying to figure herself out that expirirmented in closed doors with more androgynous clothes ( like wearing long t-shirts and baggy trousers, hats) ( I was trying have a Justin Bieber vibes, I kinda failed hahha ). I really didn't like the way I looked when I tried that but also the fact that I was wearing jeans, I associated it with the school uniform and how I can seem to fit in with the rest of the kids but because I felt like a big monster that doesn't look feminen. I always tried to be more girly but also buy things that are different and fun at the same time, because I thought they were cool and other kids will think they willl be cool. BUT NO!!! Never seem to fit in, ruin my hair and put on make up and I was doing everythin so I can get the attention of the male gaze.    Fast forward to now, I feel I am more than what I was asign to birth. Whenever I am around girls this passed 2 years I tend to have more mascular vibes which bring more questions of what is masculant and what is machismo like toxic.  When I hold hands with girls I feel I am not a woman, I feel I am a boyfriend with a woman's reproductive system. I started wearing more baggy clothes and hide my body ( and thats for several reasons but the identity is one of them). I am so confused. I shaved my head which helped with the clothing bit and I seems to find myself be more interested in more androgynous looks. I dont know what is going on. There are more things to untackle but how can I be more okay with these type of clothes where in the passed brought be a lot of of uncomfortable feeling. I do still have moments when I get disphoria of what the heck am I doing here and I look ugly ; I will get moments where I will wear dresses and skirts and I will catch myself feel ugly. that was even witht he short or long hair that I have.    I was looking for gender neutural names but I keep thinking about the male part of me, like I wanted to be seen as a man and not a woman. BUT the idea of bottom surgery scares me and I dont find that attractive for myself or sometimes with cis-men... basically more recently. My mom thinks that this is a rection to something bigger but also with my sexuality because I got so many disappointments by cis-men which I think thats homophobic.    Funny thing this is a brief introduction of myself and there are more stories that I would like to share. I am looking forwards to see peoples feedback as I am desperate.     Thank you for reading beautiful people xx 😊🤩
    • Jamie68
      I'll be 69 in December. I think if you keep yourself in good shape then age shouldn't matter. Keep your spirits up. There's still hope. 
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