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Trans woman attacked with acid in Guadalajara, MX.

Luna Gonzalez

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Yesterday, unfortunately a Trans Woman was attacked in my hometown of Guadalajara. The incident ocurred in Downtown Guadalajara when the woman was taking a walk and a man approached her and had a small talk with her. Then he went away and returned with a motorcycle and threw a bottle of acid at her face and chest. When the ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital, the hospital refused to attend her. This hospital is managed by active members of the church and that is why they refused to give attention to the woman. Due to that, she was taken to the green cross, which is a public healthcare system. She is alive but in a very bad condition. 

This incident makes me very sad and angry. I hope the criminals and the members of the church get a pinch of compassion from God when the judgement day comes. Till then I hope they stop their evil actions upon human kind. 


I send much love and support to all the community, I´ll attach a link from the newspaper down below, it´s in spanish tho. 

Luna Gonzalez Ramirez



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Evil done in the name of religion is EVIL no matter what they consider their righteousness to be.  We are human

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This is terrible, and the refusal to treat her is inexcusable.  Cruelty in the name of God is especially cruel.

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5 hours ago, Luna Gonzalez said:

This hospital is managed by active members of the church and that is why they refused to give attention to the woman.


Because that's what Jesus would do? I don't think so. Incredibly sad. 

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