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Social Security card has 2 gender options and will not match the gender on my ID/BC/Passport

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I just got off the phone with Social Security re form ss-5 

There are only M/F options for question 8 (on page 5). And I asked if I could leave that blank since I'll be changing every other document to X. The employee I spoke to said for the purpose of the application to change my name on my SS card, that I would have to make a selection. I asked if they could please pass it up the chain that a 3rd option is needed, to match the other documentation options available. They seemed sincere when they said they would bring it up at the next meeting, and took notes that the term being used most often is "non-binary" and abbreviated X.


Anyone have experience with this discrepancy being an issue? Like, an application for a loan or job or something wouldn't go through because not everything matched?

Also, are there like, petitions or advocacy groups I should be following that are currently working on SS? I know that the upcoming passport change has been in the works for a while.


I appreciate everyone on here paving the way...and feel like we still have a lot of road to build.

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5 hours ago, Oceans3 said:

Anyone have experience with this discrepancy being an issue?


I've not had issues with this discrepancy, but I cringe at the lack of understanding in form creators of the difference between "sex" and "gender" if one, the other, or both are used as fields in various forms.  This applies even to entities actively allowing an "X" designation -- I obtained an "X" on my Massachusetts driver's license three days after it first became available almost exactly two years ago.  But my license reads "Sex: X" rather than "Gender: X".  


As you said, we still have a lot of road to build -- despite the slow progress.



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  • Admin

Contact the National Center For Transgender Equality (NCTE).  Their head honcho Mara Keisling brokered the deal with Social Security and Department of State on the Gender Markers back actually in 2010.  Even though the form may need to have a gender marker for now in the field offices, the data base it goes into never goes outside the department computer these days and your work records under the SSN do not read it as it did in the past, so it is unlikely to cause trouble down the road.  Most SS people in smaller areas are not aware the information is no longer used.  NCTE can help you if there is a problem.  

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Thank you @VickySGV that site is extremely helpful.


This piece is exactly what I need if only there was a 3rd option: 

How Do I Change the Gender in My SSA Record?

Social Security will accept any of the following forms of evidence for a gender marker change:

A full-validity 10-year U.S. passport showing the correct gender,

A state-issued birth certificate showing the correct gender [I will have this]

A court order recognizing the correct gender

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  • Admin

You will have to it SSA's way I am afraid. In my case there was another way which was a doctor's certificate of irreversible medical treatment (surgery).  It will not matter to future employers as I mentioned above since it is really not reported to them anymore.  I would check into the Passport angle, it is a good document to have and I think it is fairly simple. (Actually I have to get one myself, but my Birth Certificate has been corrected already.)  Glad I was able to help.


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