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The things no one tells us about hrt.


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Not sure about PMS.


I do weekly injections plus a small tab at night.  Adding that tab might've evened my emotions some.


It's been a couple years, and have definitely had my emotional swings.


My physical and emotional changes in the first six months were minimal however.  With the exception that my T went from 300-400, down to around 10, immediately upon starting E, with no blocker.


Kind of wish my T was up towards 50.  Not sure how to go about it.  Still doing lots of hair removal and don't want to fight that.

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Katie - I took E orally for the first 3 years then I switched based off of my endocrinologist recommendation to lessen risk of clots. For me it is much more convenient and cheaper. I paid 10/month for pills; now I pay 10$ every 3 months for injectable E. From two pills a day to 2 shots a month , I’ll take it! 

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I went the pill route after discussing with my endo. I'm athletic so we figured my clot risk was lower and the patches would be difficult for me to keep on. I may switch to shots later but my work scheduled makes it tough to make appointments. The lower co-pay is appealing.

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13 hours ago, ValerieRun said:

As you grow your hair out it will end up in your mouth more that you can imagine or want 🤪

It only happened a couple times so far so I kinda like it. My hair gets too wavy and curly to stretch that far most of the time. 

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13 hours ago, ValerieRun said:

As you grow your hair out it will end up in your mouth more that you can imagine or want

Mine is thin on top, but long on the sides and back.  Yeah, it gets in the mouth.  It can be a nuisance, but I like that it happens anyway.  I guess it helps me feel more like a girl.

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Such a wonderful group of posts.

I have reached the stage of hair in the mouth a couple of weeks ago. I have no got to the stage of thinking I might have to tie my hair in a ponytail when I'm working as it is getting hard to see through it when I am trying to look down.

I vaguely remember as a teenager with long hair this was never a problem. I also remember having to wash it heaps more as it got so oily. Now it is so fluffy, though so leave in conditioner helps.

4 months in on E patches I still haven't reached the emotional stuff. Though my partner has advised me that the girls enter the room before I do now !! I can still hide them under loose tops at work for now.

Smell, both down there and scents have totally changed to femine smell. Was a bit alarming at first as I thought I had an infection. Then I read a reddit post and it was like ... omergerd, i smell like a girl down there. It is difficult at the moment to tell if my sense of smell has changed what with hayfever season here.

Only downside at the moment is the tiredness which doctor says is due to Puberty 2.0. Plus work hours and current work load have stress added which does affect our energy levels.


Thank you so much for starting this post it carry's on nicely from Jackie Rabbits video.




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19 hours ago, ValerieRun said:

As you grow your hair out it will end up in your mouth more that you can imagine or want 🤪

Quite true!  

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On 11/18/2021 at 5:57 AM, Jandi said:

Haven't had a real erection in a couple of years at least, but is still quite sensitive.  It might swell up a little.  But that whole area is sensitive now.  I feel like it functions a bit like a part of female anatomy.  It was never that impressive and seems to have shrunk a bit as well.


I think with the loss of libido and sensation that there’s nothing there, at least mentally, it has allowed me to fully experience emotions without the static that interfered before. Conversation is a lot less guarded. I don’t feel like I’m protecting anything anymore. I don’t have set up a sentry around the Crown Jewels! LOL. They say the brain is the biggest sex organ in the body. The brain is where thoughts are born. The thoughts are no longer stillborn. 

as far as sexual stimulation, I get just as much pleasure now from pleasant thoughts and emotions, beautiful pictures and scenery, reading a good book or watching a movie. I don’t feel the need to fire rocket one, if you know what I mean. It’s really a peaceful feeling. 

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On 11/24/2021 at 12:23 PM, Elizabeth Star said:

This me too. Although PMS symptoms accurately describe what I go through I don’t really talk about it. The subject seems to draw a lot of speculation and criticism. Anyways, I’ve been tracking it for over a year and go through an “emotional” phase every few weeks. 

I generally trust people when they say they are dealing with peroid symptoms to a degree. I dont trust the ones that say they get cramps though. I get period type symptoms my self. For about 3-4 days I'm full of energy, and want to make a baby. Then it's about a week of me being sore. Mostly knees, and back. Along with being all over the place emotionally, and I'm tired. I also tend to eat chocolate a lot. Then back to some what normal. 


I know the signs of a peroid, and how it effects woman. When I started noticeding that I was having the same results for a few months straight. I mentioned what I was going on to a few cis friends. Just to confirm what I thought. They giggled, and said it sounds like a period to me. Now after almost a year of hormones. My  boss who is female. Can tell when I'm having my peroid. Which is super freaky. 


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4 hours ago, Red_Lauren. said:

I dont trust the ones that say they get cramps though.


You never know. My therapist knows a trans-women who turned out to be intersex. She had her first period post-GCS and in her 40s. Probably some kind of phantom pain in most people who say them get them but...



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That’s interesting. I wonder how that worked seeing the process of the uterus shedding causes the bleeding. Wild to say the least. (I’m intersex ..had ovaries , although not functional )

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Interesting about period symptoms. I get the backache, the emotional ups and downs and the desire to make a baby for about 2-3 days a month, and on a regular cycle (ie: it is always the same 3 days, give or take a day.) Since my knees hurt virtually every day--relics of an errant and misspent youth--I discounted them. The rest makes sense, though...

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