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Strong Recommendation for Aftercare Professional

Jeanette West

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I would like to very strongly recommend Compassionate Care, owned by Lisa Lopez of Hammond, Indiana USA for help with planning, pre- and aftercare for trans-related surgeries. She is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), with 18 years experience specifically with the transgender community.

I have had my FFS, and vocal cord surgeries now, about 11 months apart, and both times I have hired her to help me through these.

She is willing to travel, provides 24-hour care, and her rates are reasonable. I personally believe hiring her was the best decision for my FFS besides the actual surgery simply due to the complexity of the aftercare.

She since has become a very dear, and real, friend of mine.

As an example: I had my voice surgery with Dr. Haben in Rochester, New York USA on November 3, 2021 (www.professionalvoice.org). I flew to Rochester two days before the surgery date, and she drove from Hammond, Indiana to Rochester to meet me in the parking lot. We both went over the paperwork provided by Dr. Haben several times, made it to the appointment, she met me in the recovery room, picked up my prescriptions (Dr. Haben used the hospital pharmacy), and made sure I was doing well for my entire stay there.

I actually had so much fun with her (even though 100% voice silent), we drove back to Glenview, Chicago to overnight at a hotel before she took me to the airport the next day. We stopped and spent a night on the outskirts of South Bend, Indiana USA so I wouldn't be stressed by a long drive, but by short 5 hour segments, which made everything so much more enjoyable.

Either way, she is a dear friend of mine, we stay in touch, she is a beautiful, caring woman, and knows what she is about.

Lisa's business name is Compassionate Care and can be reached through email at: fabulouslopez555 AT yahoo.com (note remove the spaces and replace the "AT" with @ ).

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Hey! You are most welcome! While I was with Lisa we went to Valparaiso University to visit one of her nephews and had lunch at Industrialrevolutioneatry. Beautiful country there. One day I'd love to drive all over the secondary and tertiary roads in the Midwest to really See it. Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 hour ago, Jeanette West said:

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my best road tours happened where we made a commitment to drive 3 to 5 miles an hour under the posted speed limit, on the secondary roads. It was an Old Route 66 trip on motorcycles. 


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,



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Turns out she is the same Lisa I originally requested for aftercare last summer, when scheduling my surgeries for this coming January in Chicago.  Looks like we may do this.


I'm also scheduled for GCS this March in Indiana.  Not yet sure about my immediate aftercare for that. My friends are willing to put me up in southern IN after the first week, but they are not medical.


We travel on similar roads


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That is kewl to hear. I know you will be happy with her care, she is really good.


I was up in the North Shore area which is pretty nice. I like staying at the Staybridge Suites, they are reasonable and have pretty big rooms for hotels nowadays. I specifically asked for 202, 302, 402, or 502. Those are the dual-room suites. Very spacious and completely decked out for a week or more, and face the rear of the building with a green area before the freeway there in Glenview.


I recommend getting a Sony UBP-X700 4k UHD player as they'll plug in to those TV's with just an HDMI. They have nice TV's. That particular hotel actually has METAL Blu-Ray players. Ancient, but still do a good job, but the Sony makes them really nice. Sorry for the plug, I really like this hotel. :)


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Ok.  Thanks.


The other care giver suggested I go to Staybridge so I had booked ten days.  Got one of the suites at least for the first four days.  After that it's probably going to be just me. 

Maybe I'll bring a guitar.  Not sure if I'll be able to sit up and play it within ten days....or feel like doing stuff...never been through anything like this before.


yeah Lisa seems wonderful...I appreciated the time she spent with me on the phone





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