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Beautiful acceptance!

Stephanie Jane

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Hey yall!

My name is Stephanie/Stephen and I am Gender Fluid, and no longer confused. I spent a long time questioning myself, my day to day changes in mood, personality, and demeanor, and thinking I was either crazy or a freak. My sense of self, my gender, and my sexuality seems so inconsistent. After quitting alcohol and working through alot of baggage, I found this feeling always remains. It's not a naughty thought or obsession. It's not a taboo fantasy that arouses me...it fjust feels completely natural to dress in womens clothes and to express my thoughts and emotions as a 'female' typically would. Once I allowed myself to adopt womens clothes and habits as I saw fit, it felt like second nature. I had always been this. It isn't shameful or wrong or impulsive. It is not driven by past sexual fantasies and perversions. It feels like I am finally a unified being, not at odds with myself, but allowing myself to feel and open my heart to love, kindness, and grace, to embrace the strengths of the woman in me. Stephanie is so proud and happy to be free. But other days I feel 100% like Stephen, plodding through tasks with logic and stubbornness, exerting my will and pushing through obstacles. I feel all masculine, and the womens clothes and accessories I adorned the day before seem silly and impractical, and at odds with who I am

 This extreme fluctuation used to cause me alot of confusion and unrest. What was I? And why did it seem to change back and forth? I wasn't happy as a gender conforming male but doubted I would be fully happy as a transgender woman. Then I saw a definition for gender fluid and it made perfect sense. Why hadn't that occurred to me? That both versions of myself are true and valid, and it doesn't matter which I express, so long as I'm being genuine with myself. I no longer purch womens clothes and then throw them away in a moment of shame and doubt, I've acquired a decent female wardrobe and found ways to incorporate them into my work clothes. I've altered my behavior and mannerisms to be more natural and reflective of who I am. If I don't feel comfortable dressing femme at work I have ways to outlet my female side that help me from going from one extreme to the other. I can wear panties under my work pants, and slim jeans. I've started to grow my hair long again, which makes me feel so beautiful and I put on girly brand deodorant so I smell pretty. I also sit down when I pee, whenever possible, which keeps the seat cleaner. Little things like communication skills, cooperation, forgiveness, etc are taking hold in me slowly. I am much more patient with my 3 young children, who I raise alone, and I've embraced my role as mother as well as father, and stopped telling myself what I'm 'supposed' to be. I often recieve comments from other parents that I'm such a good dad, and that I'm more motherly than many women. I see the strengths of both sides now and I am so so proud of myself. I recieved alot of good advice on this forum and finally felt like sharing. Thanks to all the sisters and brothers who shared their stories, they definitely help me figure it out slowly...love and blessings to all! 



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Hey there Steph,


I identify as bi-gender, so my feelings, while not exactly like yours, are still quite similar.  It's so great you've found peace and clarity; it's amazing when that happens isn't it?  

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early on in my transition I struggled a lot with the activities that i enjoy and how male they are. Now I know that my hobbies do not define who I am it is how I feel inside that defines who I am. what I am saying is to just go whit how you feel and if it changes from day to day that it doesn't make you less of a woman or man. gender is a spectrum and you should not feel any guilt just being who you are. The only thing that really matters is that you are happy just being you. 

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Welcome Steph.  I remember purging with shame.  When i finally accepted myself, a process that took years, i simply removed all of my male clothing.  I also changed my name, began HRT and had some surgery.  What i will never purge is the experiences of living years as male.  I've grown to accept he is part of me.  That being said i'm happier now being a butch female than i ever was as a rough man.  

Acceptance is indeed beautiful.





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Welcome @Stephanie Jane. Nice to meet you. Glad you’re here.


20 hours ago, Stephanie Jane said:

I often recieve comments from other parents that I'm such a good dad, and that I'm more motherly than many women. I see the strengths of both sides now and I am so so proud of myself. I recieved alot of good advice on this forum and finally felt like sharing.

You seem to have your priorities in order. That is high praise from anyone and it sounds like you’ve found a comforting place with your newly accepted gender identity. It took me a very long time to get to that point of acceptance. It sure has made my life easier though. You should be proud of yourself not only for being a good parent but doing so while overcoming all that comes with the life of a trans person in our society. The road is a bumpy one but IMHO you have come into a wonderful community here to help you avoid some of those bumps along the way. Thank you for deciding to share with us today!


Warmest Regards,

Susan R🌷

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    • Marcie Jensen
      Interesting about period symptoms. I get the backache, the emotional ups and downs and the desire to make a baby for about 2-3 days a month, and on a regular cycle (ie: it is always the same 3 days, give or take a day.) Since my knees hurt virtually every day--relics of an errant and misspent youth--I discounted them. The rest makes sense, though...
    • LindaMarie
      I know we all felt this way from time to time. I know today I just feel like.....  
    • Heather Shay
      The first album I bought for my OWN first stereo system.  
    • Heather Shay
    • Sally Stone
      Thanks so much for the input ladies.  Valerie, the only time I plan on spending outside is the walk from the parking lot to the restaurant, not a long walk, but could be as much as one-hundred yards.  I was leaning towards the pumps to be honest, but these particular boots, with the high-heels, aren't great when I am doing a lot of walking, so I thought this event might be the perfect opportunity to show them off.  I may just wear the boots while driving, bring my pumps along and make the final decision when I get to dinner.      
    • Susan R
      Hello David and welcome to the forum. It’s nice to have you join us here. In time, the forum can become a very helpful place to find info, get support & advice and make a few like minded friends. Hope to see you around.🙂   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Jandi
      Welcome David
    • Charlize
      My father actually got very close to saying the "proud" word as i finished building our home.  It had taken over a year during which i had been almost fanatical.  I desperately tried to get by without a mortgage having sold our first farm and getting out of debt.  I guess i had proved that i was a man.    Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jandi
      I did get this from one of my daughters.
    • Delcina B
      Welcome David! Glad you're here. I hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina
    • Kylie
      That’s interesting. I wonder how that worked seeing the process of the uterus shedding causes the bleeding. Wild to say the least. (I’m intersex ..had ovaries , although not functional )
    • KymmieL
      IIRC it was my GYN that said that. With my pushing to get on HRT. She was proud of me.   Kymmie
    • ValerieRun
      Based on the description of your outfit pumps sound like absolutely best fit. However, if you plan on spending any time outside and skirt is long enough boots might be reasonable choice. But yes, the event calls for chic and pumps are IT 😀
    • Willow
      So sorry Bri.   well it’s now the third day.  Talk about.bruises!  I’ve got bruises on top of bruises.  And In places I wouldn’t have expected.  I slept fairly well last night.  I’m really spreading out my pain meds now.    its mostly sitting around right now.   coffee is good this morning at least I can get back to that.  I missed it while in Charleston.   take care stay away from the malls.  Be good to each other.   hugs   Willow 
    • Heather Shay
      Never from family or friends except for music producer and recently my HRT NP. I have dear friends here who are encouraging but I guess the word proud is a trigger point for me. I try to tell people I'm proud of them especially young people.
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