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LOI am a 60 year old male that  Has struggled all of my life about my about my identity and who I truly am inside. It played the male role over the years served in the Marine Corps even was married a few times and had kids. Never could understand why my relationships and marriages with women never worked out until I recently discovered Is who I truly am inside. Is my whole heart and soul This is female and I have such a desire like never before to make that transition and become the woman that I have always Did to be.

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Loren, most of us have shared all of part of your story, and have had the same desires, hopes and dreams.  It is certainly possible to achieve that which you desire.  I started my journey at age 54, and very many here have started later.  I've lived full time as Carolyn for 10 years.  I'm happy, and I hope that you, too, will be happy as the woman you wish to be, if that is what you want.




Carolyn Marie

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10 hours ago, Loren said:

Never could understand why my relationships and marriages with women never worked out until I recently discovered Is who I truly am inside.

Welcome Loren! It is nice to meet you, and I am confident you will find the community here warm and supportive. What you write above about relationships not working out has been a lifelong challenge for me as well. It took me many years to untangle my gender identity and sexual orientation, and I always wondered whether my attraction to women was lust, or was it actually envy? In the midst of the pandemic lockdowns last year, I embraced my true self and moved forward with living an authentic life. I hope you will find happiness too on your path. and I am looking forward to seeing you around on the forums!




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Thank you for that. You nailed it... last or envy. Yes I know that for me I thought it was lust sexually, but it was envy, or even lust in my heart to be them..

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One of the great things i found at 63 when i transitioned is that i not only became and felt new but i was somehow perceived and felt younger.  Hopefully your journey will be as fulfilling, if at times difficult, as mine,  I found great help here. 





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Hi Loren, pleased to meet you. :) Once you open that door and realise what you have been hiding/avoiding it is amazing how much sense the rest of our lives can suddenly make!

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Welcome Loren


9 hours ago, Audrey said:

whether my attraction to women was lust, or was it actually envy

When I understood that I wasn't wanting to be with the women, but be the women, a lot of things began to make sense.

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On 12/13/2021 at 9:39 PM, Jandi said:

When I understood that I wasn't wanting to be with the women, but be the women, a lot of things began to make sense.


Reading this one sentence made me see why I always admire beautiful women. It is my feminine side that wants to be like them. I have never understood this until now!

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    • Hannah Renee
      I remember tentatively stepping out, looking around and behind me as I went back in. Keep up the small steps. They'll turn into bigger and bigger ones as you gain confidence. Now I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb if I'm not dressed as me.
    • Hannah Renee
      You look awesome.
    • Hannah Renee
      Still don't drink coffee. My normal suppliers of caffeine, C-C & MD, are not presently at hand, but my vitamin water is. Had a couple of emotional pick-me-ups today (in addition to those I got here), and they were much needed on an in-person level. First, I went to return an item at Kohl's (only in person returns), which worked out nicely. The nice lady at the return counter was teaching another nice lady the ins and outs of the process. Thrice, she unhesitatingly referred to me as "she."    Secondly, as I was on my walk, I ended up passing three women, two maybe 30ish or so, the other a teen. We greeted as I passed, then one of them said something about legs. Then the other adult one said, "She's got legs." The word "legs" drawn out for emphasis. Yeah, that perked me up!
    • SheenaT
      You are beautiful and I agree men can be really insensitive pigs!
    • SheenaT
    • Red_Lauren.
      Thanks. My hair lady, and a former boss also said the same thing about the top. As for him saying he's sorry. He's a manly man. I know im never going to get a sorry from him. Even I knew as a man. If I said some thing stupid to woman in my past life. Hey everyone dose. I would say im sorry. As for saying I'm ugly. I can take being called ugly. I'm not that sensitive, but when I'm being compared to two men doing drag. That is what pissed me off.  Yep. I worked with a lot of men in my life. There has been many times. That they have said stupid stuff, and I have said how are you married.  Can be?  He really not a bad looking man. Again not my type. He dose treat woman with respect for the most part. I'll give him that. Like you said. He just says stupid things a lot. I also know he dosn't care about gay/trans stuff. I've know him well enough to know he could care less about a person's sexual or gender choices. He hasn't even known about my transition for a year yet, and we really don't talk about. As we don't see eachother in person. Because he's a trucker. I think if he saw me in person. It might be a lot different l. I still have male friends because I need a bit of testerone in my life. As munch as my female friends have tried to be into my interests. They just aren't into cars, or other male interest. Plus if a male friend want to hang out. It means a i can wear sweats, a over sized t shirt, and no make-up. Hanging out with the girls means going out in public. A hour of prep time, etc.  
    • Jamie68
      YAY!!!!! That's awesome ❤
    • Petra Jane
      Yes, thank you. Sorry, should have said that originally.
    • Jackie C.
      Check your local LGBTQ+ center. I gave mine to a friend who donated them to the community where they live. They were much too nice to throw out.   Hugs!
    • Mara.something
      I’ve been wearing a bra with false breasts for almost a year, but i too have started to feel uncomfortable due to my breast growth. Yay!   So i’ve switched to some bra pads instead. It doesn’t feel as heavy or “natural”, but the lack of pressure is a definite plus.   Now I just need to find an organization to donate my old breasts to. Anyone know one? 😀   mara
    • Hannah Renee
      @JaycieI was in the Boston area for about 10 years with my previous (#3) wife. My job for 37 years was overwhelmingly male dominated. During those 10 years, my best friend was a woman. She came out to Chicago a few years after I left Boston to be the "Best Man" at my (most recent) wedding. Years ago by, and we exchange Christmas cards and occasional birthday cards. Sadly, I haven't told her that I'm getting divorced and transitioning. Lack of courage. Soon. Same for the friend who cut me off 5 years ago - maybe.    Funny, it only occurred to me as I wrote about the past regarding my chosen middle name. Renee means reborn, and that was my conscious reason for adopting it. I realized that, subliminally, it was because of Renee Richards.   @MmindyAgain, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you. Hugs to all at TGP.❤️
    • Concerned father
      Hmnn, worth a shot I mean using that angle [thank you] but issue with him is its his way and his way only, there is no compromising. I will try your way next time the topic comes up and will report back.
    • Jaycie
    • Christopher
      I hope it feels really good to know that your wife supports you as she does. That she sees you as more than a collection of body parts and as a person who desires to be more themselves.
    • Jamey
      You look amazing 💖
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