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Simultaneous Laser and Electrolysis


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Hi Gals.  I started Laser facial hair removal and completed my 3rd session. Next appointment is not until last week of February. I have gone from about 65% black hair to 15-20%. With 10 weeks between these sessions, I started electrolysis on just the white hair alone. I am doing 1 hours sessions once per week and 3 sessions in now.

So here is my conundrum, the laser operator would like me not to do simultaneous methods, whereas, the electrologist does not see a problem as she will not be touching the dark hair at all. Facial hair growth has slowed considerably for all hair. This means that this old lady has to deal with not shaving day in and day out, creating much more dysphoria over facial hair. (Asif it wasn't bad enough already). This leads to not wanting to go out in public even with a mask on.


Do I respect the laser operator and stop electrolysis or continue? present plan is to stop at least 2 weeks before next laser treatment.


Any suggestions or references I may be directed to on the topic would be helpful. Google not being friendly to me. :)


Big Canadian Hugs



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 I don't understand why you can't do both. I don't understand bi-monthly schedule on laser tho. I thought the growth stages were more or less on a lunar cycle. Whereas the hair on our head is 4-6 months.

Some greys will burn with laser if they are relatively new grey and the bulb is still dark. My sideburns went that way, only my chin and a bit of my upper lip are not reacting. 


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I've gotten both electrolysis and laser removal and the only issue I can think of when doing both within a short time frame, is that after electrolysis, the skin can get sensitive, so if you get laser within a few days, your skin might be extra sensitive. I COMPLETELY understand the urge to go quick and be as efficient as possible! If you try it (or have tried it) and it works out well, maybe it's ok to keep going?

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Thanks @stveee and @CJP - I have been doing both and I leave a week or so after electrolysis until my next laser appointment followed by 10 days of rest to my face. There has only been one spot of sensitivity and that has very few hair growth anyways.

Other than that, there has been no problems. Laser has slowed hair growth over all and electrolysis has advanced each session. I continually see less and less black and thinner white hair where treated.

Overall, the best I can do for electrolysis session is 1 hours sessions so I am making the most of it.

Laser treatments will soon need to be re-evaluated as to what is next.

Happy with progress.


Big Canadian Hugs


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What your laser operator doesn't know doesn't hurt them. Laser is only useful to give a quick coverage on dark hairs, you will likely still need electrolysis. 

I get a mixture, once a fortnight I turn up and my electrologist decides what we are going to go for that week. Both require you to grow your hair, the only issue will be if you are letting your skin heal between sessions.

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When you get electrolysis your skin becomes sensitive and that might be a problem for laser hair removal if you're trying to get it done as fast as possible. But, if I were to choose, I would probably do only Electrolysis hair removal. It's a lot safer and it is 100% permanent.  

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