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Saw A Guy Crossdressed At My Local Bus Station


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A couple of months ago my wife and I were in the central bus station  in our town waiting for a bus back home after shopping.My attention was drawn to a young man between the age of eighteen to twenty four.He was standing at the coffee kiosk and was dressed en femme.He was chatting with great confidence to the young guy serving behind the counter and a lady member of the bus station crew.He was wearing a sweater and a pair of white pants.The outfit he was wearing was a little bit too old for a person of his age.It certainly would not have been my choice when I was that age.But that's not the point.From where I was sitting he looked as if his makeup had been a little bit carelessly applied.But then again  he did a better  job than I could ever do.When I am in Beverley mode my wife applies mine .He may have  been known  to the guy behind the counter but I am not sure of that.My wife didn't notice him at all.When we got home I told her about the young crossdresser.I said to my wife that I really admired that young man for being out and about dressed as a woman.We live in a former industrial town in the South Wales valleys.It's a nice town but some people who live there are a bit rough and ready.And there  is a tendency towards close mindedness  particurlarly with some of the older generation.Kudos to the young crossdresser  for being so bravet.The nice thing is that every other person waiting at the bus station apart from me was oblivious to the young crossdresser.I haven't seen him since that time but I look out for him.I wish him the best of luck.Although I wasn't keen on his outfit I sincerely thought that his purple handbag/ purse was lovely.I told my nearest and dearest that I wouldn't have minded having it myself.

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What makes YOU so sure it was a cross dressed male? :dunno: Women come in so many different shapes and sizes, skin texture and so much else.  :dunno:You say your area is pretty compact, but it may well have been a Cis female.  If the person was a CD though, we still give them the benefits of female pronouns BTW.  When we first come out we do have our Trans radar on at high volume, I have been there myself and every little thing sets us off.  We are looking for perfect in our lives and in our public interactions.  The fact that your spouse and the others were not "reading" the person as Trans, or giving them a strange eye makes me wonder if your Trans-dar was on overload.  On the other side, if they indeed were Trans (I include CD there) then they are a good example of both where you can be less than too perfect without harm and that many of your fears for Beverley do not need to be as great, which actually makes you safer in the long run.  I am glad you had fun there,  I am playing Devils Advocate a bit up there at first, and not giving you a bad time, but the huge take-away is that women are in so many shapes and sizes that we can make mistakes, and same for men.  You can look at my gallery pictures and you will easily see that I could be seen either way, but I have never had any real problems, except on my way into a Trans Club one time years ago, and that had more to do with it being a Trans club than with me.

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Beverley I don't believe Vicky posted to cause you distress.  Please get back into the conversation.  



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Welcome @Beverley! Glad you're here. For me it has been awkward learning to present outwardly as the woman that runs my mind. I stumble through it, some days good, some not so much. I'm happy for you with your wife supporting you. I hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.




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