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What piece of clothing you couldn't stand wearing?


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I always hated dressing up as a guy. The only time you could catch me in a suit was at a funeral. I never found the clothes uncomfortable. I just didn't like them. I just wasn't my self wearing them. I was a jeans a t shirt guy, and now I'm a jeans and t shirt woman.


Now I have zero issues dressing up. I dont care if I have to spend two hours looking nice, and have to worry about showing my goods. While it's still not me. I have zero issues dressing up now compared to before.


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I dislike clothes in general, but I especially dislike female underwear, and the expectations surrounding it.  


I'm totally flat chested, yet my parents lectured me about wearing a bra.  No good reason!  GF always bought panties for me.  I can't stand them.  I have no interest in looking sexy, and they always felt tight, chafing, and annoying.  I got rid of any remaining female underwear by giving it to my sister and partners.  I mostly wear small cotton boxer shorts. Most hot days that's the only fabric I wear.  

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Neckties of any kind but especially bow ties.  Whoever invented them was out of his mind. 


And like @Red_Lauren., nowadays I have no issues at all with getting dressed up. 

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1 hour ago, Marcie Jensen said:

Neckties of any kind but especially bow ties.  Whoever invented them was out of his mind. 


And like @Red_Lauren., nowadays I have no issues at all with getting dressed up. 

Hated bow ties and ties!

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Khakis and vnecks

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Im forced to go to church on Sundays so a suit and tie is something I cant stand!! 

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neckties and men's belts, now having transitioned to living as a woman I never want to see a belt again/

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1 hour ago, claire1000 said:

neckties and men's belts, now having transitioned to living as a woman I never want to see a belt again/

I get it. Used to be, belts were to hold my pants up. Now, they are there to be ornamental.


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3 hours ago, claire1000 said:

neckties and men's belts, now having transitioned to living as a woman I never want to see a belt again/

I'm with the belt haters.  I like my clothes simple and nonrestrictive.  And at least where I live, belts begin to acquire stuff.  Keys, phone, more keys, flashlight, Leatherman, pistol, etc....  My husband's every day belt almost looks like Batman.  Handy for him, but excessive.


At this point, my partners are lucky if they can clip a driver's license, a house key and a $20 bill somewhere on my body before I scamper away.  I don't want to carry anything. 

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6 hours ago, Marcie Jensen said:

I get it. Used to be, belts were to hold my pants up. Now, they are there to be ornamental.


For me they still are used to hold up my pants. I got a booty. 

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Gotta join the tie haters club. Have had to wear them most of my life thanks to school uniforms and ridiculous work dress codes and that feeling of being restricted around the neck just gives me the ick.

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12 hours ago, awkward-yet-sweet said:

I like my clothes simple and nonrestrictive. 

I'm with you on this.

My daily go-to outfit is a simple dress, with pockets if possible.  (although I don't put much in them)  I add layers as the weather cools.   If I go anywhere, my purse has plenty of room for my "stuff".

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9 hours ago, Red_Lauren. said:

For me they still are used to hold up my pants. I got a booty. 


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I cannot stand any shirts that are not cotton. Like sweaters and jackets is fine but if you give me anything that's a shirt but not a t-shirt or made from cotton I will be extremely uncomfortable. 


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    • Carolyn Marie
      https://apnews.com/article/pope-francis-religion-rome-208b6a50c4872fde0e04335868b9d9e8   This is nice, as far as it goes.  I just wish it went further.     Carolyn Marie
    • LifeExpPerson
      Hi everyone just a question about dating while transitioning or transistioned. I found heeps of social media posts and videos saying how hard it is to find a man or a woman to accept them. Then I see posts about how men love them too.   I am confused, what is it really like for an M to F transgender woman to find partners? Are cis-lesbians ok with transgender women? what are your experiences?  Also, if interested in men, what kind of experiences have you had with dating men?    I know an ex-gf who was a transgender woman who got a bf almost straight away after me. Do you think she was just lucky? she was attractive. So I assumed it was not all that hard, but then I see posts on social media saying how hard it is and they all run away.    What are some experiences you've had in real life as a transgender woman? with a man or a woman partner/dating Thank you
    • Justsam
      I can understand that, I find it hard to make friends too. But don't worry about telling people you're transitioning. Just concentrate on making one good friend. Then when the time is right for you, you'll confide in each other. Only my closest friends know I'm ftm and I transitioned 10 years ago. It's no bodies business but yours, until you feel comfortable to share. If you don't mind me asking, where are you from? Haha yes I used to fal asleep too. The app that I use starts with very small meditations of about 5 minutes and slowly builds up. Do you have any close friends that you can talk to and vent? Apart from us obviously 😁
    • Elizabeth Star
    • Roach
      Thanks! Yeah it is definitely nice to see @Russ Fenrisson
    • Jandi
      I have a cami with an internal shelf bra that works fine with some tops.
    • Hannah Renee
      You're looking good. I have a couple of sports bras, but have only worn them outside under a tank top. I feel very confident about being in public all the time. I don't like dressing male - feels embarrassing. Kinda flipped the table from a year ago. Anyway, I have to give in to the no-tank sports bra look while the weather is still too warm.
    • stveee
      Since I have started looking for starter bras now, I was trying on my bralettes/sports bras and realized how affirming they were and after seeing other women wearing sportsbras out all summer, I felt it was my time too and paired with my Old Navy black joggers. So I took a aerobic walk at one of our State Parks then stopped in a local fusion place to get dinner after. Only thing is these types of bras squish what little I have going to begin with. It looks like my top is going to take some time just to get something modest. But it boosted my confidence and felt great. 
    • Marcie Jensen
      Hi @Sol, I read The Fountainhead years ago, as well as Atlas Shrugged. As I look back, I have a couple of thoughts. First, saying that I liked them doesn't seem to do both justice. They are extremely thought provoking books and should probably be required reading. Second, the themes she put forth in both works are particularly apt today in view of current events. Both are well woth the reading.
    • Charlize
      A farmer back from the market.   My day each week to dress up a bit.   Sorry I’m a bit sideways
    • JJ Orange
      @Sol Thank you for your answer, friend! I wanted to see what others thought of. I remember having a different book of a different author, reading the first couple of pages, then becoming scared and never finishing it. And that was 8 years ago!
    • Sol
      I read the Fountainhead, @JJ Orange! Granted, I was in like seventh grade when I read it, but yeah I liked it! It's an odd piece with Ayn Rand's unique style, but overall pretty good. There are dubious elements around the mid-late chapters so be on the lookout for that. Nothing explicit, but it was definitely enough to make me do more than one double take.
    • Teri Anne
      I'm not to comfy showing a lot of skin because of being fat but sometimes if its really hot out I have to to stay cool. I love short tops, or crop top Ts on other people but not on me so much. Tank tops  and camisole tops just roll up if I pull them down  which is so annoying.  
    • Sol
      I've been looking at immigrating to Canada (as the US is a flaming pothole and Canada seems better on several levels. And yes, I know it's not perfect) so I'll see how many gender clinics are in the area I want to move to.  As for dressing and living as my target gender, that's really what I've been trying to do for the past year on my own. Granted, I'm not moving in any big social circles but college is here and I've been looking at getting a job next year so that'll be good practice.
    • Sol
      Hi Helen! I started out where you are, and I can only give glowing recommendations for TransPulse.  Questioning your gender identity is pretty overwhelming and scary, but I can offer a bit of advice that helped me.  You don't have to have it all figured out in a short time period. And it's okay to try out multiple different identities to find one (or more!) that you resonate with. And, as always, there's no shame in asking questions!  So, welcome to TransPulse, and I wish you all the best on your gender journey!
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