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How To Answer: "What's In Your Pants?"

Heather Nicole

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I'm only at the start of transition and haven't faced this question, but I've been collecting answers in case I need them.


How to answer "What's in your pants?":


  • "Legs"
  • "This is a (skirt/dress), my pants are at home"
  • "My hands" (Note: Only works if you have pockets and your hands happen to be in them)
  • "Rainbows!"
  • "The fall of civilization"
  • (pause with a confused/concerned look before replying) "...uhmm...I am..." (wave and continue to look worried for their mental state)
  • "A 38 page dissertation on the impact of existentialism on the economics of ancient Rome" (or anything similar) "Wanna read it?"
  • "Cotton fibers"
  • "Capital One!" (Warning: May not work outside the US, or with people who never watched broadcast TV. May imply to the listener you don't know the difference between "wallet" and "pants". Use with caution.)


And perhaps my personal favorite:

  • "Justice!"


(Not my comic, found it on the internet:)


(Note, I edited the original image to remove a derogatory remark I consider extremely inappropriate.)



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For anyone who doesn't get the "Capital One" reference:



It was a whole series, all with the same slogan.


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  • Admin

Good answers, Heather.  I enjoyed those.  When someone asked me a similar question, I wasn't nearly so clever.  I just told them, "none of your damn business."


Carolyn Marie

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19 minutes ago, Carolyn Marie said:

Good answers, Heather.  I enjoyed those.  When someone asked me a similar question, I wasn't nearly so clever.  I just told them, "none of your damn business."


Carolyn Marie


That's a very good one, too! 😀

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  • Forum Moderator

"Show me yours then i'll show mine."


"Just little ole Me"


"Is that a proposal?"





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When I am asked what's in your pants I just look at them and say, you really should buy me dinner first

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  • Forum Moderator
4 minutes ago, Heather42 said:

When I am asked what's in your pants I just look at them and say, you really should buy me dinner first

😂 Giggles…love it! 

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  • Forum Moderator
4 hours ago, Heather42 said:

When I am asked what's in your pants I just look at them and say, you really should buy me dinner first


What's in my pants? Vengance!



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I look forward to the day when I can honestly say that I have holes in my pants.

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Usually my insulin pump, the belt clip broke off.

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  • 3 months later...

I've got it!

In my pants is my phone, twenty dollars and a crumpled straw wrapper. If you have stuff in your pockets, just say exactly what's in there. 

You can totally omit money, though.

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  • 1 month later...

Good responses here!


I hope to never have such an encounter, but if it did happen to me, I'd probably reply with squirrels. Hopefully the other party would have seen Phineas and Ferb to get it.

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3 hours ago, Russ Fenrisson said:

Good responses here!


I hope to never have such an encounter, but if it did happen to me, I'd probably reply with squirrels. Hopefully the other party would have seen Phineas and Ferb to get it.

I was scrolling through here, hoping the joke wasn’t taken so I could say it first. Oh well… 

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“Take me out to dinner, and you might find out.”

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"Pants?  Dear God.  I forgot to take those off." 


or, for the belligerent types...


"My pistol.  Because my husband told me it wasn't civilized to bite people anymore."  🤣

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"It sure as hell ain't you!"

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  • 5 weeks later...

I always thought of saying "Ask your mom/dad 🙂" or saying "I am not ready for such a commitment"

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      Thank you, @MayaXD The poem is from the viewpoint of an imaginary boy/trans girl who in a novel is the me I never had the chance to be. I'm rewriting my own past.   — Davie
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      When I was a teenager, I was fortunate to have my sister backing me up.  There's less than a year of age difference between us, and we went to school together and played on teams together.  We also look very much alike and had the same style.  It helps to not be alone.   I wear boxers most of the time.  Actually, around the house, that's about all I wear.  I really dislike clothing of any kind in warm weather, so about the only thing my partners can get me to wear is shorts and a t-shirt.  One layer, nothing underneath.  I can be pretty stubborn about things like that.   A lot of the time, I wear basketball shorts.  Silky texture, good at sweat wicking.  If I have to wear a shirt, I often use ones that have the arms cut out.  Anything to stay cool in summer.  Bonus is that it is androgynous looking or even masculine. 
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    • Vidanjali
      Hello & welcome @Beginsat43 . Nice to make your virtual acquaintance. I relate to several things you shared. Due to intellectual incompatibility, I also found making friends difficult during the early part of my life. To compound the issue, I was raised in a deeply fearful Irish Catholic family - my mother was afraid of everything and indoctrinated me into that legacy of fear. It took concerted effort on my part to learn the art of friendliness and how to relate to others to realize intimacy on levels other than that of the intellectual. One practical part of this process, which is rather amusing, is that I had to adjust my conversational lexicon because I had spent much more time reading (I also did not own a TV until about 2012) than talking to people that I rendered myself "conversant", but unrelatable - I'd speak words that most folks do not know. (Sometimes I'd get asked in a mocking way, "what are you, a librarian?") To say it's been worth the effort to learn better how to relate is an understatement. I am blessed with many wonderful, beloved and loving friends in my life. Related to that, my study of Eastern religions has taught me in part that the intellect is but a tool and not my identity. This knowledge has deepened my understanding of how my existence is an aspect of a unified oneness, and that truly there is nothing to fear. Also, like you, I began to self-medicate at age 19. And, as I gain insight into my asexuality and gender identity, I realize that, similar to what you describe, my attraction to men has been very much steeped in envy. I am gratified to hear you are feeling positive and eager to realize your genuine identity. It is indeed exhilarating to let go of restraints which have bound us for so long. In many ways, it's like starting a new life. Cheers to you. 
    • Jackie C.
      I'd also add, that a friend of mine does trans yoga through her trans affirming enterprise "My Feminine Heart." She's a sweetheart and I'd be remiss if I didn't point you her way.   Hugs!
    • Heather Shay
      Paul McCartney's brother who was a member of the successful English group The Scaffold - did not want to use his famous family name to help his career and opted to call himself Mike McGear.....  
    • Heather Shay
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