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Favorite Hairstyle?

Snow Princess Sophie

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Personally, my favorite hairstyle has to be the half up pigtails sported by anime characters like Misa Amane


Exhibit A:




I would also say drill tails are a close second.


Exhibit B:




I think an even clearer winner for me would be some combination of the two. Does anyone else also have their own favorite hairstyle they like to wear?

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Sophie, I think pigtails are so cute and Exhibit A would get my top vote.  Unfortunately, I'm of an age where pigtails probably aren't a good hairstyle for me.  My favorite hairstyle is the one I am wearing in my thumbnail picture.  I like my hair parted on the side, with long flowing side-bangs.  And, I like having my hair long enough to flow down across my shoulders.


Animae Side Part.JPG

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Personally, with proper care and maintenance of hair, I believe just about any age can rock pigtails and look good.

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Ny m2f daughter's hair is thick, she needs to have it pulled back because it will get in her eyes. I do it for her every morning, I clip it with a barrett, the upper part of her hair is clipped back, the bottom part just flows down her back. It looks cute and it's just keeps her hair from being very messy. It also pulls her hair from her ears so her earings can be seen. 

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I've got super curly hair so I can't go super short, but my hair is currently cut up to my ears. It gets in my face and I can't pull it back, but I love it more than I ever did.

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Her hair stylist is recommending a bob style to just below her shoulder.  Her hair currently is about 2 inches above her waist line and I know it's a lot of hair to cut off. Does anyone have experience with cutting your hair shorter and regrowing it? She loe her long hair, she iooks good in it, but it would be nice for her to try something different and then go back to longer hair if it makes sense. 

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I've cut my hair short a couple times over the last few months, so what I would recommend is cutting it to her mid back to start and seeing how she likes it. 

I wouldn't jump straight to a bob cut, so cutting it to her mid back and seeing if she wants it shorter can be a good idea. If you and your daughter want to, you can also do it at home and make it a bonding experience. Mid back is usually a good length in my experience (my hair was mid back before I cut it) as I could pull it back and if I didn't it didn't go crazy unless it was windy. 

Hope this helps!


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I have hairstyle that is kind of a pixie-cut modification.  Long enough and fluffy enough that I keep a bit of femininity.  Short enough that I pass as a pretty boy. 

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    • Carolyn Marie
      IDK, Sakura.  I never liked it when I was on interview boards if an applicant gave too much personal info.  You'd be amazed at the stuff people would admit ("cop") to without needing to do so.   I think a good approach is to provide whatever info you do have, verbally if you have to, and tell them you're trying to get documentation, but that there are personal reasons it may be difficult.  Give them whatever you can give them, like the names of at least a couple of prior employers.  If your memory is such that you can't do that, I'm not sure how many employers are going to accept that an applicant simply can't recall their work history, without medical proof.  Again, U.S. laws prohibit them from asking about your medical history.   I am not expert enough on these issues that offer better advice than that.  You need to consult with employment experts, who may have better solutions.   Carolyn Marie
    • SheenaT
      Need to check this out.
    • SheenaT
    • SheenaT
    • SheenaT
    • SheenaT
    • Heather Shay
    • Sakura Sunset
      There is some really helpful information to unpackage there. I think I'm going to try building my cv again from scratch and see how much information I have, then look into what resources are available in my area (if any).   Thank you both so much.   May I follow up with a few more questions, if you don't mind?   Do you believe it would be plausible to start a fresh cv citing that I have prior employment history within x line of work, that I'm not able to reveal due to a former abuser?  Obviously not an approach I want to use, but a significant chunk of my work history and certifications are out of my reach.   What would be the best way to go about explaining a seemingly late start in employment history if I went to an employer over here on a trial or volunteer basis to get experience to start my cv fresh, deliberately omiting my prior employment history and qualifications?   (sorry this seems a little vague but part of my former employment is very identifying, despite not being able to recall the employer well)
    • Hannah Renee
      @SheenaTHave you thought about perhaps a necklace that would hide well enough under your shirts, or perhaps a skin-toned polish on your toenails? I did that for a while before my wife and I separated.
    • Hannah Renee
      I quite imagine they would suit you well. Go for it.
    • Hannah Renee
      Used to be, I only saw shades of black, gray, tan, some red. Since realizing who I really am, I've discovered so many new colors, I need my daughter's help figuring out what goes with what. Never paid purple any mind, except when my older daughter wanted that for her bedroom walls. Now I'm sitting here wearing a lavender skirt. Heavenly.
    • Jaycie
      They're the best!!! The way they're cut is just so affirming!!!  
    • SheenaT
    • Hannah Renee
      Tears of joy for you.
    • SheenaT
      Need to try womens jeans.😊
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