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HRT Issues

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Hey, im Emma, 23 mtf :)

im on hrt since november and im taking estradiol . They took blood from me 2 weeks ago and they cant fins estrogen in my blood! Also, my testosterone hasnt gone done much. Has anybody had similar experiences? My doctor said, she never saw something like that before and first thought i wouldnt take my pills. I was trying gel now but two days afterwards i felt depressed so i stopped taking it and resumed with the pills. 
Im very desperate and hope to find people with similar issues and hopefully solutions. 

Ty in advance ~Emmy :)

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@Emmy_1003 To let you know - I removed the actual dosage you are taking as that is something we request not to list.


It's hard to determine how HRT will effect each body. You've still not been on for a long time and I would hope you provider is adjusting dosages and hopefully has you on a T blocker. Work closely with your provider to determine the best mix to help you.


All in all it is OK. You're doing fine. Not everyone sees changes quickly. You'll do fine, give it patience and work closely with your provider and follow their instructions closely and don't think more is better without their approval. I did and it caused other issues.





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Welcome Emma! Glad you're here. I have only been on HRT for two weeks, I haven't had any follow-up blood work done yet, so take what I say with this in mind. Is it possible the lab results were wrong or faulty? Maybe another test might reflect a change in estrogen. Whether on HRT or not, men & women have both estrogen and testosterone, so you should reflect some level. Did you have an estrogen level in your preliminary blood work? Have you noticed any physical changes? While you're still early to being on HRT, on page 44, the WPATH SOC v7 lists loss of libido, loss of spontaneous erections as changes starting to occur about 1-3 months. You're a bit young to experience baldness. As Heather said, this takes time, although at times I wake up hoping it magically changed me overnight.




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Hi @Emmy_1003


we’re all different….sorry that’s obvious


Your age (early 20s) might be a factor why your T is fighting back longer than you want.  Consider that statement an unprofessional guess.

You’re probably all good in the short long run if you stay with it.  

It’s not the same as you, but want to share my experience:  My T went immediately down, and E way up. With only starting  estradiol, no blocker.  
BUT I mention this because, in my case, I did not notice even subtle physical or emotional changes for nearly a year, despite the responsive hormone readings.  I’ve encountered people with lower E/higher T who had much more dramatic feminizing body results from HRT than me.

I want you to have hope, and know inside that these changes can happen many mysterious ways.  It’s not necessarily gonna happen the same way you thought, or the way it worked for someone else.

Please keep working with Drs and keep learning about HRT yourself.  This effort, over time…..will yield your new life. if you choose to stay the path.


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My prescriber told me that with the pills, they have to go through your liver before the estrogen gets where it needs to go, and the liver can end up rejecting either a little or a lot of the estrogen, and the amount it may or may not reject can be very unpredictable from person to person. I'm no doctor of course, but maybe that could be part of what's going on.

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Try dissolving the pill under you tongue. It goes directly into the bloodstream and my doctor says it is safer.

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51 minutes ago, BrandiBri said:

Try dissolving the pill under you tongue. It goes directly into the bloodstream and my doctor says it is safer.

That's exactly what I do, as directed by my provider, because of my cardiac issues. At my one month follow-up, my estrogen was basically"perfect." No T blocker, either, and that level was nearly on target. Now, that number could also be because, at my age, it could have been somewhat lower already. I was fortunate enough to realize breast growth within about 3-4 months. 


Be patient. I'm sure you will start seeing positive results in the near future.

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    • Marcie Jensen
      CONGRATULATIONS, @Bri2020!!!!! So happy for you!!  I hope you have a speedy and painless recovery.   Hugs.
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
    • KymmieL
      Fantastic to hear, Bri. That you are doing well.   Kymmie
    • VickySGV
      By all means do what is working best for you two, but just as a thought and hint, check with your local LGBTQ center and see if they have clothing swap days for Trans people.  I know it says swap, but the one at one of the centers I am part of simply has the clothing for free, some of it is donated new by local sewing shops that produce high end clothing and have production overruns too.  It is wonderful to hear that the two of you are comfortable and happy to do that for now. 
    • MomTGDaughter
      My 15 year old M2F daughter is now just about the same size as me, has outgrown her original wardrobe (she transitioned at 12) and are now sharing outfits. It helps that I have over 30 outfits in my in my closet and now it has become a shared closet for both of us. This has truly helped on expenses as it's very costly as it is having a transgender daughter. I know this is not for everyone as each has their own situations, but food for thought for those are in a position to be clothes sharing. 
    • VickySGV
      Welcome to the Forums, your story is very much like the ones we hear often.  Gender Dysphoria is a condition that is Consistent, Persistent, and in time VERY Insistent.  Dive on in and join in conversations and read up on what has helped others the most.
    • JJ_Blossom
      Hey y'all ima dive right in. I first realized I was trans like fully accepted at age 24 I was going to transition my wife was supporting so on and so on. She then cheated on me and outed me to the world and I put a clamp on this and swore it'd never return we'll 8 years later it's back and crippled me. I've got a beautiful family a wife and 2 kids 10 & 12 my own business and an Uber tatted and ripped masculine body but here we go again I can't even think straight or focus I wan't to be a woman FUUUUUCK I am seeing a therapist every 2 weeks and used her as my excuse to dress again I can't even hardly function help any input??
    • Astrid
      I started on estrogen patches at 71, 2 3/4 years ago. No problems, but it's important to do this under a doctor's supervision with tests to monitor E & T levels.
    • Maddee
      ITS A GiRL✨💥💕 @Bri2020 Happiness and excellent healing to you sister!!   Glad your daughter has somewhere to go and be safe.    Rest easy, right? 😊 🌈🌈
    • Kasumi63
      Hi. I recently had voice feminization surgery with Dr. Haben in Rochester, NY. There's another thread with a woman who wasn't so happy with the results, so check out that discussion, too. I agree with what most of the people above said. This surgery is probably one of the riskier ones, but I really wanted to have it done. I'm only about a month and a half post-op, so I still have a couple of months (or more) before I can really judge the results. I'm quite satisfied with the results, however. My pitch is noticeably higher and that's what I was aiming for. My voice is still a bit weak, but I only just started talking, so I feel confident that that will improve. I thought Dr. Haben did a good job. If you decide to get this surgery make sure you have plenty of time to recover. Good luck with whatever you decided. 
    • Hannah Renee
      I, too, started a couple of months before turning 69. I have as family history of cardiac issues, no including heart attacks, and my I have 3 cardiac stents myself. I'm on a blood thinner, and I take me estrogen pills sublingually to minimize adverse effects. Working well for me so far, 15 months in. Cardio workup in the spring was all systems go.
    • KathyLauren
      COngratulations, @Bri2020!!
    • CD Rachel
      @Bri2020 congratulations! glad you are doing well.
    • Mmindy
      That’s fantastic Bri, I’m so happy for you.  Ow it’s time to follow your care team advice and follow ups.   Hugs,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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